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  1. Originally I thought my silvertips were bullying on of their kind into stress and not eating until it wasted away. They did bully it, and it withdrew and hid away from the rest, not getting as good feeding opportunities. Now having had the fish for about a year, another one of the silvertips is wasting away. This time I have managed to catch and isolate it, along with another one that was exhibiting some odd behavior, seemingly the beginning of wasting away and withdrawing. Oddly enough the fish that was only starting to show the signs of something being wrong ended up worse after isolation. Maybe the stress of being captured and lifted out (it was an easy catch, no chasing, just scooping it out) was too much and the fish just lay on the bottom of the isolation unit and has later died. Water parameters (using a test strip so it's not exactly accurate): NO3 25 NO2 0 GH 6 KH 6 CL2 0 pH 6,8 - 7,0 (I have a CO2 system and monitoring system that automatically opens the valve to adjust the pH) Temp 22,3 - 23,5 degrees C or 71,6 - 73,4 F (I have a Fluval heater that shows the temperature at the back (hotter), and the other reading is from the temperature sensor of the CO2 computer near the electrode at the front) Overall the symptoms I have been able to catalogue are isolation, emaciation, stringy poo hanging from the fish, dragging their tail when swimming, swimming near the surface, not being able to swallow food (the really skinny ones still went for the food, they just spat it out almost immediately) and lack of appetite (before isolation) on the one fish that died after isolation. In addition to the fish that clearly have been sick, it appears some of the silvertips are not growing even nearly as well as others. After about a year some are over twice the size of others. Which could also be something to do with parasites leeching away nutrients. The tank is fairly large 525 liters (115,5 gallons) by outer measurements, but due to plants and rocks and driftwood the internal volume is a fair bit less. As far as I can tell, invertebrates and armored catfish and loaches tend to react negatively to parasite medication. I'm not that attached to the snails in the tank sentimentally, but obviously I'd like to avoid killing them if possible. Also there is the dread of about 10 billion malaysian trumpet snails rotting and polluting the water in the tank. I also have some cories and 3 albino spotted hoplos in the tank, and those I definitely don't want to lose. I also have a 15+ years old kuhlii loach I'd like to keep among the living. Now, what to do? Fritz ParaCleanse doesn't appear to be available in my country. Esha -ndx is generally well recommended but might be harmful to the armored catfish. I could always just treat the sick fish separately, but that is just putting out fires instead of actually improving the conditions of the fish that most likely are all already affected by the parasites. On that topic, is it species related or should I assume all fish irrespective of species are infected? Sorry if this is a bit of a mess, I tried to give all the relevant info I could think of. I'll give more if needed, obviously. The image is very much out of focus but I just couldn't get the camera to focus on the small fish that kept moving. As far as I can tell the skin is fine and healthy, It's more of an indication of behavior and overall wasted condition. Seems I can't add the gif to this post, I keep getting an 'unknown error' notification. So I attached a blurry still from a blurry video instead... The color on the image is off, the fish is silvery in real life.
  2. Ph6.8 Nitrates 20 Hardness between 150-300 nitrites 0 kh 40 Temp 77 this fish has been looking “plump” for a few weeks. Now has a growth just behind her right gill. Tried to get a good picture of left side, but has a smaller growth there. Had a dwarf gourami with something similar 6-8 months ago. Also another silver tip 2-3 months ago, though it had a more bend appearance. Although tail looks droopy in picture below, it is normally straight and she is swimming normally thinking that she needs to be euthanized, but not sure how to prevent this in future (or what it is). Thanks!
  3. I Have some CPD's in my 50 gallon planted tank and I Love the look of the silver tip tetras. I really want to put some in my tank but I keep reading conflicting reports about their compatibility with CPD's My tank is extremely planted so The CPD's would have lots and lots of hiding room if any bullying were to occur still a lil hesitant though and would love any advice or first hand expertise on the matter thank you !
  4. I am seeking some guidance on tetras! I recently purchased my first group of tetras after watching @Cory's videos with Silvertips! I fell in love with their look and their interactive behavior. I have 6 X-Ray tetra and 7 Silvertip tetras in my 40 breeder. I have noticed that two of the male Silvertips seem to bully a bit. I haven't seen any fin nipping or anything like that but they do a lot of chasing, darting at others and even seem to corral the group to one side of the tank. I have also seen two males display almost sparing behavior where they will circle each other in a tight circle and dart at the other. What can I do to help curb this behavior? Or is it common? Some possibilities I thought of was maybe larger school? Or more females? I am worried about some of them getting stressed and in-turn getting sick from being in this environment. I appreciate any advice you can give! Thanks! *Additional Potentially Helpful info* Temperature 77.2, PH 8.2, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrate 0ppm, Nitrite 0ppm, GH very hard, KH 160ppm, 40 breeder with two medium Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters. I feed a mix/rotation of Hikari Vibrabites, Xtreme Spirulina flake, Hikari micro wafers, micro pellets, Tetra color flake and Hikari freeze dried bloodworms.
  5. Has anyone done this pairing? From what I have read the silver tips might be too active/nippy. I’m looking to run the tank at about 83/84. Too warm for the tetra? Too cool for discus? It seems like I can find articles/antidotes supporting any stocking decision.
  6. Can they live with peaceful 1.5 to 2 inch tetra and rasbora? Some articles say yes, others say no.
  7. hi any idea how to breed serpae tetras, or silverip tetras? thanks!
  8. I have a problem (?) with my school of silvertip tetras. They have become very timid. Whenever I move near the aquarium, or stand up from the chair that is 3 meters (10ish feet) from the tank they seem to get scared and huddle in the area right of the biggest rock in the image. Sorry about the potato photo, I had to take it at maximum "zoom" to capture their currently natural behavior when everything is fine for them. They point towards the Eheim Powerline XL which is to the right. Basically they are chilling in the stream from the spray bar. The flow isn't insanely strong, as I have customized the spay bar making it longer and with larger holes. The color of water is due to me using Blackwater Aquatan in the tank. Some background info: The tank is a 525 liter one with a relatively large bottom area. I have Fluval FX-6 and Eheim Powerline XL both with a pimped spraybars moving the water. Pimping is done mainly to tame the flow a bit more so the sand doesn't get blown all over the place in the tank. Temps are 24,3 C near the front glass to 25,5 C at the back near the heater. pH is 7,13 at the moment, but the target for me is 6,9. I have been increasing the hardness a bit lately (might explain something), which has pushed the pH up a bit. If my JBL test strips are to be trusted at all, KH is now just about 5 or so, and GH still does not register on the strip. Or rather, only the edges of the first pad are slightly colored. This isn't a shocking thing, the stuff I'm currently using is Sera KH plus. I have ordered Sera KH/GH plus to be able to affect both values in the future. NO3 = 25 mg/l and NO2 and Cl are both 0. I started with 20 silvertips, and they turned out to be fairly territorial little monsters towards each other. Might have been just something to do with sorting out their pecking order in a new tank, but they seemed to stake out claims in certain areas of the tank, only coming together when feeding or getting stressed by a water change. I decided to get some more to get them to perhaps school a bit more, and added another 20 into the tank. The aggression seemed to die down a bit, at least at first, but it seems there are one or two silvertips that really like to watch the world burn, and fought anyone that got close to them. Then something changed, they started to become more withdrawing and jumpy. Before they used to come towards the surface and the front of the glass when I got near the aquarium, basically they had figured out I'm the source of food. Back then they used to mill around in the middle of the aquarium and came to me. Now they hang around the front of the glass and shy away. They even (at least some of them) seem too scared to eat. They used to be tiny piranhas when I fed them, now I'm not even sure all of them eat at all. Only things I have done is increase the KH a bit, over the week or so. I also directed the spraybar of the Eheim Powerline a bit more towards the front as I increased the size of the holes on the bar. So they seemed to go with the flow, but that shouldn't be the main criteria, or even couldn't be, as the flow is stronger at the top, and none of the silvertips is drawn to the flow of the FX-6. Could this be an oxygen thing? I know raising KH buffers the water for pH swings, and it seems more CO2 can be dissolved into it. I'm feeding the tank some CO2 (monitored by JBL pH computer), and it seems the diffuser has been running more with higher hardness. There is a lot of surface agitation going on, so the oxygen shouldn't be an issue. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I have patience to wait and see how this will develop, but I don't want my fish to be distressed or suffering while I do so.
  9. 2 of 6 silver tip tetras being chased so much they now hide all the time, darting out at feeding. 20 g tall planted w/ one dwarf blue gourami, one skirt tetra, one corydora (big boy), one hillstream loach, one otocinclus, one large snail. Shall I add females or take out males for a more balanced tank?
  10. my siltertips are breeding, there are other fish in there, should i take them out? if the babies make it what do feed them? its a 50 gallon, there are eggs already.
  11. I have a bunch of silvertip tetras I got from my mother in law. She originally had these in a 55g will a whole bunch of guppies and other odds and ends (she just buys things and doesnt check or consult). Anyhow, she claims they have killed all her guppies in the tank, and she was going to destroy them. Naturally I couldnt allow such a thing and got them now in a 20g long I have. There are 13 or 14 of them (little buggers move too fast and hard to count). Anyhow, any recommendations on what things I could add they wont murder since they have such a history? I know guppies are a no-no (even beyond her "experience"). I also would love to toss a snail or two in, or a BN pleco or something like. Love to hear some feedback.
  12. Greetings. I have a silvertip tetra that is struggling. It has been in a 10g quarantine tank for about two weeks since I bought it (in a batch of 20) from my LFS. Got the med trio for a week and now it is about another week later. All the fish look good up to this one today. It's mostly on the bottom, struggling to swim (see video). Checked water parameters, everything where it should be. (Amon, Nitrite, Clorine = 0, Nitrates = minimal, ph = 7.5ish, Temp is at 77-F). Any advice on what happened to this individual and whether I need to worry about the rest is appreciated. Video link:
  13. Hey, I am looking for a schooling fish for my 36 gallon, I really like the rummy nose tetra along with the silver tip tetras. If I get the silvertip tetra I could get more of them because of their size but will my angelfish eat them?? Where as if i get the rummynose tetra I get less of them but then maybe I could get a blood parrot in the future due to the blood parrot not eating the rummynose?? Which fish would you get 8 - Rummynose 12 - Silvertips ???
  14. Anyone know what what would be the better tank mate for a group of 10-15 silver tip tetras? Female powder blue gourami or an angel fish?
  15. I posted a few days ago that I had 3 silver tip tetras that had ich, and per the suggestions I got, I ordered a heater. My heater has not gotten here yet, and in the past 2 days my 3 tetras died. I now have no fish in the tank and obviously I can’t see any ich but I’m sure it’s still there. I’m planning on heating the tank up and treating with ich-x for a few days as if there were fish in the tank. Then getting the water parameters in check before I get new fish. Does this sound like a good plan? Any suggestions?
  16. I had 10 silver tip tetras, 4 corydoras, and a hillstream loch in my 29 gallon. I did a water change but did not treat the tap water that I put in, and that night, about 8 hours later half my fish were dead. That was on a Saturday, and the following Wednesday, ich showed up only on 1 or 2 of the 5 remaining tetras. I have been treating with ich-x that I got from you guys for 7 days and now I am down to 3 tetras who all still have ich. My tank is planted and does not have a heater. To sum up, I have had ich (or what I think is ich) for 7 days and have seen no improvement. Every day i've been doing a 1/3 water change then dosing 3-4 capfuls of ich-x. Today will be my 8th dosage. Hopefully you will have some advice. IMG_3057 3.MOV Nitrite: 0.5-1ppm Nitrate: 20-40ppm Ammonia: 0.25ppm pH: 7.4 Hardness: 8d KH: 10d Temp: Not heated/room temp ~70
  17. I have a 525 l (115 gallon) tank that I've recently redone and am planning to repopulate once the plants have taken hold and grown a bit. There was an interesting ball of algae in there, and due to that I looked into some algae eaters. Some water parameters are probably in order: temperature 24 C (75 F), very soft water (barely registers on a test strip), pH 6,6ish, flow is fairly strong, I have a Fluval FX6 and an Eheim 2252 in the tank, both with DIY spray bars to tame the flow a bit. There also are areas where the flow isn't as strong, rocks and driftwood providing cover. Ultimately the plants will also tame the flow a bit more. My initial plan was to have a school of 50ish silvertip tetras in there eventually, and I was looking into compatible algae eaters. I was surprised to learn that silvertip tetras can be total demons in a tank. Of course a random forum post has to be taken with a grain of salt, but it still got me a bit worried. Somewhere was mentioned this could be related to higher temps in the tank, but I'm just looking to be as sure as I can before actually buying them. At the moment I have a very understocked tank. Only a few corydoras similis, some upside-down catfish and kuhli loaches. Most of these fish are almost 15 years old, but some of the corys are likely younger in-tank spawns. My plan was to get 4ish albino hoplo catfish, 10+ venezuela black cories, a group of hillstream loaches and otos. And then the silvertip tetras, and maybe one bigger fish on top of that. Will all the fishes I listed be ok with the silvertips? Silvertips are quite fast and active after all. And then there is the potential dark side... I suppose the bottom dwelling fish might be left alone more than the ones swimming higher in the water. Like the solitary (or a couple of) fish I'm planning to get. What bigger solitary fish would work here? Something bluish perhaps, but only a gourami comes to my mind as an option. And the long fins might be too tempting for the silvertips. Any input or suggestions much appreciated!
  18. I have a 40 breeder planted tank with a pair of small koi angelfish, 5 albino cories, 2 panda garra, and 14 cardinal tetras. I'd like to add a small school of silvertip tetras (10ish), because yes, they're cool. But I've also read they can be intimidating to cardinal tetras. I'm wondering if a planted 40 breeder is big enough for everyone to get along. Anyone have experience keeping these two together?
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