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  1. That is a really cool idea. Thanks for sharing!
  2. It’s absolutely amazing to see how other parts of the world enjoy the fish hobby as well.
  3. It was my first aquarium convention. It was a little overwhelming but awesome! So much to see. I think this may have even made my husband a little more excited about keeping fish. When we got home he started measuring open spots in the house. I’m not about to argue. Haha! We are already taking care of 7 aquariums, what’s a few more?? Maybe seeing this many fish excited people in one spot is what it took to convert him. Now he’s looking into building stands and such. Of course the highlight for me was getting to meet Corey, Zenzo and Irene. Yes the line was long but they were so gracious even after standing there all day. I know I was exhausted by the end so I can only imagine how they felt. I left the event Sunday evening feeling like it was worth the 8+ hour drive. The only thing I might personally do different next time is give ourselves an extra day to recover before heading back. Thank you for all you do! You have a great team and your education is invaluable. P.S. Looking forward to the members meeting group photo 😁
  4. Thank you! I am truly looking forward to seeing some amazing things, but even more eager to learn anything I can. I’ve learned so much already but there is always room for more!
  5. I just got my tickets to my first ever Aquashella event! I am beyond excited to experience it. Hopefully Things don’t get shut down again because Orlando…I’m coming!
  6. Greeting Gianne and Aquarium Co-op team from South Carolina! I would like to know more about bettas and tail biting. My beautiful boy used to start chasing his tail and eventually looked like a preschool child who took scissors to their own head. He really mutilated himself. I kept the water clean, made sure there was nothing with rough edges, interacted with him for exercise. It just seems futile because as soon as I’m not in front of him, he’s at it. It starts to regrow but he just can’t seem to leave it alone. I’m curious how common this is and is there anything else I can try in the future? Thank you so much!
  7. That’s a great looking tank and congratulations on the oto fry!
  8. Thank you so much for sharing these awesome pics/videos. So cool to see the adorable fry! Great job!!
  9. Thanks! I’ll have to check it out Very soon!
  10. I want to do a shell dweller tank as my next project. I’m unsure where to get them from , as I have never seen them in a store.
  11. I’m interested to hear the answer to this. I also have a relatively new shrimp tank. They are so entertaining to watch! Good luck to you!
  12. Oooh! A poll sounds like a great idea! It would be so interesting to know if there is a specific trait that makes bettas more prone to being a tail biter.
  13. Whatever your issue is, I do hope you find the reason and solution if there is one. I have a “self grooming”betta. My beautiful deep blue little guy named “Levi” unfortunately looks as terrible as a preschooler who took the scissors to their own head. I hate that he does this to himself but I have tried everything recommended to me such as rearranging his tank and engaging him in activity for exercise. He has pristine quality water that I obsessively keep on top of. It appears that I just have a neurotic fish. I would be curious to know if certain colors or tail types experience this more then others. It seems most of the folks who post pictures of their fin biters are blue. Any scientific data out there?
  14. Where about in SC are you located? Maybe we can help each other find some higher quality fish and items.
  15. Good morning from Myrtle Beach! Hi everyone, I’m Jackie and I’m only about 3 years into the hobby. It started with a castoff 29gallon tank that my adult son brought over as he upgraded himself to a 55 gallon. I have in a short time developed multi tank syndrome and we now have 6 in the house. All freshwater, as I’m too afraid of venturing into saltwater yet. There is a 29 gallon planted community, 2 guppy tanks, a betta tank a Shrimp tank, and our newest the 75 g African cichlids. I look forward to visiting this forum and meeting others who share my passion as only someone who is immersed as well can understand my enjoyment. Thanks!
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