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Found 4 results

  1. Not too long ago, @Guppysnail mentioned zebra mussels as possible culprits to one of my current problems. That got me thinking that since they're so invasive, could they be a good source of hard shelled food for puffers. With being so adaptable, I feel like a farm of mussels would be much better than a messy snail farm. Any thoughts? Also lets say I got my hands on a few mussels and I find that they aren't great and are not attempting to take over my tank, would a copper medication take care of my problem. I know invertebrates are very susceptible to copper medication so rather than treating a disease, it would treat an outbreak.
  2. I just saw this earlier today, there have been zebra mussels found in some Marimo moss balls lately. Although from the article, it sounds like most of them have been found in ones sold at a big box pet store, it wouldn't be a bad idea to check any. I am going to check mine out this afternoon when I get home, because I just got a few within the last week or two. I have grown up in northern Ohio close to Lake Erie, so I have seen what the zebra mussels have done to the ecosystem of the great lakes, covering docks, boats, clogging water intakes and outlets, it would not be good if they got spread to other inland lakes or waterways. Invasive Zebra Mussels Reported in Marimo Moss Balls (reef2rainforest.com)
  3. In the Aquarium Co-Op email I received last night, it included a link to Cory's video that he made last month discussing the invasion of zebra mussels in marimo moss balls. I'd seen it before, but just yesterday, I watched another yootoobles creator advising a scorched earth approach (Bleach your tank, bleach the ball!). It scared the bejeebles out of me and made me feel irresponsible for allowing my recently purchased moss ball to exist. (I'd purchased one in January and was concerned it might have the evil critters in it.) So, I listened to Cory's video again. He advised to not put your tank water in the sewer, which I don't do, anyway, for two reasons. 1. Are my snails possibly unwanted in my state's waterways? 2. My tank water is awesome fertilizer for my plants and gardens. Why would I flush that resource down the drain??? So, I gave a sigh of relief and stopped the self-flagellation for which I excel. Thanks, Cory for this and for all you do for the hobby. It is refreshing in this day and age to see a business exercise good corporate citizenship and I will support your efforts because of it.
  4. https://www.yahoo.com/news/invasive-species-found-common-aquarium-202227811.html
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