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  1. Now that we have a small contingent of people from The Northstar State here, I thought it would be nice to have a thread to keep other lake-landers up to date on what's happening in the area. So, if you have news about aquarium happenings around Minnesota, this can be a place to put it. Likewise, if you want to hear about what is happening here on the edge of the prairie, follow this topic. To start us off, I'm curious if others here attended the virtual Minnesota Aquarium Society meeting last night (because it was online, there were people from Seattle to Virginia, and from Arizona to well, Minnesota)? I did and I thought the speaker, Dr. Timothy Hovanec, was fantastic! He packed in so much information about cycling tanks and what the biology and chemist is that underlays the process. For those who missed it, here is a summary of what I took from it: Tanks cycle faster in higher pH and with harder water, this is because the bacteria use ammonia and not ammonium as their source The species of nitrogen oxidizing bacteria that occur at low N concentrations (e.g. aquariums) are completely different than those that occur in high concentrations (e.g. waste water), so waste water approaches are rarely transferable There are bacteria species than can go directly from ammonia to nitrate, skipping the nitrate step Ammonia oxidizing bacteria grow faster than nitrite oxidizing bacteria, and so it is often nitrite spikes that kill fish while a take cycles Anoxic denitrification is nearly impossible to actually achieve in a home aquarium and not worth the effort Probably the most relevant for the folks on here, when setting up a planted aquarium, cycle first then add plants as plants are great at grabbing N (which many people are well aware of from experience!) and they can thus increase the time to get the bacteria to grow The one I perhaps liked the most, in older freshwater, and in colder saltwater tanks, it is archaea and not bacterial that do the ammonia oxidizing. Totally different life form and totally different game in some ways! The next meeting for MAS is on aquascaping and will be virtual as well on Sept 9th. Looking forward to more MN news here!
  2. Greetings from Mn. I’m sure I’m not the only one from Mn. I’m not new to the hobby, but I’m starting to expand my fish/aquarium keeping. Plants, filters, etc.. hoping I can find some guidance here.. thanks for having me..
  3. Hi all! I’m so very glad to be here and to have finally joined into the group. I’ve been keeping fish since I was little but with my husband in the military it was just to much to move fish and tanks and such. Now that he’s out I’m back in! These are the 3 tanks I currently have up and running next one I’m working on cycling/seasoning is a 45 gallon. So the 29 tall has the guppies and a bristlenose pleco and is my current breeding project. My husband suggested I do bettas next I laughed like it was funny till I realized he was serious…yeah…I don’t know about that. The 15 gallon with the triplets is the chiclid tank and then there’s my pretty boy betta who currently has a red fin shark roommate who will be moving out to the 45 once it’s ready and is being kept close watch over for any funny business. Though they seem to be getting along fairly well. Though I’m disabled I still work full time and spend an hour working with the fish (even if it means gravel vacuuming and water changing while on my lunch break) and then another working my Service Dog every day. I’ve only gotten back into the hobby in the last 4 months and I’m so glad that I did I’ve included pictures of what I have going on so far.
  4. My outside brine shrimp is actually working. I am using a twenty gallon barely structurally sound tote with no air. I mixed salt water using the instructions for an aquarium on a box of marine salt. I threw some spirulina flakes in and waited a bit for green water. It got super nasty smelling but I started putting eggs on top like you see in the photo anyway. I did this during a heat wave. The super nasty water took about a week and half to turn into green water. I am topping it off with rain water but am running out because we are in a bit of a drought. I harvest just enough for snacks everyday and because I want the shrimp to grow and maybe start live bearing. Our heat wave may abate soon, it will be interesting to see if hatching and growth slow down. It gets direct sun and is out of the wind. I can now see when the shrimp start to consume the algae and will have to balance fouling the water and feeding the colony. So far it is a super cheap low maintenance way to get some live food. I am even using eggs that might be two years old. Thanks @Cory for the inspiration on this project.
  5. I was directed here by someone I respect on another forum. Signed up right away, then lurked. I like Cory's idea for a forum that focuses on the hobby and is less about the chit chat. So, I'm in. By training I'm a biologist. By profession... Man about town? In terms of what I have going for tanks; well I have more plans than tanks at the moment. I've got a 42 gal that I am just about to rework. I have a rack of 9 twenty H tanks that is in process. And I have a 280 gal on order. I've kept tanks on and off for years. Worked in a LFS in high school. But it before this round it had been a fair few years since I had my last active tank. I love a sump filter when I can use them, but I prefer UGF or box filters for smaller tanks. I'm deeply opposed to ever owning a canister. I tend to have what I call survivalist fish keeping tendencies - i.e. I like to keep tanks where I can keep and breed colonies of a species. Not really a community tank sort of person, and I have no interest in hybrids (I can always get your hybrids from my species, but you can never get my species back from your hybrids). Other than that, I'm interested in Rift Lakes cichlids, and little fish that have been isolated in desert springs. Well, and I have have N-class Endlers as well as snails too.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm in MN and I use to have a 5 gallon tank with guppy's and some spotted cory catfish but that was few years. I didn't have time and money for it but now I do. What I want to do now is keeping some dwarf freshwater shrimp and I want to keep the Crystal red shrimp along with live plants. This is something new to me and I'm starting off a new tank with the substrate for the plants and all I have for now is a moss. I'm still thinking what kind of plant to get but I think I have an idea of what I want. So my one question is, I'm going to start planting my plants once I have them and when I have my easy green bottle. How many drops do I use for my 10 gallon tank? Thanks for stopping by have a nice and wounder day.
  7. Looking forward to this new forum. I've been back in the hobby for about 6 months after taking a 10 year hiatus.
  8. My name is Asia. I just posted a question, so I thought I should introduce myself!
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm excited to join this forum and meet other people who are passionate about the aquarium hobby (or the pet-keeping hobby, in general) and passionate about being a positive influence to other hobbyists! Although I only have one fish tank (a 10g with a yellow betta named Butters), I also care for a tabby cat, a cavalier spaniel, and two female fancy mice. Soon I would like to start a shrimp/planted tank. 🙂 One day, when my circumstances allow, I would like to have a small "animal room" where I care for multiple aquariums and perhaps other small animals or reptiles/amphibians... I definitely look forward to keeping frogs one day 🐸 And perhaps insects, too. I look forward to learning from others on this website, thanks for reading this!
  10. Hi everyone, I'm an aquarist from Minnesota. I have a small fish room with mostly livebearers in 10-20g aquariums, a 150g pond, a 60g, and I recently acquired a 540g aquarium (8'×3'×3') that I will be setting up over the next few months. I have been keeping fish for 15 years now and have about 6 years of retail fish experience as well.
  11. Hello! My first tank was a 1 gallon. that was when I was a kid and didn't know any better. Now I have 3 tanks. The 10g has frankie the pea puffer in it, the 2.5 I just started out and i'm keeping cherry shrimp in it, and finally, my pride and joy is my 12g long. Fully planted and my favorite plant there is mermaid weed. I've got least killifish in there, as well as endlers, amano shrimp, white wizzard snails, rams, and mts. I've had this tank for 3 years and some months now and i'm pretty happy with how it looks. However, I really want to stock it with clown killies and humpback limia, the limia is very hard to get and when I had them they all died due to some disease that I was unable to cure at the time due to low funds. I hope to have them again in the future. photos of the 12 and the 10 included in this post
  12. Hey Coop Troops, I'm Jack from Minnesota. I've been a hobbyist for 8ish years now. I started with african cichlids, moved into plants/aquascaping. I currently have 11 aquariums. The largest is 125 gallons. I've been working on breeding spotted congo puffer with limited success but am going to give it another try too. I've been watching the the Co op channel for 5ish years now and was fortunate enough to hang out with Cory, Joel, Randy, Preston, Dean, Bentley, and bunch of other fish people at the 2019 AGA in Seattle. Out side of aquariums, I work as a home remodeler working in almost every aspect of building. I'm a cat dad to Mr. Sophie and Pepperoni. I also like to game on PC. Apex, Bannerlord, Hell Let Loose, and usually try out any other battle royal games that look interesting.
  13. New to the forum, just saying hi. Been in the hobby about 3 years. Fairly involved in the Minnesota Aquarium Society BAP. I live in a two story townhouse without a basement, so I have three stands setup throughout the house. Hoping to move in early 2021 to house with a basement for a fish room.
  14. Hi I'm Taylor from Minnesota and this is my alligator gar named Bubbles (Sorry for the bad photo). He is in an 800 gallon above ground pond in my fish room. I don't have that many tanks I have a 90 rainbow fish community that I'll be planting. I have a 300 gallon snapping turtle tank with a 150 above tank sump that has plants and a few fish. The last tank is a 300 hillstream community that I'm sure I'll make a post on. It is inspired by Rachel O'Learys 150 hill stream same kinds of fish just more. are their any other monster keepers here?
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