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  1. First picture is a close up of what is mostly Acara fry and second is the surviving fry from the original hatch. Long ways to go for these guys but wow is my group prolific!!!
  2. Ask and you shall receive! The scape is going good, only issue is the flourite coming to the surface because of the Banjo Cats and whatever else digging in the sand. Plants are fully recovered from the move and plenty of new growth is coming in. Current stock list: Electric Blue Acara=6 Leupold Angel=4 Bosemani Rainbows=6 Dwarf Neon Rainbows=10 Banjo Catfish=8 Calico Bristlenose=5 Orange Venezuelan Cory=6 Red Pencil Fish=5 Silver Hatchet fish=12 I would say that I am at my max (maybe a little over). besides the 4 medium Coop sponges I have an Fluval FX6 that I installed a week or two ago.
  3. Upgraded my fry box in the 180. Thanks Deen for the inspiration. The fry are a mix of Electric Blue Acara and Koi Angels. Just got free swimming status today.
  4. The third batch of eggs looks to have hatched as I saw wigglers still attached to the side and then nothing a few hours later. The only thing in the tank I'm worried about eating them is my Rhinogobius Filamentosus (think freshwater Gobey). Fingers crossed I see them swimming around in the next couple of weeks. The first surviving 5 are still doing great in the breeder box. They are about half the size as the couple week older pleco fry.
  5. Glorious description and pictures. Thank you for sharing what you learned with us.
  6. No luck with the second batch of eggs. Nothing overly fungussed, maybe just not fertilized. No idea... Found this batch when I got home. I think I will leave them on the wall to see if anything tries to eat them. I think they are safe from the rainbow shiners, bristlenose and hillstream loaches. The only thing I'm worried about are the freshwater Gobey.
  7. Male and Female Rainbows!!! I'm not an expert enough to know what exact species they are but no questions they are Rainbows.
  8. That was correct at one point... This month has moved back and forth a bit. In person pick up only is scheduled for Saturday October 2nd at the Bloomington Location (Lutheran Church of the Redemption Gymnasium). There is no club organized way to hold or ship items. I know on my items if someone reached out I could hold or ship to winning bidders so that would have to be done outside of club organization.
  9. Minnesota Aquarium Society Members! The fall 2021 auction is live!!! Get your pictures and descriptions ready if you are looking to participate in the BAP or HAP programs or if you are looking to move other live aquarium items. I will be submitting soon. If you don't have anything to sell, but are looking to grow your stock take a look. There is nothing better than getting locally raised healthy and hardy fish from NERMS just like yourself.
  10. In theory? Yes... Legally? Not a chance. Any invasive species is illegal to keep and transport. Not worth the risk.
  11. Starting to color up nicely 😁 smaller than a dime yet but getting bigger every day.
  12. All I can say is so far so good. The box is getting fed either algae wafers or flakes. Being catfish they look to be feeding fine on what doesn't make it through the mesh.
  13. I think you are pretty close to your limit. Considering Cory do best in larger groups I would not be adding them to my tank. But if you are a water changes fanatic summer pygmy Cory might work.
  14. They certainly all look to have Male characteristics to me.
  15. @Indlers your local or state wide fish club would be who runs the BAP in your area. I have the Minnesota Aquarium Society that I run everything through. I am sure there is someone in this forum that would know who your fish club was if we knew your location. @Atitagain this is actually the first time I have used it. I was watching the Minnesota Aquarium Society guest speaker on that Thursday night via Zoom when I noticed the eggs. I was able to unbox and set up the tumbler while also watching the presentation in just a few minutes. I believe it is perfect for Cory eggs and I know it cut down on the number of eggs that ended up getting fungus. I will keep you up to date on these ones to show their progression better than the first batch.
  16. I'm still waiting on my rainbow shiners to fully mature but my cold water 150 gallon is also home to 9 Corydoras Barbutus. They are the largest species of Cory and prefer a subtropical tank between 66° & 72°. I found my first eggs on Thursday the 9th on a piece of Val and put the 10 or so eggs in an egg tumbler. A few days later I had a few covered in fungus but also had 5 wigglers. I transferred them to the breeder box currently full of bristlenose fry and all 5 are doing well. Check out the lower left corner for a few little yellow fry with black eyes. Tonight I got home to find another spawn of a dozen eggs, this time on the tank side wall in heavy flow. Back in the tumbler they go. Fingers crossed that I can get better than 50% hatch on these guys. I am surprised that of the 7 different species or varieties of Cory I have that these are the first to spawn but I'll take the victory for sure. I hope to be able to grow these out to BAP and to grow my school. Black worms are a wonderful thing!!!
  17. A little word of advice. If you are going to keep your breeder box in the original tank, even if there is only a small gap between the box and the acrylic top of the tank, use the cover!!!! I didn't get a picture but I came home to a hatchet fish swimming around in the box and only 5 Acara fry left... Lessons learned, hopefully I can get these 5 to size so they can survive the big tank.
  18. I would agree with @Colu's comment from Saturday. What is the PH of the tank? The fact that your Cichlids are having issues and passing but your plecos are doing fine reinforces this theory. I have hard water out of the tap but still buffer my water in my Cichlid tanks. Best of luck moving forward.
  19. The only way you are going to know is to try it and find out. Your lone male is the wildcard. I am down to 9 in my 75 gallon as I pull pairs out to individual tanks. No injuries to speak of and started with 13. You will get all sorts of strong opinions on Angels. But in the end they are like people, some are great and friendly, some not so much... Try it but be ready to move to another tank or rehome if need be.
  20. I know that the last few presentations have been recorded. I do not currently see them available for playback as a member. I do not know if this is a licensing / copyright issue or if the club is still working on getting things available for playback. We have some wonderful volunteers on the board but I know they can be stretched pretty thin at times as most all volunteer organizations are.
  21. Lol good to know you think my fish room is Very Cool! It was fun showing it off and seeing others in the breakout room.
  22. My local fish store gives you one of their t-shirts for spending $300 and a sweatshirt if you spend $500... I'm not embarrassed about walking out with a few hundred dollar bill... I am embarrassed about the number of t-shirts and sweatshirts I own though. 😂😂😂 If anything ever happens to me. Don't let my family sell my fish, tanks, guns or fishing gear for what I told them I paid for it.
  23. The first successful batch of fry are looking good. Starting to get that signature shape!!! I have around 30 to this size.
  24. Made it through the long weekend without issues the way it looks. How are your little ones doing @Atitagain
  25. Lots of happy and healthy wigglers when I got home last night. When I left them In the breeder box the eggs were on a rock and I placed a tea bag in the hopes of limiting fungus. When I got home the top of the rock looked like a fungal mess. I was disheartened, then looked under the sides of the rock to find dozens of little wigglers. I carefully removed the rock, when I took the bag out it fell apart and spread across the breeder box. I'm leaving it for now until I have free swimmers, then I can suction them out. Fingers crossed.
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