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  1. I am attempting to figure out the feeding preferences of Ornate box turtles and was wondering if anyone with experience keeping them could provide examples of what they feed their own Box Turtles? Thanks.
  2. I have a surplus of bananas and I was wondering if I could feed some to my community tank.
  3. Breakfast! It's in my top 3 list of favorite meals, so.. What's everyone's favorite breakfast? Recently I've been really enjoying making myself some scrambled eggs with light brown toast:
  4. ChemBob


    Brisket on the smoker this morning. Not a bad way to start football season and spend a day on Labor Day weekend.
  5. This should be the shortest thread on the entire CARE Forum. My subject is simple: Pizza. What have I to share? Only the premier instructions on exactly how it should be made. Here you go. Anything else, whatever it’s pretensions, does not deserve the name. If no one at your favorite pizzeria has immediate family in Naples... then no, sorry. Remember the MATRIX? Everything you think you know about the greatest food on planet earth has been an illusion.
  6. hi! i recently got a gold nugget pleco, and i wanted to feed it a natural(ish) diet to keep the pleco well fed. currently he/ she is eating hikari pleco wafers but any idea how i can culture periplankton for food, or any recipes for diy gel food? thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, Two nights ago I saw a weird worm like creature on my driftwood. I did some research and thought maybe it was planaria. The next day, knowing what characteristics to look for found several more and yes they are definitely planaria. 20 long planted tank and the water changes based on stable water chemistry, I do one about every 2 weeks. I don’t gravel vac much at all to leave the mulm for the plants. so, since I have breeding shrimp in the tank what should I do about the planaria? Thanks so much!
  8. Hey folks, The three Lipstick Gobies (1M, 2F) that I bought last week haven't been eating very much. I'm reaching out to the Aquarium Co-op community to see if anyone can give me advice for how to feed them. From what I've read online, Lipstick Gobies are micro-predators that will only eat high-quality live and frozen foods. I've tried feeding them a variety of different foods with varying levels of success: Hikari Frozen blood worms: Only the male will eat these. I have tried to using tweezers to the feed others. Hikari Frozen Daphnia: The gobies completely ignore these, even when dropped directly beside them with a pipette. Live Baby Brine Shrimp: The gobies eat these but probably not enough with the other fish in my tank. Am I missing any obvious foods / feeding techniques? I'd be happy to get any advice on feeding these gobies, and to hear any stories about your own Lipstick Gobies. Thanks, Jacob
  9. I tried to generate a infusoria culture a few times now and they have all failed. I have used veggies with water from an established tank those 3 failed. I tried one with yeast and tank water. Tried both recipes with water from the 100gal tub in the back yard. Now I am about to start a hay/dried grass recipe. All from YouTube. The all get cloudy but never seem to make it to that streams of food stage. I am looking at it under a microscope as well. Any experienced suggestions out there? Also, has anyone tried the Paramecium from Carolina? If so how did it work out?
  10. Food seems to be a fun side-topic on this forum. Cabot, our local Vermont/New York dairy cooperative, now has their own Mac and Cheese boxes. I got a couple of boxes to try, but I sent them with my friend who is moving back to Utah. https://www.cabotcheese.coop/premium-macaroni-cheese/ I like mine al Dente with a bit of crispy bacon crumbles. What do you like for this perfect food?
  11. So I recently rescued one of these rock catfish from another hobbyist that was overwhelmed with their semi aggressive tank. I am not sure what this thing likes to eat.... Please help!
  12. Hey Guys. I hope everyone is holding up well. I have seen my Harlequin Rasbora school doing the motions of breeding. However no one actually seems to be laying eggs. I don't know if this is because they are still to small or not. So I have decided to try a new Repashy food and get some weight on them. What would you suggest is the best one for this? Community Plus?
  13. I have 2 Honey Gourami's quarantining with my red wag platy fry currently I have treated them with the med trio in a 10g tank. So far they haven't been eating very much food I've tried Xtreme krill flake, bug bites spirulina and tropical flakes, rapashy Soilent green, frozen and freeze dried blood worms and frozen brine shrimp they may take bites but will usually spit the food out they seem to like the ez fry food but that's about it. Any foods I should try? Any go to bulletproof no way they won't eat this foods?
  14. I'm looking for some help from tetra experts on what I might be doing wrong, if anything. My Green Fire Tetras are extremely shy and not eating as enthusiastically as they used to. In early March I received a shipment from an aquabid sale for what were supposed to be 6 kubotai rasboras. Instead they sent me 9 Green Fire Tetras, aka 'Rathbun's Bloodfin Tetras' aka Red-flanked Bloodfin Tetras. They get to be 2" long and these were a little smaller than neon tetras at the time so they were juveniles, I consulted some folks from a well-regarded fb group who even said they were so young they couldnt accurately identify at first. These guys ate *ok* while in quarantine, they were in a 5gallon sterilite tub for well over a month because I had to get a bigger aquarium (since these were not the kubotai rasboras I ordered). I fed them mostly flake foods as they ignored my ground-up pellets. They got Extreme Krill Flake & Spirulina Flake, baby brine shrimp, and egg yolk most of the time. They went through QT with levamisole, maracyn 2, and sulfaplex for 1 week each (but they were in QT for longer overall). No signs of illness. I ended up putting them in a lowboy/riparium style setup in early/mid April. I took a 40 gallon and cut it in half. Specs: Size: 20 Gal (more like 17g because of hardscape and since I don't fill it all the way) Filtration: 2x sponge filters rated for 15 gallons, with directed return flow above the water to create surface agitation. I've also included an airstone for more aeration Substrate: White sand with lava rock in the back for BB growth (and hydroton clay pellets for the riparium plants) Hardscape: Cypress driftwood, seiryu stone Tankmates: 6 pygmy corydoras, a handful of malaysian trumpet snails Lighting: 2x Hygger Planted 24/7 suspended 12" above the water surface, on a 24 hr daylight simulation cycle. Moderately planted with salvinia floaters for cover (i say moderately because all the underwater creeping jenny I had melted as soon as it started to emerse so I'll be adding more). Riparium plants were mostly purchased bare root or otherwise washed REALLY WELL and transitioned to emersed growing in a separate jar to mitigate fouling of the tank water. I have antherium, maidenhair fern, english ivy, stonecrop sedum, creeping jenny, philodendron, purple waffle, polkadot plant, and sweet potato vine) I test this tank more frequently than my others, thinking I was having a chemistry issue, but it seems consistent: ph 7.2 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10 temp: 78 KH: 5 (API test #drops) GH: 15 (API test #drops) These guys do nothing but hide behind/inside/UNDER the hardscape. They sometimes come out if they see food drifting down but often end up ignoring it. They're not really growing much and not 'filling out,' I feel like even if they're longer theyre proportionally thinner than when I moved them from quarantine to the new tank. The only food they really LOVE and consistently eat is the baby brine shrimp. I was toying with the idea of removing the floaters and moving the filters all to one side to create flow, but if they're timid then maybe they'll feel more exposed. Do these guys eat better at certain times of day? Is this just how tetras are in general, and I have picky eaters on top of it? (in the pic the white spot on the far right tetra's flank is a falling crumb of egg yolk, it was one of 3 pics i took in rapid succession and it's not in the 2 other pictures)
  15. I’m trying not to overfeed, but all other fish in the tank are eating everything before the Cory gets it. Had 4 Corys, but 3 died of starvation. Tried using both Sera O-nips and Hikari sinking wafers simultaneously, thinking the other fish would go after the o-nip first, but no luck. They’re eating the wafers too. Other fish in tank are: 25 neons, 3 platies, 1 dwarf gourami, and 1 blue ram. What does everyone recommend doing to ensure the Cory gets fed without overfeeding the others? The others are just getting fatter.
  16. Hello everyone, thanks for reading this post. I have two fantails and one ranchu goldfish (all about 3”) in an outdoor pond. I have a heater in the pond so water temps are consistent around 73 degrees. I feed solient green, hikari sinking excel, hikari goldfish excel, and goldfish bug bites. I also feed frozen spirulina brine shrimp. I want to encorporate more vegetables but so far haven’t had success in getting them to eat blanched lettuce. I recently added duckweed hoping that the goldfish would eat that, but so far it looks as though they haven’t ate any after the duckweed was added about 5 days ago. I usually feed once or twice a day in small amounts but since I’ve added the duckweed I am feeding every other day. I don’t think temperature is an issue since I have the heater and the fish eat greedily when I use other foods. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these young goldfish to eat the duckweed and/or blanched vegetables? Is it just a matter of not feeding them until they eat it or do some goldfish just not eat duckweed? I don’t think the size of the duckweed is an issue because the pellets I feed are similar in size, if not bigger. Also, could it be that I need to feed some floating foods to train the goldfish to look more on the surface for food? Reading all about bloat and goldfish, I have been reluctant to use floating foods although I know Corey has no issue with it. Thanks for any suggestions!
  17. What are some ways I can get my hill stream loaches to eat? They are being out competed for food by my corydoras. Here are the things I’ve tried: - Hikari Algae Wafers (Even when I tried sticking them to the side, my loaches just don’t go to them. Corydoras love them though.) - Blanched Cucumbers (Again, not interested at all.) - Sinking pellets (These get demolished not by my hill stream loaches but by the corydoras) Not sure what to do. My hill stream loaches do go around the tank eating algae but I don’t think that is a great idea long term. How should I deal with this?
  18. What grocery type items do you guys feed your fish? Vegetables? Seafood? How do you prepare it? Store it? And how do you feed it? I have done the blanched zucchini. But I'm wanting to experiment with some other stuff in my tanks.
  19. Hi! I bought some new fish foods in September. (One of them is Hikari Tropical Micro pellets) I couldn't finish the whole bag in a reasonable time, so I took Irene's advice, and bagged them up in the freezer. It's been about 9 months since I froze the extra food. How long do you think they can stay good?
  20. So I was looking at invert aquatics website to get my axolotl food and I saw they had freeze dried meal worms and I wanted to know if I could feed to to my convict chiclid
  21. I've read is "snow flake food" for shrimp is mostly soybean husks compressed into pellets. Does anyone feed shrimp fresh soybean husks? I've been throwing mine away.
  22. What do you recommend for supplemental food for them? Would Easy Fry and Small Fish Food be good or would that have too much protein in it?
  23. I have a Pea Puffer and I am wondering about more food diversity for her. I have been mainly feeding her Frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms. Frozen Brine Shrimp are her favorite. I have tried to give her snails but she does not seem to like or know what to do with them. Are there any other foods that I should try giving her? I have noticed she won't eat food once it touches the bottom of the tank so slow sinking food recommendations would be helpful! Photo note: Here is a photo of my fish, I think she is very cute.
  24. My new clown pleco, Pennywise, doesn't seem to have any interest in his algae wafers (tetra brand). Pennywise is still new to the tank so I didn't expect him to eat a lot but it seems to be only the wafers that he won't eat. He nibbles on the driftwood, the algae on the back wall, and the cucumber slice I gave the other day. Should I try a different brand? Does anybody else have this problem?
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