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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I have the Seachem Flourite brown. I was wondering if I have to rinse it before adding it to my tank. Online some videos say don’t do it because it could wash away nutrients.
  2. I set up my 29 I'm a hurry and forgot to add Flourite Red to my substrate. Would it still be beneficial to put it in on top of my gravel and mix it in lightly?
  3. I will be adding Flourite Red to my substrate. Should I mix it with my soil or use it as a layer?
  4. I'm looking at setting up my next 10 gallon aquarium using possibly fluorite but I've heard a lot of mixed reviews/opinions on how to initially deal with it (rinsing and what-not). What's the best way I should add it to my aquarium when setting it up without causing a disaster?
  5. Hello all! I've just about finished cycling my 10 gallon tank, it's planted, contains a few hides, heated and has a sponge filter. We've decided on a betta, but would also like Kuhli loaches, I have flourite red substrate, would that be ok for them or should I consider something else? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  6. I am setting up two new planted community tanks, which I want to have Corys included.. Can I use Seachem Flourite as my substrate or is it to rough for the Corys? If the standard Flourite is too rough, can I use Flourite Sand ? thanks john
  7. Hey guys, I have 10 cardinals and 1 apisto in my 29-gallon. I notice that a good 75% of the food I feed (when feeding nano pellets and bug bites) just ends up going straight into the substrate. I was thinking of adding some corydoras to the tank, do you think Flourite substrate is too sharp for them? Also, are corys the right choice here? Not sure I can get shrimp with an apisto. Thanks.
  8. Will my Flourite absorb any of the nutrients leeched from my soul. I set up a rubbermaid 50G tub to grow out some Crypts and I thought that a dirted tank would be the easiest to grow the plants and wanted to use Flourite Sand for the added iron. I have ~1"+ of soil with a top of pool filter sand x Flourite black sand 2"+ deep. I thought that some of the nutrients leeching from the soil might get caught in the Flourite (bc of the CEC) but I wanted to know if it is true at all or if it is so minimal that it would not make a difference. Thank you all in advance.
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