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Found 16 results

  1. I know this may not be too exciting but it was a shock to me when I got home from work first time they've tried to breed since I've had them and I got them safely moved to a container away from the mollies and platys.
  2. My emerald cories just laid a bunch of eggs this morning! Heard some splashing last night and didn’t think too much of it. Anyways, how do I keep them from not fungusing over? I don’t have methylene blue what other products will help to prevent eggs from rotting? Also how should I collect them? I want to hatch as many as possible to give some back to the friend that gave me the cories. Any other tips like where should I keep them and such would help. I’ve seen people use jars and place the jars in the tank until the eggs hatch. I’m planning to put the fry in my shrimp tank until they grow old enough to go back into the 55!
  3. My trilineas cories are layning eggs. I am having a hard time catching them to put in the breeder and every time an egg is dropped one of the other fish is right there to eat it. Questions how long until they may breed again? Is there any easy way to catch them ? Tank is 36g bow front that is deep with lots of plants.
  4. There is an egg stuck between her bottom fins. Looks lime she is trying to rub it off but no success. Is this unusual?
  5. I think it might be a Cory cat or Otto. But I wasn’t breeding and I found it in my hob filter. One Otto looks giant and sever Cory cats laid eggs in our 40 gallon breeder.
  6. I watched my Cory cats lay eggs yesterday and this morning I notice that a snail has 4/5 Cory eggs stuck to it's she'll. Has anyone else ever have this happen??
  7. Hey guys ... First time posting on here or any aquatics forum ... so First off ill say I am from the UK not the US (so things might be slightly different) but im struggling to find the answer im looking for so here goes ... I have 3 pepered corydoras im 99% sure 2 males 1 female ... so reading all the things to do with breeding ect my "issue" ( not so much of an issue more of a inquiry/wondering) is that my cory have between 10 to 30 eggs every 2 to 3 days and I can not find anything to suggest that is normal 😂😂 ... im am starting to get slightly over ran with fry and not so fry fry... although this is fantastic and I love the fact they are breeding and obviously happy and i must be doing something right ... has anyone else came across this before ??? I dont want to change it just wanting an answer as to why ... also I dont loose many of them maybe 10 out of 100 normally because they get little air bubbles stuck in there tiny bellies and they then float and pass 😞 Thanks in advance 🥰
  8. I've got bronze corydoras and I've got them to breed 3 times now(at 2 to 3 week intervals). I was pretty excited when I saw the eggs as it was my first time EVER seeing fish eggs in my tank(i'm pretty new to the hobby, 1 year experience only). I spent the whole afternoon making diy breeder containers from tupperware since i read that the baby fry and eggs may be eaten and I only have one 10 gal. I also read that eggs will turn brownish if it was fertilized. You can imagine my disappointment when i checked on them the next day and they were all white. And this has been happening all 3 times. I see the catfish doing the "T" position but not quite the "T" position. I've seen many videos of corydoras breeding and I always see the male lying on the side while doing this, but mine are just on their belly. The female also isn't actively trying to get the sperm, she just normally breathes(sorry for bad description,I don't have any video footage). So I am wondering if thats the issue none of the eggs are fertilized. Is it because my catfish don't know how to properly breed yet? Idk. Much help appreciated:)
  9. Last year I purchased a couple Bronze Cory and placed them in a quarantine tank for 30 days. by the end of the 2nd week they where breeding and before they where out of quarantine their numbers had significantly increased. I then moved them into my 75 gallon with a school of silver dollars hoping this would stop the breeding or the Silver dollars would keep the population down. The water in the 75 gallon is harder as well. To my dismay the breeding is more active than ever and I woke up this morning to find eggs all over the back and side of the tank. I know have over two dozen Corys and exceeding the tanks capacity. I've had Corys before and did not have this problem. Is there a way I can maintain a healthy environment for them and stop them from breeding???
  10. Hi I have a group of six Pygmy Cories and I have been seeing these eggs around the tank are these from the Pygmy Cories??
  11. I have 1 female emerald, 1 female peppered and 2 male peppered cories. I found new eggs multiple times over a 2 week period about a month ago and yesterday found another batch of eggs.
  12. Just noticed these in my tank. I have some fairly new panda coryadoras and I'm curious if these are eggs. If so, I have no experience with these. How long to hatch? What do the babies eat? Any info would help.
  13. So last week I came home and saw my 2 assassin snails I haven't seen in months both out then the next day my rocks were covered in assassin snail eggs. Tonight I got home and noticed different eggs all over the glass and on plants too! Are these corydoras eggs?
  14. hello all. I have i assume cory eggs stuck to everything. Tank walls, dorsal fin of another cory, and the worst part, on the mouth of several of my mollies. Some of which look like they have torn the upper lip. Will my mollies be ok?
  15. Just curious if the white bulge on there underside is something to worry about or are they carrying eggs now these pictures I just noticed today that I might just in fact have eggs but they have had that white underside kinda like a bulge since I had them maby if y’all could show me some pics of your albino corys I could compare
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