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  1. I feel terrible about this but I noticed this on my shrimp a few weeks back and didn't know any better. I saw it today, and filmed it and asked a different group what it could be. They all said it is this Ellobiopsidae or (and) Cladogonium ogishimae and to 'get rid of the shrimp'. I don't want to euthanize unless absolutely necessary. I have quarantined them into a large vase....I put an indian almond leaf in with it...but I am not sure past that what kind of medicine to give it...any suggestions on how to care of it? or is this hopeless? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, I don't have a heater or a filter in the flower vase with it, and I have plastic wrap on the top with holes in it so air gets in. I put an algae wafer in with it so it could eat...don't know if that was a mistake. my water parameters in the planted 40 gallon he was in was 0 ammonia PH 6.6 Nitrite 0.0 Nitrate 20 GH 9 KH 5 Temp 78f He is in the water from that tank....also, should I be worried about my 100+ other RCS in that tank?
  2. So quick question. I have a 10 gallon tank and a 40 gallon tank. Both are moderately planted. I have 3 Mystery Snails in the 40, one male and two females. The male mates with the two girls relentlessly. I have 2 Mystery Snails in my 10. One male and one female. They also are mating constantly. Recently a female in both tanks has tried to escape (successfully but I saw them almost immediately) from both tanks and I put them back in. I would like to put both males in one tank and let the all the girls live in peace in the 40 gallon. Will the two males be okay in the 10 gallon together? Thanks
  3. Did you find the answer to this anywhere else? My Inca mystery snail was floating tonight too. I’m thinking of taking it out and blowing on it to make it release the air it has. I tested the parameters and everything is fine in the tank.
  4. Thanks! I’ll try crushing the stuff I already have. I have flakes, but they kinda just get sucked up into filter before they sink to middle level. What do you think of the Sera tabs that stick to the glass? I noticed @cory doesn’t sell anymore...are they not a preferred way anymore?
  5. We just got 23 juvenile Cardinal Tetras. I have Micro Pellets and Omega flakes. They are so little even the micro pellets are too big for some of them and the flakes haven’t really reached them. I remember seeing a food that you just stick to the glass and they eat but I can’t find it on the Co-op page. Any suggestions on what to feed them? I have: Hikari Crab Cuisine Xtreme sinking wafers Omega One freshwater flakes Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets Vibra Bites Xtreme Betta Pellets I also have some frozen Bloodworms and some frozen Brine Shrimp but I think I understand these should just be more treats than a regular feeding thing. I alternate the food for my snails, shrimp, Betta and Corydoras. Any suggestions are loved and welcomed!
  6. Thank you so much everyone! I read these responses as I went to sleep last night and I slept so much better knowing it will all be okay. I love this forum. Thanks again!
  7. So we are new to fishkeeping, and decided we want to get some Cardinal Tetras. We researched how many can fit in our 40 breeder tank and decided 20 would be a safe number. We have driftwood, Moss Balls, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Anubias Barteri, micro sword and mayaca fluvatilis already in the tank. We also have a Seachem Tidal55 and an airstone that is pretty bubbly.... As far as fish we already have, we have 6 Pepper Corys, 3 Mystery Snails, 1 Nerite snail and around 2 cherry shrimps and 1 Amano shrimp. We started this tank two months ago. All of the parameters have been great and show the signs that it is fully cycled. Okay so here's the main part of my post. We ordered 20 Cardinal Tetras for our tank, and we did that all at once, because shipping. They are coming tomorrow. I thought I did all the research I needed, I watched multiple videos from Aquarium Coop and other videos on Youtube as well. Tonight I was watching a video from Dustin's Fish Tanks and he said DON'T ORDER MORE THAN 5 AT A TIME OF CARDINAL TETRAS, YOU WILL CREATE A HUGE BIOLOAD AND OVERWHELM YOUR ECOSYSTEM. How worried should I be about this....and what can I do besides test the water like crazy tomorrow and monitor it ready with Prime and stuff? I was really excited about them coming....but now I am starting to really worry that I may kill everything in my tank? Side note: I know I should have set up a QT but we didn't...and it's too late for that.....we got a little too eager.
  8. Okay, so I read the thread with the person about two weeks ago that had some baby snails. Here's my problem. I am a very new fishkeeper. I just started mid september. I have three grown mystery snails in my 40 gallon breeder tank, along with some pepper corydoras and some small shrimp when they want to appear. Friday I saw I had one new clutch of eggs! so excited! My husband is a bit hesitant because he doesn't want our planted tank to become overrun with snails. (As it is, we have some bladder snails I am constantly killing or removing from the tank that we got from not planting the plants right away that we got from AC. We left them in their rock wool containers and I am convinced that is the culprit for the pest snails.) Here's my question. This morning, I saw I have ANOTHER clutch in my tank. I don't really want to remove the clutch, killing the snails. What do I do with all of them? I don't mind if my already present pets eat them for nutrition....or I can maybe sell them? Is there a school of fish that would eat the eggs, leave the grown Mystery Snails alone, as well as my plants, corydoras, and shrimp?
  9. I do! I put Prime in yesterday, and I tested again last night. The nitrites were improved. I will test again later today. Thank you all again!
  10. It is! and it is so much more efficient and kinder than the fb groups out there where you can get EVERY answer out there.
  11. We have put Stress Coat+ in each time. When we were struggling with the ammonia, I would put Imaginarium Ammonia remover in with the stress coat+. I went to LFS today and bought some Prime. Would you all recommend a 20% water change and add Prime? Also, I saw in the instructions it says to add it to the new water before it goes in...however we use a Python...and it goes directly into the tank. I normally add the Stress Coat+ or whatever into the water that is still in the tank before I refill it....would I do that with Prime? Thanks everyone. I am really new...but I have been watching AC youtube faithfully. I just have a few things I guess I need to figure out in trial and error. This is and has been such a great platform for learning.
  12. I have had my tank for 1 month. I was gifted a Betta prematurely from a friend right when I got this tank. I actually got this ten because she gifted it and I knew my 40 wasn't ready yet, only being three days into the cycle from new. I have 5 ghost shrimp, 2 mystery snails, 1 nerite, and my male betta. I have a Fluval 3.0 light. I have a moderately planted tank with Valisineria, Dwarf Saggitaria, Moneywort, Octopus, Anubias nana, one Red Melon Sword and one Amazon Sword. I was struggling big time with ammonia and did more water changes than I care to remember or can count. I recently bought a Tidal 35 filter to replace the cheap little filter that came with the ten. (tetra whisper). I have both filters in there right now, so that the bacteria can grow on the new one, and the old filter can still give bacteria, even though I hate the filter. (carbon sleeve thing). Here are my water parameters. PH 7.6 Ammonia 0 (This makes me want to dance!!) Nitrite 2.0 😞 Nitrate 5.0 I didn't test the KH,GH, or Phosphate because once I saw the Nitrites I knew I would have to do a water change or something anyway. In my Tidal 35 I have the sponge and media that came with it as well as a polishing sponge and some crushed coral for my snails, (I have very soft water, my 40 gallon says my hardness in it is now 5) What can I do to help the nitrites go down that I am not already doing? I've included a picture of my tank. Thank you everyone Tianna
  13. Welcome Kenny, I am also new to this community and to Fishkeeping at all! I am curious, I live in North Georgia and am curious where you have found the best source as a local fish store? I am still trying to figure out where to buy my fish. I bought the plants from Aquarium Co-op but need to take the plunge soon for fish. Currently letting the plants take root in the tank. (40Gal)
  14. So....bear with me. I don't know how ignorant this question is. I am making my first aquarium this week. My husband and I have watched about 15 hours of YouTube videos from AquariumCoop and I don't know if this is such a simple question that it doesn't seem to be a problem, but I just wanted to double check that I can get plants from different areas of the world and put them all in the same tank....as long as they get proper light, fertilizer, and the water is balanced properly with bacteria, nitrate, CO2 etc....they will all be okay.....is this the right assumption?
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