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Found 5 results

  1. So I have five white clouds, the first fish is what they used to look like, and the second is what four of them look like now. I recently converted my 10 gal to a 20 gal. You can see on the first fish that he's starting to look like the second. What is this? I noticed that my zebra danios had this years ago for quite a while, before someone pointed this out on these fish I didn't think to ask...which one is 'normal'? (sorry couldn't get a super good pic) edit-I recently popped some pond snails in for the assassin snails to eat/bc I wanted to get rid of them+2 more pics (fish is getting darker)
  2. Hello, I've kept Mollies for several years, but for a long time it was just a small tank with 1-2 fish. About 1.5 years ago I started up a 20g Tall; Right now the stocking is: 1 Balloon Belly. 2 Short fin mollies. 2 older fry. Newborn fry in a mesh box. 1- 1 year old Female BN pleco about 3 in long. I just thinned out the population to my LFS. (Lots of fry!) My concern is my Balloon belly. She's been in the 20g since the beginning. Over time she has lost some color & her balloon shape, her "belly" kind of looks flat, the only time is "balloons" is when she is carrying fry, she us very small. & only produces 2 fry every 3-4 months. But her color & shape loss has happened gradually over the past 8 months- not all at once. So I'm just wondering if it's normal to happen over time or if it's something else? The longest I've ever had 1 molly live was for almost 3 years. He was black/gold & I did not see him losing color.
  3. Hello, My question is Do Fish Show Old Age, particularly neon tetras? I have a 40 gallon freshwater tank with about 14 community fish: white skirted tetras, neon tetras, a Chinese algae eater, and a few hatchet fish. Some of my fish are over 6 years old. One of my neon tetras has a bent spine exactly like that shown in Corey's video, "The Truth About Neon Tetra Disease". It also no longer has eyes. I thought it was because of the advanced age of the tetra. It still eats and seems to manage. Corey mentioned NTD is often wrongly diagnosed & over the years I have had one or two other neons get the bent spine but no other symptoms so thought it was just old age. Do fish show their age this way or is it suffering from NTD and I should I euthanize it? (I do not have another aquarium to quarantine it.) No other fish show these symptoms. Any help will be much appreciated!! Thank you very much!
  4. This is a question about if fish behave differently when they are nearing the end of their life due to age. I have some Australian Desert Gobies and they are only supposed to live less than 2 years and IDK how old they were when I got them but- 1 female has started to stay perched toward the top of the tank more often and it's hills move faster than they should be with water quality and compared to other fish in the tank (pea puffers and other Gobies) and I was wondering if this was a sign that she is getting old or if there are any general signs I could look for to know when they may be close to passing?
  5. I have a group of 11 and they are really starting to show age differences. A group of 4 or 6 (I cannot count them bc they move too fast and hide) are now obviously older than the others. Just wondering how long it takes for them to mature. I got them last week and the oldest ones barely had the reddish hue on their gill covers. Now they're getting an obvious golden-pinkish hue all over. But the littlest ones are still grayish. Here is one from today versus almost the whole group last week. Sorry about cell phone pics. My regular camera has trouble focusing with the extreme closeups. (Any photography tips welcome - I have a Nikon Coolpix B500). They're getting a little bolder when I sit farther away from them. Exploring more of tank, chasing each other. I can't wait until I can move them out of quarantine!
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