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  1. I use time and an air stone... I have a 65 gallon horizontal drum on a stand near the ceiling of my basement. Have water running to the top with a ball valve shut off. An air stone runs constantly in it to gas everything off. That then can gravity feed to all my tanks in the basement (12) I still have to run buckets to my 75 upstairs. My theory is a chemical is a chemical is a chemical. If I can avoid adding one to combat the other I'm money ahead.
  2. Been an eventful weekend. Yesterday was pick up day for our aquarium society spring auction. 30+- different items to load up, acclimate and get in tanks. 5 types of lake Tanganyika ciclids (juli x2 variety, neolamprologus & Lamprologus x2 variety) split tails, tiger limia, koi angels, 4 different colored shrimp (blue, red, orange and green) and 5 different plants. (For you math people multiple lots were the same species 😉) Today for my 165 gallon pond dug in. Here in minnesota the ground is still in the mid 40s so couldn't get the early jump most of you did. It will be stocked with guppies and most likely cherry shrimp. At some point this water will be pumped up to a gravity feed hydroponic system made of PVC that will sit along the deck. Washed play sand as a substrate. Ledges will have semi aquatic plants and if course floaters throughout. The upside down pots are a holding place for hostas (more to come) as I get the fabric and granite rock placed around it to complete the landscaping. I will post more about all things started this weekend but wanted to throw out something for an excuse to sit down and take a break!
  3. My pair of 6 gallon longs. Yellow neocardini and blue star endlers Green Jade neocardini and Dalmatian Molly fry. My Otos needs to kick it into gear.
  4. My two 40 gallon breeders. Platy, albino cory and Otos Cauliflower swordtails, gold lazer cory, blue neon goby. They have come a long way in the last month.
  5. I've never dealt with them, but here is a remedy to take care of them. It can also be used for spider control.
  6. I agree with @CorydorasEthan and @lefty o. Its about the size of the fish not the size of the tank. My current "Nano" tank that just got fish yesterday is a 38 gallon tall. I have a number of tanks between 3 and 10 gallons but this is the only one i affectionately call the "Nano" tank. I can't wait to get it fully stocked but for now it has 8 CPDs, 10 Chili Rasbora, 6 Emerald Rasbora, 6 Asian stone catfish, 5 endlers (2M 3F) and a few Neon Blue Goby (them being the largest and only there for detritus cleanup after setup)
  7. As long as the bulb is firm leave it in. If you check on it and it goes from the current firmness to squishy take it out as it is rotting.
  8. Anyone know what these macro sized green guys are crawling above the waterline? If I was overly concerned I would post it elsewhere. Just curious.
  9. Days old Lamprologus ornatipinnis Multiple generations of Multis.
  10. One thing this hobby keeps teaching me? RELAX and let it happen!!! Was excited to see eyeballs swimming close to the bottom this evening.
  11. Started the first week of January this year with one 75 gallon tank. I now have 12 set up ranging from 3 gallon to 95 gallon, 9 have fish or shrimp in them with the other 3 getting filled this week and there are another 3 in the garage waiting for a rack... So no, I have no idea what you are referring to. But we can be friends!
  12. If it used to be a paper factory I'm sure it's built like a brick 💩 house. I personally would do it. Against a wall of course but other than that have at it!
  13. If the bottom was lighter in color some Asian Stone mini Catfish would stand out. I just got some last week and they look very cool from all angles. They stay smaller than an inch and a half and can handle temps in the low to mid 60. I'll add more if any more come to mind.
  14. Just picked up a 50 gallon low boy to move my multis to from their 33 long. I have no idea where I am going to put it yet, but i've got it!
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