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  1. Hey all, I am experiencing an issue with hatching out BBS. I have a home-made setup (pictured) consisting of four 1 liter bottles. Each one is completely identical, has a siphon tube and air line/stone connected at the base. The heat is created by a single 25w halogen lamp placed directly in the center of all four bottles, which keeps the bottles between 79-83F at all times. I hatch two bottles per day: one pair today, the other tomorrow, etc. I use Aquarium Co-Op eggs and either Co-Op or Fritz salt at 1tbsp/liter of water, premixed in another container for consistency. I have been successfully hatching up to 1/2tbsp of eggs per bottle for the last 3 months without incident. Suddenly, one of the four bottles (front right in picture) has given me two consecutive hatch rotations with basically no eggs hatching. All things are exactly the same, down to the amount of air being driven in each bottle. All bottles share the same temperature, brine water source container, egg container, parts, etc. Now one bottle is failing, and only one bottle. Nothing has changed in months. The only recent thing that happened is that I wiped down the inside of the bottles with my (clean) hand and clean tap water a week ago to remove build-up and slime as part of regular maintenance to the hatchery. All bottles received the same treatment. Why would one our of four suddenly be failing? I figured that the NERM hivemind would be able to help. Any ideas are appreciated!
  2. Hey Everyone, I had emailed into the co-op a few months back when I first watched the documentary and I wanted to attempt to briefly share a little bit about myself and my journey with the topic. I spent today watching the first one and I'm always left with so much on my mind afterwards. First, and this is not an exaggeration in any way, when I was a kid I wanted to grow up and be an oceanographer. I wanted to do something with marine life, sharks specifically, and I was truly inspired by Steve Irwin and watching his shows growing up. Another big part of my personality is wanting to be a professional chef, cooking, and wanting to learn about cultures through different cuisines of the world. I ended up learning a lot about computers, went to college for computer engineering while I worked as a mechanical engineer. I've always been interested in sharks. They are my favorite animal, favorite hockey team, and just an amazing part of our world. Because of that interest I generally keep my eyes peeled during shark week specials, documentaries, and on those topics. Sharkwater was released a bit ago (2006) and was a journey of someone explaining how they got involved in their conservation. They explain some amazing things about them, about how the main character has this awe of them. It also talked about some pretty heavy topics and things impacting the species. Later a special came out about sharks by Gordon Ramsey in 2011 and the thing that bothered me was that the images shown were of the exact same locations doing the exact same thing every single day and nothing had changed in that time period. Which brings us to the topic I am posting about.... Sharkwater 2: Extinction (2018). I knew this one existed but it took me a while to see the film. I never knew what it was specifically about, beyond it was more about Rob and his journey trying to conserve the animal he loved. As the film ended, I sat there speechless as I watched this story unfold. I was.... I felt like I needed to actually share information and one of those small ways to do so was to email my hockey team and to email Cory. Simply put, I think both sides would absolutely support the message and the topic if they simply had someone recommend to them to go out and watch the documentary. I tried to contain my passion and enthusiasm and simply recommend the film, briefly share the main topic that was relevant to the hobby. I was shocked, amazed, and blown away when I had heard the topic mentioned on a live stream as a sort of "members only" movie night. I genuinely hope it happens. This documentary made me think about a lot of things, but one of the main topics of Sharkwater 2 is that there is a lot of "fish" based products that do contain shark. As a result, those products contain mercury. This does include many things you'd never imagine and there is a list you can find via sharkwater and their conservation efforts. As for aquaria, I looked at the back of my fish food and saw those infamous words. "Fish Meal". I genuinely am curious and would like to get an answer from the companies that make the food products whether or not the products used inside of them do or don't contain shark during manufacturing or the final products. My suggestion at the time of writing the previous emails being that companies could stand behind the conservation effort and use it as advertising. I sure as heck would support purchasing food, filters, and so many other products that I already use that had the shark free icons and stuff on the labels. These byproducts apply to so much more than just fish food and I seriously think the aquarium hobby, these companies in this hobby should look into it. In the end, I believe that this is a great way to spread some publicity for the effort to save sharks. I want to recommend to anyone here, please go ahead and check out that film, I would spoil anything, but I can simply ask that anyone who does know the ending or Rob's story, please don't spoil it. Below I want to quote/post the introduction from the first Sharkwater. This is the director Rob talking about his love of sharks. This is a Photo, another conservationist. Matt Draper. Amazing stuff.
  3. I have a 40 Breeder stocked with Rainbow Cichlids, and I'm having trouble finding a decent herbivore sinking pellet. I have Fluval Bug Bites bottom feeder formula, but it gets lost in the substrate. I was wondering if anyone knew of a spirulina sinking pellet that is about the size of a Cichlid Gold mini pellet (~3.0mm) - The Rainbow Cichlids are pretty shy atm, and the plants are still filling in. I expect this tank to be a stunner in about 2 months I also am aware of Omega One pellets, but they seem to be extremely difficult to get ahold of right now. The floating ones are readily available, but Rainbow Cichlids from what I've seen and heard from others don't eat from the surface. They might get hungry enough to, but I'd rather not have to stress them out to get them to eat
  4. I’d like to purchase some clown killifish. I know they are a micro predator and feed on the top. I’m a little gun shy about the type of food to feed them. I’ve not dealt with live foods before. Would freeze dried versions work? Any one had experience with various foods? Open to recommendations and suggestions!
  5. Hey I'm pretty new to the aquarium hobby and I recently added 2 honey gourami to a 20 gallon long tank 2 days ago but they aren't interested in the flake food I have(tetracolor tropical flakes). I have seen them eat a few bloodworms but not too much. I was wonder what sort of other food brands are good for them or if they just need to get settled into the tank to be more comfortable eating? I've tried google but it wasn't really helpful and all the reviews for products were always mixed, was wondering if veteran honey gourami owners have any recommended food brands and some tips for newly added gouramis. Thank you guys in advanced!
  6. Are there any unique ways I can give my betta sources of enrichment? He doesn’t really interact with his environment other than swimming along the glass walls and I can’t help but feel like I’m doing something wrong. He has a coconut hide and a terra cotta tunnel but in the 2 months I’ve had him I haven’t seen him use either. My initial plan was to have 2-3 hides and an abundance of plants but I’m struggling to get my plants to grow and stay healthy. Also how much and how often do I feed my betta fish certain foods? I got him frozen bloodworms, freeze dried bloodworms, fluval bug bites, and ocean nutrition pellets. I give him 10 pellets every day but he still seems hungry as he swims to the front of the tank when I walk by, and is constantly looking for snails thinking they’re food. Once a week I give him the frozen and freeze dried bloodworms and some fluval bug bites, I’d say about 5 or so “pieces” of each. How much should I be feeding those foods and how often? Thanks
  7. This should be the shortest thread on the entire CARE Forum. My subject is simple: Pizza. What have I to share? Only the premier instructions on exactly how it should be made. Here you go. Anything else, whatever it’s pretensions, does not deserve the name. If no one at your favorite pizzeria has immediate family in Naples... then no, sorry. Remember the MATRIX? Everything you think you know about the greatest food on planet earth has been an illusion.
  8. Hey all... I'm low on food and so I'm shopping. True story (that I wish was not) but my fish LOVE Fluval bug bites. Like crazy pants, look like they have been starving 5 minutest after I just fed them. I don't WANT to take out a second mortgage, but they love what they love...😁 Worse, I can't get them at ACO, and I really don't like buying stuff elsewhere because, well, ACO is awesome, as we all know. Now, I am well aware of WHY the Aquarium Co-op doesn't carry them. I'm not AT ALL asking why, or asking for a change. What I DO want to know is what voodoo black magic Fluval is putting in this food?! My fish think it is crack. And really I have weird allergies, so foods NOT including bloodworms matter for me. That's how I got their addiction started... I'm telling you, I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but their reaction makes me want to start RAISING BLACK SOLDIER FLIES (primary ingredient). I mean, yeah that's a dumb idea for guppies, but pretty sure the cichlids and chickens would be ecstatic. What flake food do your fish think is crack? Bonus points of it is not made by Fluval... I guess I should just go back to hatching 5 batches of brine shrimp a week...
  9. What do you guys find is the food your ember tetras like best? And has anybody figured out an optimal mix of dry foods to put in a community tank autofeeder together (rainbowfish, tetras, cories, snails)?
  10. Hi All! My pea puffers have suddenly gotten very picky. My wife usually feeds them and has the magic touch because they eat fine for her but she's out of town for several days and I cannot get the little guys to eat well for the life of me. We feed them frozen bloodworms, spirulina gut loaded brine shrimp, pieces of plankton and a variety of snails. Tank parameters are fine. What do I do to tempt them to eat better?
  11. Food seems to be a fun side-topic on this forum. Cabot, our local Vermont/New York dairy cooperative, now has their own Mac and Cheese boxes. I got a couple of boxes to try, but I sent them with my friend who is moving back to Utah. https://www.cabotcheese.coop/premium-macaroni-cheese/ I like mine al Dente with a bit of crispy bacon crumbles. What do you like for this perfect food?
  12. Do any of you feed foods that were not made as flakes, or processed fish food. Things I like spinach and cucumbers are more of what I’m asking about. That would include treats
  13. Breakfast! It's in my top 3 list of favorite meals, so.. What's everyone's favorite breakfast? Recently I've been really enjoying making myself some scrambled eggs with light brown toast:
  14. Hello, I'm relatively new to fishkeeping and just got a small school of Green Neon Tetras. I purchased these at the Aquarium Co-op store in Edmonds along with the Xtreme Nano (0.5mm pellets) to feed the fish. However when I put the food into the tank, the tetras go to try to eat the pellets, but can't fit it into their mouths. So it just bounces away and lands on the bottom of the tank. Is there a smaller food I should be trying to feed the tetras? Thanks, Joe
  15. I am attempting to figure out the feeding preferences of Ornate box turtles and was wondering if anyone with experience keeping them could provide examples of what they feed their own Box Turtles? Thanks.
  16. I have a surplus of bananas and I was wondering if I could feed some to my community tank.
  17. ChemBob


    Brisket on the smoker this morning. Not a bad way to start football season and spend a day on Labor Day weekend.
  18. hi! i recently got a gold nugget pleco, and i wanted to feed it a natural(ish) diet to keep the pleco well fed. currently he/ she is eating hikari pleco wafers but any idea how i can culture periplankton for food, or any recipes for diy gel food? thanks!
  19. Hi everyone, Two nights ago I saw a weird worm like creature on my driftwood. I did some research and thought maybe it was planaria. The next day, knowing what characteristics to look for found several more and yes they are definitely planaria. 20 long planted tank and the water changes based on stable water chemistry, I do one about every 2 weeks. I don’t gravel vac much at all to leave the mulm for the plants. so, since I have breeding shrimp in the tank what should I do about the planaria? Thanks so much!
  20. Hey folks, The three Lipstick Gobies (1M, 2F) that I bought last week haven't been eating very much. I'm reaching out to the Aquarium Co-op community to see if anyone can give me advice for how to feed them. From what I've read online, Lipstick Gobies are micro-predators that will only eat high-quality live and frozen foods. I've tried feeding them a variety of different foods with varying levels of success: Hikari Frozen blood worms: Only the male will eat these. I have tried to using tweezers to the feed others. Hikari Frozen Daphnia: The gobies completely ignore these, even when dropped directly beside them with a pipette. Live Baby Brine Shrimp: The gobies eat these but probably not enough with the other fish in my tank. Am I missing any obvious foods / feeding techniques? I'd be happy to get any advice on feeding these gobies, and to hear any stories about your own Lipstick Gobies. Thanks, Jacob
  21. I tried to generate a infusoria culture a few times now and they have all failed. I have used veggies with water from an established tank those 3 failed. I tried one with yeast and tank water. Tried both recipes with water from the 100gal tub in the back yard. Now I am about to start a hay/dried grass recipe. All from YouTube. The all get cloudy but never seem to make it to that streams of food stage. I am looking at it under a microscope as well. Any experienced suggestions out there? Also, has anyone tried the Paramecium from Carolina? If so how did it work out?
  22. So I recently rescued one of these rock catfish from another hobbyist that was overwhelmed with their semi aggressive tank. I am not sure what this thing likes to eat.... Please help!
  23. Hey Guys. I hope everyone is holding up well. I have seen my Harlequin Rasbora school doing the motions of breeding. However no one actually seems to be laying eggs. I don't know if this is because they are still to small or not. So I have decided to try a new Repashy food and get some weight on them. What would you suggest is the best one for this? Community Plus?
  24. I have 2 Honey Gourami's quarantining with my red wag platy fry currently I have treated them with the med trio in a 10g tank. So far they haven't been eating very much food I've tried Xtreme krill flake, bug bites spirulina and tropical flakes, rapashy Soilent green, frozen and freeze dried blood worms and frozen brine shrimp they may take bites but will usually spit the food out they seem to like the ez fry food but that's about it. Any foods I should try? Any go to bulletproof no way they won't eat this foods?
  25. I'm looking for some help from tetra experts on what I might be doing wrong, if anything. My Green Fire Tetras are extremely shy and not eating as enthusiastically as they used to. In early March I received a shipment from an aquabid sale for what were supposed to be 6 kubotai rasboras. Instead they sent me 9 Green Fire Tetras, aka 'Rathbun's Bloodfin Tetras' aka Red-flanked Bloodfin Tetras. They get to be 2" long and these were a little smaller than neon tetras at the time so they were juveniles, I consulted some folks from a well-regarded fb group who even said they were so young they couldnt accurately identify at first. These guys ate *ok* while in quarantine, they were in a 5gallon sterilite tub for well over a month because I had to get a bigger aquarium (since these were not the kubotai rasboras I ordered). I fed them mostly flake foods as they ignored my ground-up pellets. They got Extreme Krill Flake & Spirulina Flake, baby brine shrimp, and egg yolk most of the time. They went through QT with levamisole, maracyn 2, and sulfaplex for 1 week each (but they were in QT for longer overall). No signs of illness. I ended up putting them in a lowboy/riparium style setup in early/mid April. I took a 40 gallon and cut it in half. Specs: Size: 20 Gal (more like 17g because of hardscape and since I don't fill it all the way) Filtration: 2x sponge filters rated for 15 gallons, with directed return flow above the water to create surface agitation. I've also included an airstone for more aeration Substrate: White sand with lava rock in the back for BB growth (and hydroton clay pellets for the riparium plants) Hardscape: Cypress driftwood, seiryu stone Tankmates: 6 pygmy corydoras, a handful of malaysian trumpet snails Lighting: 2x Hygger Planted 24/7 suspended 12" above the water surface, on a 24 hr daylight simulation cycle. Moderately planted with salvinia floaters for cover (i say moderately because all the underwater creeping jenny I had melted as soon as it started to emerse so I'll be adding more). Riparium plants were mostly purchased bare root or otherwise washed REALLY WELL and transitioned to emersed growing in a separate jar to mitigate fouling of the tank water. I have antherium, maidenhair fern, english ivy, stonecrop sedum, creeping jenny, philodendron, purple waffle, polkadot plant, and sweet potato vine) I test this tank more frequently than my others, thinking I was having a chemistry issue, but it seems consistent: ph 7.2 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10 temp: 78 KH: 5 (API test #drops) GH: 15 (API test #drops) These guys do nothing but hide behind/inside/UNDER the hardscape. They sometimes come out if they see food drifting down but often end up ignoring it. They're not really growing much and not 'filling out,' I feel like even if they're longer theyre proportionally thinner than when I moved them from quarantine to the new tank. The only food they really LOVE and consistently eat is the baby brine shrimp. I was toying with the idea of removing the floaters and moving the filters all to one side to create flow, but if they're timid then maybe they'll feel more exposed. Do these guys eat better at certain times of day? Is this just how tetras are in general, and I have picky eaters on top of it? (in the pic the white spot on the far right tetra's flank is a falling crumb of egg yolk, it was one of 3 pics i took in rapid succession and it's not in the 2 other pictures)
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