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  1. Update I didn'tuse Ottocinclis didn't put my bristle nose in. The duckweed has been helpful and so was the liquid carbon. The algicide really seems to have helped me get over the 1st month of green. I ended up dosing at way above the the recommended dose daily. As of now I don't seem to have all the issues I did before. The algicide helped me get the tank stable and the duckweed has been helpful to but my plants are starving. I'm not adding huge amounts of glut to the tank but I am seeing my poor plants starve. Tomorrow I'll cycle the nitrogen rich water from my not planted tank and move the cleaner water to the goldfish and pleco tank. The duckweed is very prolific and I feed some of it to my goldfish but I'm feel like I'm removing more mass in duckweed than I'm adding in plant growth or fish food and think my plants are starving. I'm fertilizing about every 5 days but I don't think I'm getting the growth I want. I was also able to get some guppy grass and Christmas moss from a hobbiest and they're surviving but I'm not seeing much growth. I'm going to start feeding heavier and my extend the lights.
  2. I like eating Nerds because I'm secretly hungry for aquarium gravel and it takes the edge off.
  3. I'm doing the dual siestas and for me it's because i want to see into the tank. I'm having problems with algae but really want this to work because I like the idea of being able to see my plants and critters. I don't have fancy lights but I've heard others have successfully done this with normal lights.
  4. I have pond a snails in each planted tank. One tank is all guppies and the other is all neocardina shrimp. They use to live together but I gave a bunch of shrimp away for a BN plecco. The plecco lives in a different tank. Originally that was going to be an algae eater but I'm afraid to put her in with the baby sword plants because I'm worried she will eat them.
  5. Thanks for helping. My nitrates come from food and I'm trying to make sure they are they are at the 1st color on the 5in one test strips if it goes over I feed less if it's at the 1st color i figure it's good. My lights come on when I wake for a few hours (which I cut to one) and during my lunch (which I cut to one) everything else is after work. The seachem stuff is pretty complicated and I do think once I use it up I'm going to try the Easy Green. I've moved the frogbit between the tanks to try to decrease the plant load on one and up it on the other. Thanks for all the help.
  6. I also have lots of frogbit and duckweed friend hobbits gave me bulbs and a bunch of unnamed stem plants
  7. I was told they would do ok in a low tec tank but I'm not opposed to getting co2
  8. Thanks I will adjust the lights back. I've got 2 of my tanks planted and the one with floating plants is doing "better" I think the shade is helpful. My lights come off and on so they're on 8 hours of the day with 2 long pauses in them. I'll try turning them down and if that's not enough I'll shorten the time. How long is a good time between making a change to determine if it's helping. I feel like in the past I've waited to long and by the time I reacted it was to late. 3 days? 1 week? Longer? Any plants wizards have a timeframe they go by?
  9. Still trying to figure out what to try next. I did add some of the floating plants from my other tank to increase the plant load. I'm kinda overwhelmed with possible things to check next. I'm already watching nitrates, hardness and ph. I think the next thing is phosphorus or potassium or maybe both. What other stuff can I do. I've murdered lots of plants and feel like these are heading that way. Anyone more experienced than me have advice?
  10. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm wondering as time has gone on if you're doing better or how it's going.
  11. Pretty sure that fish is more self aware than I. Often my family has to tell me when I've got a coffee stain on my shirt and sometimes I don't make any immediate effort to correct it.
  12. Retailers don't normally discuss wholesale prices and their personal supply chains in public public forums. I'm not familiar with the backend of the aquatics industry but from my general world experience shopping the competition is usually easy. Get a current plant or pet store wholesalers information and base your numbers on that. An OK rule of thumb I've heard used for retail was you have to sell stuff for 40% more than cost if there isn't much labor involved or 60% more than wholesale cost if it is labor intensive to deliver. There's some wiggle around room with numbers like that but maybe those numbers help you back calculate what what wholesalers might get from current retail prices. If you have experience in retail greenhouses I'd just call one of the vendors that you use to order from or go to their website.
  13. This is how my algae problem began. I've been treating it with gluteraldrahyde (the ingredient in easy carbon) I've crashed a bunch of plants and when algae overtook an other tank. I'm trying a bit more proactive treatment now so I don't kill more plants. Now that the algae is dying my fish and snails and shrimp are eating it. Before it started dying nothing in the tank would eat it. I'm not sure yet if it's fixed but I do know left alone it killed/out competed my plants. This is like my 3rd batch of plants. I don't know the name of that algae but it took over the leafs on my plants, first the anubius then the cripts and the the stem plants. As they stopped growing I got a different hair algae and ended up with just algae.
  14. Ben if you live near Idaho I'd make a trip to get some.
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