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  1. Squeezed them again last night and weighted them down as they still wanted to float. This morning both were sunken and tipped over so the weights fell off. The saga is apparently over. Thanks for the input folks, although I would still like to hear any ideas about using a no clog airstone in them for a finer flow of bubbles.
  2. Both medium and large squeezed multiple times and still floating. I will try temporarily weighing them down and running them overnight and see if that has any effect. Small ones sank immediately. I never even got a chance or a need to squeeze them. Extra question. Any way to modify the larger or medium ones to put one of your no clog air stones in for a finer flow of bubbles?
  3. I recently purchased an assortment of sponge filters from Aquarium Coop for my new fish room. Small sponge filters went into several ten gallon tanks with no problems. medium and large sponge filters in larger tanks refuse to sink. What am I doing wrong. I know I can silicon some rocks to the top and probably get them to sink but I’m not wild about the silicon blob look. Any advise would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, but I noticed that also and adjusted all the air stones I utilized. I just completed a new loop for the air system as I think part of the problem might be not enough air pressure for the depth of the matten filter tubes. I originally utilized pex for the loop. Easy to work with but it doesn’t hold air really well. Hopefully my second loop of glued pvc will take care of the problem.
  5. Good thought but nope. I think I’m going to chalk this up to not enough air pressure to pop bubbles out with maybe a tiny bit of kink in the airline. My air loop was constructed from pex so is definitely not air tight. I’ll try constructing a new one tomorrow from glued pvc.
  6. Bubbles come out of the tubing with the air stone removed and a minimal amount of bubbles come out of the air stone when I remove it from the filter. Doesn’t seem like a great deal of air but it bubbles. When I connect the airline to a sponge filter it bubbles just fine. Also the sponge filter is about the same depth as the matten filter so it doesn’t seem to be pressure related.
  7. I just started setting up my fish room. Air loop connected to a piston pump from Aquarium Coop. Airline run to a no clog air stone in a matten filter. Stone from AC. Matten from Flips. No bubbles come out of the Matten tube????? Check airline. No kinks. Check airflow by connecting to a sponge filter from AC. No problem-bubbles away happily. Try different no clog air stones from AC in matten filter. Nothing. Has anybody had probs with the no clog air stones? Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. I was thinking rasboras, CPDs and I am planning on Endlers in another tank. Do you think the Endlers male or female will eat the baby shrimp?
  9. I’m in the process of setting up a small fish room. Three ten gallon tanks will be dedicated to raising three different kinds of shrimp (type to be determined but probably neocaridinia). I would like to include a few fish in each of these tanks. My choice would be some bettas but I figure they will wipe out the shrimp quickly. My next choices would be some neon or ember tetras but their need for more acidic softer water doesn’t jibe with the shrimp. Any suggestions for something small, fun, different and not inclined to eat baby or adult shrimp?
  10. This post is primarily directed at Cory as I can’t seem to find an email for him, but any thoughts or comments are definitely appreciated from anybody. I have a background in retail greenhouses and plant production as well as several degrees in “aquatic” sciences. As I am presently retiring a long dormant thought about creating an aquatic plant nursery (primarily wholesale) has resurfaced after being dormant for a few years. Being mildly “A Retentive” I am putting a business plan together for said adventure. So I need some info. What types of aquatic plants would be most economically viable to grow in our current Covid devastated business environment? What wholesale prices would I be competing against with the aforementioned plants? Iam guessing that a bunch of your stock at the co op comes or came in from SE Asia so what wholesale price point would I need to match or exceed to lure a business such as yourself into ordering from Made or Planted in the USA? This info would be extremely helpful in creating a business plan. Thank you!
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