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  1. I have rock piles so the shrimplets can hide away. I don't want to be over run with shrimp.
  2. I have a 10 gallon shrimp tank with seed shrimp in it and I want to get rid of the seed shrimp but I still want to breed the shrimp. Any fish suggestions? I like the neon red rainbows but I am open for anything because my shrimp population is slowly depleting. I also like the neon green rasboras. I just want a small not common fish, that won't prey on the shrimplet.
  3. Sorry it took so long to get back, I've been busy lol. I like the similis more but the Gold Ocellatus is what I'm going for.
  4. Do you know what the difference is between the similis and the multifaciatus? They look like the same fish.
  5. I am thinking about getting a shell dweller tank and was wondering if there should be any fish I should stay away from? I know gold ocellatus are pretty aggressive. I like the similis and black ocellatus so if that gives you guys any direction.
  6. Mark's Aquatics on youtube may be helpful, I don't know if he has a video on glowlight tetras but he does on neon tetras.
  7. I left my snails egg sacks on the side of the tank, they hatched and then grew up. I don't know why people touch them, just them alone and they'll be fine. Just know that if you want to breed mystery snails you going to have to do a lot of water changes, they poop more then goldfish.
  8. Yes I have sand with them, I like to watch their behavior, they have dug out the side of a pot and underneath my heater, done nothing with the coconut cave yet.
  9. How do you place the driftwood? I'd like to give that a shot.
  10. She spawned at one of the highest flow points, but my gold red agassizi spawned in a low flow point, so maybe they have preferences.
  11. I have a coconut cave but she decided to spawn on the bottom of the filter, and they were infertile and they are gone now, she doesn't seem to have damaged any of the other fish fins, thanks!
  12. If you have fish in there the shrimplets may be being eaten. Also if you want to breed them I would increase the colony to 10-15. You may not have a female or a male. Otherwise I think just switching out the wood would be fine.
  13. I have a female quad. red that laid eggs underneath my sponge filter in a 10 gallon, and she's doing an amazing job guarding them but they are all white. Which I believe means they are infertile (if I am wrong please correct me). She isn't beating up the male or the pair of guppies I have in there, but I don't want her to stress over eggs (I got the guppies and apistos last week so they are still being quarantined) that are not going to hatch. I was wondering if I pulled the eggs off the bottom of the filter, would she attack the other fish thinking that they ate them?
  14. I would start with micro worms and if they're able to take bbs then give them that too. I would split half the fry up, leave some with the parents and put some in another tank, so incase they eat them you can still raise the other fry. I don't know if pulling some fry will make the parents eat the other fry though.
  15. @FrostiesFishes dithers are suppose to distract the parents and turn on the guarding instinct instead of just eating the eggs. Dean has found that pencil fish are very good dithers with apistos because they stay to the mid/top of the tank and have very small mouths so it's almost impossible for them to eat eggs. I am going to try neons with my rams and apistos just to see how they do. I am only going to add 2 per pair to see how they do. How big is the angelfish tank?
  16. I have do once a week water changes, the pH is at 7.2 and ammonia is 0. They just keep rubbing their sides against the bottom, what should I do? Some of my bigger koi are starting to lose scales.
  17. Thanks @gardenman, I am going to leave all together as it doesn't matter to me if they all hatch or not. If I add air it should just be a light bubbling nothing strong?
  18. I don't know how to share pictures but if I figure it out I will add them.
  19. I finally bred my Bronze Cories (yes I know boring old "normal" cories), some are partly white while others are clear. I put them in a Specimen container so they wouldn't be eaten. Should I hook up a air pump and let the eggs be bubbled? Is the white fertilized and the clear unfirt? Fill me in on how to raise them and everything! I am super excited. My Kh is 80, Gh 60 and pH is 7.0.
  20. Or that they didn't need as much oxygen as the bigger ones.
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