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Found 9 results

  1. hi! i got 6 kribs and want to breed them. i have them in my 240 gallon tank with a turtle and a lot of other cichlids, i think they are not breeding due to the stress from the other fish and turtle, even though the female has a large red "stomach". any idea what i can do to make them breed within the tank, or do i have to make a breeding tank for them. thanks
  2. Hello, I have had Pygmy Cories for awhile now and have really wanted to breed them. Any help because so far they haven’t spawned.
  3. Since they like to spawn over plants, I made them a little box so they are comfortable and I can still collect the eggs. When they are done I remove the parents and pour the egg into another container.
  4. Bred over 400 rainbow shiner and got 2 golden body, I'm happy with these golden body, their red is alot stronger Photo is for comparison Before and after Both female
  5. I got 3 bristlenose plecos and they are about 9 monts old. This is my first time raising bn plecos and hope I could breed them. I have added 2 pvc caves. One is around 4 inches and other 6 inches in length. 1.5 inches in diameter. I see lot of people recommend terracotta breeding caves. Does it matter?
  6. I bought a coconut hut because I thought my Synodontis multipunctatus (cuckoo catfish) would like it but I feel like the opening is too small for him. Do you think I could take a dremel and make the opening larger without damaging the whole thing?
  7. Hi All, came down to angel fish eggs when I was about to do a water change. Do I still water change?
  8. I know it’s recommended to keep your female to male ratio when breeding guppies at 2:1. But I ended up keeping five females with one male, thinking it wouldn’t be an issue, but now the male has now developed swimming issues which looks like swim bladder problems. Is it possible that he was stressed due to being kept with so many females? What has been your experience with this? Just trying to rule things out. The females seem perfect.
  9. So I finally got bristlenose plecos in a groove and they have bred a few times and now I have a tank full of fry. I need to have the parents take a break so I can grow the current ones up to sell before I let them continue. Would pulling the caves be enough or should I move the dad to a separate tank?
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