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Found 3 results

  1. hi! i recently got a new co2 set for my 1000 litre (240 gallon) aquarium. i addend a external solenoid to it to automate it, however, whenever i switch to solenoid off, the tubing behind it starts to expand a lot, kind of like a balloon about to burst( this happens within 1.5 minutes), is this normal, as i am scared to turn the valve off for more than a few minutes( which is kind of a waste). if it is not normal, is it possible to use the co2 without the solenoid ( maybe by running at a very low bubble rate for the whole day)
  2. I have the AQUATEK Aquarium CO2 Regulator with Integrated COOL TOUCH Solenoid. It's on a timer to turn on & off at specific times. When the timer switches off, the solenoid sticks in the open position. I have to unplug & plug it back in multiple times before the solenoid closes. I unscrewed the solenoid from the brass regulator and found that the rubber O-Ring has been torn slightly and that's the reason the solenoid wouldn't close properly. I reached out to Aquatek about a replacement O-Ring and they replied by I need to order a new solenoid. Of course they would, they want me to pay $40 for a new solenoid rather than pay less than $1 for a new O-Ring. Horrible!!!Has anyone had this same problem and how was it rectified? I can't seem to find the exact O-ring to replace. I found one at Lowes and it's 5/16" ID x 1/16" CS, but it's too thick. The CS is half the thickness around 1/32" that I need.The picture below is the O-ring that I'm talking about. It's NOT a picture of the torn one that I have, it's just a reference to location of O-Ring.
  3. I was hoping someone may have had a similar problem and hopefully came to a resolution that did not involve buying a new CO2 tank. Recently I purchased a CO2 kit that came with a refillable tank. Now that the tank has run dry I am having a problem finding a place that can refill it. The thread on the tank is CGA320 and I can only assume the painball places use 5/8-18 standard. The problem is when i search for an adapter so they can refill my tank all I can find is the inverse of what I need since most people need to convert their 5/8-18 standard painball tank to a CGA320 solenoid valve. What I need is a female CGA320 to male 5/8-18 adapter. Anyone have experience with this or can point me to the right product?
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