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  1. Yeah pretty seriously every single person I've heard talk about says what I said they say. I don't have fish friends to talk to so it's mostly vids and forums or other online stuff. But yeah that is ALL I have ever heard which angers me a little bc even if I didn't know anything about fish I'd know that's not true. Maybe I haven't found the people that don't say that lol. But thanks for sharing, I haven't had albinos yet and my pepper (paleatus) act like yours lol
  2. Every person I have ever heard talk about fish breeding and especially corydoras breeding says that every single fish will eat every single fish egg as soon as they are laid. Almost every time my Cories lay eggs no fish will bother them (my Xenotoca Doadrioi got a taste for them and then would occasionally eat them but still not all of them) and they will always stay till they hatch. The Cories seem to 'clean' the eggs and pull off the infertile or bad eggs as a few eggs will be missing yet that's 3/~400 so that isn't even many. In this tank I have 3 Discus, 1 Synodontis Petricola, 5 Pea Puffers, and over 30 Cories of 4 species mixed. The eggs are of the Bronze Aeneus Cory. What I am looking for is others with similar experiences and for those who THINK or believe that all fish will always eat all the eggs, I think maybe we should slow down and try to look at as many factors as we can to determine what is TRULY going on as every single experience is different and we need to take that into account. So thank you in advance for helping and not being hostile or overly negative.
  3. That's awesome! I have about 100 rn and about 60 of the Ataeniobius Toweri and I am going to be working with an online retailer so you could look into that or get a Band account and ship fish. They look great idk how people take such good pictures I feel like my phone sucks or something lol
  4. Lol in my experience they do NOT eat duckweed but then again I overfeed mine. My original breeders had bent spines and tails so I've taken them out but all of my babies have been fine feeding a variety of foods. It seems to me that females have more patterning and males with have less pattern and develop color and their color does NOT depend on water change or any of that it's just when they decide to show. My X.D. and Ataeniobius Toweri show colors I've never seen in any other specimens and I don't change water but they can be very colorful one second and dull another.
  5. I mainly buy slabs of brine shrimp and blood worms as cubes would be too costly and sometimes I do not need to feed a whole cube. But since the slabs are hard to break apart into portions that you want unless you like going crazy with a hammer and then put it in a separate container but then it will still freeze back together lol. My question is can you refrigerate Frozen Foods for any amount of time (even 12 hours would be fine) before they go bad? I like to use Aquarium coop fry feeder bottles to thaw out and feed a lot of my frozen foods and it would be way easier if I could leave some in the fridge for a day. Thanks in advance!
  6. I watched my Cory cats lay eggs yesterday and this morning I notice that a snail has 4/5 Cory eggs stuck to it's she'll. Has anyone else ever have this happen??
  7. Update! - My Cory now looks a lot more like the parents so it turns out it was the Emerald or Bronze Cory (I cannot tell, if someone can I will include the parents) so I already have twice as many as I started with! Pics are the youngest baby, then an older offspring of the parents, and then one of the parents.
  8. Okay, thank you. I have 1 emerald/bronze ( IDK how to tell the difference) juvenile that's the same color as the parents but it's almost as big as my pandas now so that's why I didn't think it was that but I guess we will see.
  9. This is the best pic I could get as this is the first time I have seen it, but I have Panda Cories and Emerald Cories breeding freely in my tank and there is a fry that does not look like either species. I just seen this Cory with brown markings and IDK if there is a possibility that it could have come as an egg on a plant leaf or root or if it could be a hybrid of the 2 fish?? And if it is a hybrid could it breed with it's siblings it would it be infertile?? I would love to hear about hybridization of any other Cory species as well as I have just now found out that they can interbreed sometimes.
  10. This is a question about if fish behave differently when they are nearing the end of their life due to age. I have some Australian Desert Gobies and they are only supposed to live less than 2 years and IDK how old they were when I got them but- 1 female has started to stay perched toward the top of the tank more often and it's hills move faster than they should be with water quality and compared to other fish in the tank (pea puffers and other Gobies) and I was wondering if this was a sign that she is getting old or if there are any general signs I could look for to know when they may be close to passing?
  11. Using larger grain to cap I would make sure it is deep enough to not let dirt freely leech into the water. The eco-complete/flourite just helps to elongate the substrate, as it probably pull very little from the dirt but should do so long after the dirt is "dry". In my experience if the cap is good then the dirt shouldn't noticeably effect the water parameters just make a better environment for the plants' roots, but the crushed coral will probably effect the water more depending on how soft your water is. As long as you balance the crushed coral with your water changes (if you religiously do them) you shouldn't have too much trouble. But the most important part would probably be the soul/dirt you are using. Mine didn't have as much water soluble nitrogen and ammonia so that made it easier.
  12. In my first one I let the substrate sit for a couple months before putting water and plants in it. I never did a water change in that one and need australian desert gobies in it lol. ¡I have Ohio water tho! What water/where do you get it? In my 150 I set the dirt mix for about a month but I capped it when I set it up and put fish and bio-filtration in right away and just did water changes as needed for mostly the plants as the crypts fell apart at first. In my 150 I use a Dustin's Planted Tank light at lower power and algae is mostly only eat n the wood and very little in front glass. My first one the tub had a stingray light and never got algae. Hope this helps of you can follow it lol looking forward to hearing about your experience. This was the tub.
  13. Got to try out my substrate mix in my 150gallon 5'x2.5' tank and I thought I did an amazing job (for myself) in aquascaping the tank and then most of the crypts melted back pretty bad and showed me just how badi really planted them lol. Can't wait for them to fill it back up though. Learning is a journey but at least it's fun.
  14. That's awesome. The lutea I got from co-op has been under strong light and green water for about 6 months now and some of the leaves look like the Walkeri variant (completely dark red leaves) but the green came back when I transferred it to a different setup.
  15. I am currently working with a dirt mix with fluorite sand pool filter sand capped with a pool filter sand x fluorite black sand mix for my crypt tank. This is my second try with this mix and I like it so far but need longer testing and I feel like age beats anything for the most part
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