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Greetings from Rhode Island!


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20 minutes ago, Irene said:

Wow, it looks gorgeous! I love the double island look. I'm not an expert aquascaper by any means, so to me, it looks great. My only suggestion might be to add a background to hide any cords or airline tubing.

@Irene I think @Adsfm_joe actually successfully executed the super rare 'triple island' if you count the one in the right corner.😉

If that is a first effort, whatever is coming next will look really good.

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@Irene and @Daniel Thank you both! It is indeed my first attempt at any sort of aquarium. My tank is just over 2 months old now. I credit hours of YouTube videos, and blogs, for having this tank look the way it does. I ordered some window film that should be here within the next few days to cover the rear glass. (Love your videos @Irene. Keep them coming!)

The current stocking is:

12 Neon tetras

6 Black Phantom Tetras

6 Dwarf Praecox Rainbows

2 Plecos

2 Oto's

6 Amano Shrimp

1 Yellow Neo Shrimp


UNS Monte Carlo tissue culture 

I believe the others are crypts and swords. I am terrible at remembering the plants I put in already. I can take better pictures if someone can tell me what they are! 

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Installed it this afternoon. Not too sure about this film. I'm thinking maybe more of a slate grey privacy film instead of this frosted style. Didn't know if black would make it too dark (haven't changed the color paint in my living room since buying the house). Any thoughts?






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On 11/3/2020 at 7:28 PM, Adsfm_joe said:

I totally forgot the 4 panda corys!

I agree with the others.  That's a great-looking tank.

Do you plan to get more pandas?  I find that the more corys I have of the same species the more they will shoal together, which I enjoy watching.

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