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  1. I really want to get a great planted tank but I can't seem to be able to feed my plans without feeding algae. I wouldn't mind the algae but it grows on the plans and suffocates them. My lights are on timers and I'm adding flourish liquid fertilizer and root tabs. I've been trying to keep NO3 around 20 to 30 ppm and I've been pretty successful. My lights are on a timer and go on and off so they're on 8 of 12 hours (two separate two hour breaks in the day) I started using some gluteraldrahyde (the ingredient in easy carbon) to stop the algae and it's slowly killing it back but I'm afraid 1) it's harming the thin leaf plants 2) as soon as I reduce the dose I'm going right back to growing more algae. What should my next steps be?
  2. I wanted to add a bit more about why I like dual siestas, but I thought the topic should be separate from the Fluval 3.0 lighting thread. My dual siesta reasoning is 90% human, and 10% for a little bonus in organic soil Walstad tanks. I am not trying to promote it as a special formula for fish rooms or all tanks. I rejoined the hobby in 2018, after running marine tanks for a while until 2011, and under-gravel, plastic plant tanks as a kid. I spent a lot of time researching lighting, especially after I setup my first organic soil tank, and started to understand the balancing act between light, decomposition, algae, and plants. The corner case I was trying to solve involved the following: Organic soil Walstad tanks, bedroom setup, weekday enjoyment vs weekend enjoyment, and algae vs plants. I wanted to be able to grow my plants, let plants out-compete algae, and see what was happening when I was in the room, without disrupting anything. I could setup a weekday schedule, which was frustrating for weekends, or the opposite. There was no way to do a consistent 6-8 hour schedule without missing a ton of tank-viewing time. Before we got Fluval Pro Mode, I watched a few of Bentley Pascoe's videoes about using timers to trick the lights into more control points by resetting to midnight on a power-cycle. I also started reading Diana Walstad's book at the same time, where she discusses soil decomposition, CO2, plants, and algae, as well as siestas. My understanding is that plants ramp up photosynthesis faster than algae, so every slice of darkness-to-light favors the plants for a certain amount of time. In the meantime, with an organic soil substrate, the darkness allows for more production of CO2 from decomposition. The CO2 from decomposition is much lower than CO2 injection, but it is real. Once we got Pro Mode, I tried to find a way to slice up the time schedule so that I could get the equivalent of 6-8 hours of sustained light in a broken-up format, so I could wake up with my tanks at 07:00, enjoy them throughout the day, and have one hour of 1-2% blue from 21:00-22:00. I am getting 6-8 hours of normal light in 14-15 hours. That is what I tried to do with those schedules. I had to use triangle peaks rather than sustained peaks, since we don't have enough set points, but if you were to slide those triangles together, and overlap the middle ramp-ups, and ramp-downs, it would look more like a regular 6-8 hour schedule. I measured the pH changes with my Apex, along with temperature changes. Cheers
  3. I think I understand some of the benefits of using light siestas and have seen a lot of the programming complexity people get into. I have a Finnex Stingray for my 10 gallon as well as an outlet timer. What methodology do you use (and what variables play into) determining an appropriate on/off cycle?
  4. I have cut my light to 6 hours, but is it better to run the light during the daytime or into the evening. My tank has indirect room light during the day time and lights and TV during the evening hours. When will I get the most benefit to slow down the algae. I work during the day and would miss seeing the tank if it is off during the evening with dark at 5:00 pm now.
  5. Which light is better for seeing more nocturnal fish, blue or red? I want to use it a couple of hours before I go to bed to see some of these fish. I have a fully planted tank.
  6. Hey everyone! My Fluval Flora is a beautiful tank. Happy and healthy. Very green! I have mainly ephiphytes in it, Java Fern and Anubias. Some Hornwort to remove the bad stuffs, and some developing Cryptocoryne Balansae for texture. I love this tank. I am using the Fluval nano plant light (this is NOT the 3.0), which is adjustable with the phone app. This can be a powerful light (it's for plants, after all). And I'm noticing a lot of black algae (not BB, don't confuse the two) growing on the leaves directly beneath the light. I have, on occasion, scrubbed this off with a glass-cleaning pad, but it's not perfect, and of course, the stuff just grows back. My question is: If anyone else uses this light with their tank (the Flora is a 14g cube), what do they set it at, keeping in mind I have mainly epiphytes? I have included a shot of my own settings for reference. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello! I'm new to the planted aquarium hobby. I've been researching quite a lot and have purchased and am in the process of setting up a Fluval Flex 32 freshwater aquarium. I have a good substrate (Seachem flourite dark) and plan to use only low-medium light plants with no Co2. I have 2 Aquasky 3.0 lights in the aquarium. What I'd like to know is what are the recommended settings for the Aquasky 3.0 for a low-medium light planted tank with no C02? I can't seem to find specific recommendations anywhere. Thanks! Scott P.
  8. In my 37 gallon planted tank, lights are required to see anything, obviously. My standard schedule at work is 2pm-12am, so often I don't see the fish in the evening because at the moment my lighting timer is set from about 8:30 am-8:30 pm. I'm trying to decide if it would mess with the fish too much to have the lights on in the morning, and then go off during the day while I'm at work, then turn back on when I'm getting back from work. Am I just being selfish and messing with the fish's brain by have the lights on and off unnaturally? I'd love some better brains than mine weighing in on when my lights should be on or off!
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