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  1. Thanks for your help I will look into those products.
  2. There is a betta In There but the male doesn’t care about the female and the female doesn’t have a gravid spot, they were by them selves for 3 of those four months and nothing happened then either I had a camera on it and there was never breeding 😞, I think I’m gonna add another female but the male doesn’t Seem to care so I might have to get a different male too.
  3. I have a male and female platy In a ten gallon, they have been In there for about 4 months, but haven’t bred. Am I doing something wrong how can I encourage breeding? Any tips and trick would be very helpful.
  4. Oh no! 😭 I am so sorry @Cory my prayers are for you and sassy. Praying she’s alright let us know if your comfortable when you know something.
  5. Hi, does anyone know if there will be a live stream today?
  6. @Ken hi what a lovely tank, I would stock it with 6-8 danios like of a zebra or leopard variety, I recommend these fish because in my experience they like a twenty long because it gives them the room to swim. I would not get these if you don’t want something fast or flashy, since danios want to dart around and some when the light hits them can actually “flashy.” If this tank is in the living room that can be really cool but places like in your bedroom can be really annoying. Best of luck, please upload pictures when it’s done!
  7. @Fish Folk great nerm hole! That helps a lot thank you.
  8. Thank you that was very helpful I just have one problem now I don’t have room for a grow out tank so I have to use a breeder box. Is that ok? I have one that is completely mesh and I never had something stuck in it.
  9. I have a 10 gallon with a couple of grow out guppy fry. I would like to breed corydoras, what types can I breed in a 10 gallon (if any) and what will I need (plants, type of substrate, breeder box?) is it ok to leave the guppy fry in there until they finish growing out there is only 4? Does any one have tips? Is there a good place to get them from?
  10. Thank you, I was gifted this plant and was trying to figure out what it was I will look into those other types to so I can have contrast. Thank you.
  11. I have a anubias but I can’t identify what type it is and I would like to get more. It is roughly 4 inches wide and has amid of lighter and darker green leaves
  12. @colu thanks any way. You seem like a long time fish keeper. What has been your staple got to have fish? I love to pick other hobbyists brains. I’m a young hobbyists but have been in it for 5 years.
  13. Would you be able to tell me why my full black Moscow guppies are taking so long to color up, they are 5 months old and gaining color but slowly.
  14. Sorry my tank is so dirty I am cleaning tomorrow.
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