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  1. hi! i recently got a gold nugget pleco, and i wanted to feed it a natural(ish) diet to keep the pleco well fed. currently he/ she is eating hikari pleco wafers but any idea how i can culture periplankton for food, or any recipes for diy gel food? thanks!
  2. hi! i got 6 kribs and want to breed them. i have them in my 240 gallon tank with a turtle and a lot of other cichlids, i think they are not breeding due to the stress from the other fish and turtle, even though the female has a large red "stomach". any idea what i can do to make them breed within the tank, or do i have to make a breeding tank for them. thanks
  3. hi! i recently got a new co2 set for my 1000 litre (240 gallon) aquarium. i addend a external solenoid to it to automate it, however, whenever i switch to solenoid off, the tubing behind it starts to expand a lot, kind of like a balloon about to burst( this happens within 1.5 minutes), is this normal, as i am scared to turn the valve off for more than a few minutes( which is kind of a waste). if it is not normal, is it possible to use the co2 without the solenoid ( maybe by running at a very low bubble rate for the whole day)
  4. it is actually very cheap to refill co2 in my area so i dont really see a problem with using it now. also the actual reason i use ferns is that my turtle keeps eating any other plants😋
  5. thanks! i actually had it on hand so i just wanted to use it , even though i dont actually need it. 😅
  6. hi! i recently got a 240 gallon tank( 1000 litres). im planning to add some plants ( only around 5 pots of java fern and moss ) to the wood, just to make everything look a bit better. i use 3 20W floodlights and fertilize with tropica premium nutrition twice a week. i have a 0.5 litre from my old planted tank which i broke down. any idea how long it will last on this tank, and how many bubles per second i have to use. thanks!
  7. hi, i recently got 6 red head geo's for my 240 gallon aquarium. they are currently 2-4 inches. any idea when and how i can breed them? thanks
  8. hi, i recently got a pair of captive bred imbelis bettas to breed, however i accidentally received a male imbelis but a female alien blue betta, can they still safely breed? thanks!
  9. i basically drilled holes, added bulkheads and used 3 pvc elbows facing up
  10. hi! i have a 240 gallon with 3 overflows and a sump. i want to add guppies and tetras to it howerver, they are constantly getting sucked into the sump. any tips to avoid this? sponge works, but my turtle may eat it so i cant use that
  11. hi! i got a 1.5 inch pleco around 3 months ago and will get 3 more of the same size soon. any idea how long it will take for them to start breeding/ achieve maximum size? thanks!
  12. can regular bristlenose plecos breed with albino bristlenose plecos? thanks!
  13. hi any idea how to breed serpae tetras, or silverip tetras? thanks!
  14. hi! i am setting up my 240 gallon planted aquarium and i decided to temporarily fill the water with only my sand. the thing is i used a very dirty sand (around 10 times as dirty as pool filter sand) .the sand made the water cloudy even after washing. any idea how long it will take to clear and what can i do to make that faster. btw the tank only has a 1-2 inch sand bed even though it looks like i have a foot long sand bed.
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