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  1. That first and longer video would be a baby fish. You must have had a hitchhiker on a plant or something from another tank or the fish store if you dont have anything old enough to breed in that tank. But they could be from your Ranchus Goldfish. I have had fish much younger spawn. The second short video of the bugs are like you thought, nothing to worry about. Whether they be aphids or springtails they are harmless to your fish.
  2. Well these guys were doing so well that they all got moved to a 50 Low boy opposite the Multi's. The pool filter sand I use must be super high in silicates because I always get some heavy diatoms when setting up a tank with it. I'm patient though and it will clear up. Crossing my fingers for second generation fry soon.
  3. I can tell you that the 3 feet I have from the outside ring and the center island is not enough. At least once a day I am bending down to do something on one side and bump into the one behind me. There is no issue of fish safety, just annoying. That and there is no way for me to take a full picture of my 150 at the center to post on here!!! I would leave at least 4 feet down the isles if not more and always leave plenty of space above a tank and the next shelf for netting or swapping decor.
  4. After 24 hours from discovery I was able to find a few wigglers. I am happy to know that although he might have terrible aim, my male isn't shooting blanks. Although I didn't have a fungus issue, most all others turned white. On the other hand, I will be much better prepared and hopefully around for the next batch, this one is most likely on me. I plan on getting a 5 gallon set up right next to their current tank and have a ready supply of RO water on hand for the initial move and subsequent gentle water changes. I'll update if the few wigglers I could see come through and survive to free swimming. Any advice from others experienced with Angels I'm more than happy to take it. I've watched the videos, thank you @Fish Folk, now I just need to implement!
  5. The struggle is real @OnlyGenusCaps. I missed our BAP auction this weekend because of a family event out of town. Then once the topic came up with family over the weekend I got nothing but blank stares... See you Thursday though! Looking forward to the presentation and breakout room after!
  6. As I suspected. Finally home and unpacked. Came down to see this. Looks to be less than half left of what was laid if you fill in the gaps or I compare to what I saw last time. Time to get the breeder box out!
  7. Stick some tank water and rocks in a shallow tub outside in the sun. Anything you can pull from the tank that had algae that you can put in that tub will also work. Throw a pump of easy green in with everything and you should have algae in no time. Just rotate rocks out as they get cleaned off so you have a constant supply.
  8. @Bobbie's suggestion of Banded Cory is correct. They are the largest true Cory. Be aware though, they are a cold water species and cannot thrive in tropical fish temperatures. Mine are currently in my 150 with rainbow shiners, bristlenose, freshwater gobey and hillstream Loaches. The tank is unheated and runs between 66° & 70°. No idea what your larger fish are but keep the desired temps in mind. Mine are still young and only half grown
  9. These two paired off just before tearing down my 95 Hex to move it upstairs. Their first spawn was in that tank on a Jungle Val leaf that I cut and pulled. It was very apparent early on the the male didn't do his job as almost nothing was fertilized. I suspected this as I watched her lay and he was too interested in keeping others away than doing his job... He even came over to pose for pictures. Since then I have moved them to a 20 long by themselves, a few plants and a breeding cone. As I prepared to leave last Wednesday evening for a 4 day weekend I noticed they had spawned again on the cone. Being I was literally walking out the door I let the eggs stay in the hopes they would be there Sunday evening when I got home. I didn't hold out much hope as I wasn't going to leave the lights on over that time and they are still young. I wasn't wrong. No big deal, they will spawn again right! Now as I prepared for another 3 day weekend I see they are getting ready again, 9 days later. Male Female I was surprised to not see another spawn this morning. They are being fed well with spirulina flakes, black worms, frozen blood worms and live baby brine shrimp. Looks as if they will spawn again in the next 24 hours and who knows if I'll see anything when I get home on Sunday again. I'll continue to update their progress here. They were half dollar sized in March when I got the group of 5. No other pairs have formed to date. They are now all between 2.5" & 3.25" (body without fins)
  10. Do you have an update for us? We're they viable?
  11. Got any questions let me know. Mine are pretty happy in their new home too. There is something very rewarding about second generation fry.
  12. Babies babies everywhere. The Neolamprologus Birchardi are doing well in their new location and with the Julie's moved out.
  13. Lol makes sense. No idea why that was such a difficult concept for me to wrap my head around.
  14. I imagine this is just a manufacturing and cost savings decision. Flakes start as a paste or liquid that is extruded onto sheets to dry. It takes time and money to manually or have a machine chop it smaller. They probably figure the consumer can always make it smaller, they can never make it bigger and it saves them a step.
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