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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am a total newbie to taking care of fish. I got my first tank about four months ago from a friend. She needed to find a new home for a tank and she hooked me up with a cycled 10-gallon planted tank and one betta. Since then we’ve added 4 glowlight tetras, 3 pygmy Corys, 1 clown pleco, 1 khuli loach, and 2 mystery snails. Is that too much bio-load and if so, would a different filter help? We have the Tetra Whisper 5-10i. I love how quiet it is. We have two black sponge pads inside. I know people often talk about filter media and I’m really uneducated about it. Any tips would be appreciated 😊
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a well planted 20 gallon tall tank and was wondering how many more fish I could add without throwing off my water parameters. I currently do a 25% weekly water change and ideally wouldn't deviate from this with the new fish. Here's my current fish/invertebrate list: - 1 very chill male betta - 6 harlequin rasboras - 6 red cherry shrimp - 4 amano shrimp - 1 gold inca snail - 4 nerite snails - a few bladder snails that hitched a ride that I keep in check I was thinking of adding 3 or 4 more harlequin rasboras or doing a small school (6ish) of another species (Neon tetras, chili rasboras, etc.). Do you all think that would increase the bioload too much? I know the rough 1 inch/gallon rule, but I figured that the invertebrates aren't impacting the bioload the same as fish do. I attached a picture of the current setup.
  3. Hello all, Recently I was watching a coop video (may have been top 10 loaches), but not too sure. I remember Cory saying something to the effect of he doesn’t believe kuhli loaches add any bioload at all. Obviously there must be some bioload, but nothing crazy detectable. With that said, how many would you add to a 10 gallon planted tank. It currently houses a betta and a mystery snail. I could easily relocate the mystery snail if it will be an issue. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Wondering if removing / replacing large, plants from the tank will affect the bio-load? My tank well established. It is lightly stocked so not too concerned, but curious. I have a couple Amazon Swords that have seen better days, and I plan to replace them. There were many months I couldn’t get my hands on root tabs, so they are looking pretty ratty. Rather buy a few new ones vs trying to bring these ones back I know from moving them in the past that the roots are covering the entire bottom of the tank. I’m sure those massive roots are playing a big part in managing the bio-load of the tank. If I remove them and replace them with new plants do you think I will likely see spikes in ammonia / nitrites? Tank Details Community Tank Size: 29g Tank age: 2.5yrs Filter: Tidal 55 and a sponge filter Substrate: Caribsea crystal river sand Parameters: Always great. The tank is loaded with plants. It’s so well balanced the only reason I even need to do water changes is Evaporation, and to get rid of some of the detritus. Lightly stocked: cardinal tetras, black neons, a single Angel, a few assassin snails, and a crazy hillstream loach. Everybody’s happy and healthy.
  5. I have 5 separate tanks all with similar issues but potentially different solutions based on the livestock. Basic question is how do I keep enough macro nutrients for the plants while being cognizant of the livestock that I have read is a little more sensitive (Apisto, gudgeons). I use root tabs and Easy Green but the math says one pump of Easy Green is about 3 PPM nitrates. I don't want to just keep squirting. 1. 20 gallon planted (low-med light) (tank in picture)- This has 7 guppies, 2 BN pleco, and 1 female Apisto Cacatuoides. I dose 2 weekly pumps of Easy Green but my nitrates are always zero. With the Apisto (brand new) I am afraid to dose any higher or with anything else based on reading a lot of them needed clean water and lots of water changes. My current water change is about 20% every other week. How do I keep 20 PPM nitrates for plants with more planned more frequent water changes for the apisto? Or am I over-estimating the water change needs for it? 2. Two 10 gallon tanks (med light each) (5 peacock gudgeons in one, 20 red cherry shrimp in the other)- I would describe these are medium planted including floaters (XL water lettuce and frogbit, respectively). I have a few swords in each so they get root tabs monthly and a pump of Easy Green weekly. Maybe 10% bi-weekly water change in the gudgeons and I plan about 10% monthly water change (and top ups) for the shrimp. 3. One 10 gallon tank (low light) (no livestock, not sure what i will do with it). This tank is easiest to mess with because its empty of livestock. I keep the hornwort (fills about 2/3 of the tank), dwarf water lettuce, and nitrifying bacteria fed constantly with a 3% ammonia solution to take the aquarium to 4 PPM daily. I randomly change water in here as I feel like it. 24 hours after my NH3 addition the NH3, NO2, and NO3 are all zero. I also dose Easy Green one pump per week. If you read this far Thank You!
  6. So we are new to fishkeeping, and decided we want to get some Cardinal Tetras. We researched how many can fit in our 40 breeder tank and decided 20 would be a safe number. We have driftwood, Moss Balls, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Anubias Barteri, micro sword and mayaca fluvatilis already in the tank. We also have a Seachem Tidal55 and an airstone that is pretty bubbly.... As far as fish we already have, we have 6 Pepper Corys, 3 Mystery Snails, 1 Nerite snail and around 2 cherry shrimps and 1 Amano shrimp. We started this tank two months ago. All of the parameters have been great and show the signs that it is fully cycled. Okay so here's the main part of my post. We ordered 20 Cardinal Tetras for our tank, and we did that all at once, because shipping. They are coming tomorrow. I thought I did all the research I needed, I watched multiple videos from Aquarium Coop and other videos on Youtube as well. Tonight I was watching a video from Dustin's Fish Tanks and he said DON'T ORDER MORE THAN 5 AT A TIME OF CARDINAL TETRAS, YOU WILL CREATE A HUGE BIOLOAD AND OVERWHELM YOUR ECOSYSTEM. How worried should I be about this....and what can I do besides test the water like crazy tomorrow and monitor it ready with Prime and stuff? I was really excited about them coming....but now I am starting to really worry that I may kill everything in my tank? Side note: I know I should have set up a QT but we didn't...and it's too late for that.....we got a little too eager.
  7. I am planning on setting up a high tech 40 gallon breeder pretty soon and was just wondering how many discus I could put in there comfortably. I was thinking 2-3 because I do not want to get a really big bio-load. also I was thinking maybe some rummy nose and German blue rams.
  8. How many silver tip tetras would you put in a 20 gallon long tank🤔?
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