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  1. Got fry this morning.. in a separate flower vase...
  2. I've added a solar pump powered HOB Style Waterfall to my outdoor Medaka pond. I am curious how the benifical bacteria will handle the power cycling of a solar only pump.. Does anyone have any experience with this..? Thoughts? I have filled the wster fall box with filter floss, rocks, hornwort, water hyacinth, and a few water lettuce.
  3. I was trying to leave the mop in the pond and not remove it. Methblue cannot got in a fish tank only a breeder box for egg hatch out correct..?
  4. I have had some rice fish for a week or so in a small established pond containing a single endler and 20 or so rice fish. Several of the females are producing eggs on a daily basis and distributing them or the mop and hyacinth etc. Last night I noticed “ hairs” growing off of several of the eggs and I removed them from the mop. Does any one have advice on reducing or eliminating this issue. below is a brief description of the tank. Are their issues with drift wood, dirted tanks, or found plants in this set up..? I have a dirted “tank” with a large stone maybe 15 lb on the bottom and some drift wood planted in substrate is some narrow leaf valasineria. Floating in water is hornwort. In a basket I have 2x lotus tubers and some misc pond plants form a local lake ( 1 is eastern water chestnut- 1 is a mystery..) floating loose is water hyacinth and some frog bits ( I think) .. hope this helps. I attached a link to an older video post of more of the pond.. pond is ceramic planter about 20” tall and a 20” diameter. Had a hole I plugged with Aquarium Safe Silicone and some plastic cutting board..
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