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And me ORD!  Beautiful pics, both of you!

I discovered today which of my fish are not yet photogenic (but at least I got a few pics).

These are some of my Betta persephone.  They are still very shy and secretive, which I did expect, but I was hoping that I would see them just a bit more.  I took about 20 pics to get just a few that you can tell are actually fish!  😆 They are beautiful little fish, a nano Betta that tops out at just over one inch.  They have a bright blue eye and blue in the fins when at optimal.  These guys aren’t even settled in yet, but they are getting bolder.  I still don’t know for sure how many are in there.  I put 9 in, I’ve seen as many as 6 at once, but I’m fairly sure they are all still in there.  I do seem to have at least 3 pairs and I think the extra fish I got might be a female.  I saw a bit of courting behavior today, which was very exciting to see when they’ve only been in the tank for 6 days.

Mix of mediocre and bad pics here!  😆 There’s 2 fish in the last photo.






As for who is really the most photogenic?  Without doubt it’s these 2 plecos, my gold nugget and my male blue-eyed lemon bristlenose pleco.  Although I am completely jealous of @Guppysnail’s long finned versions.




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On 4/5/2022 at 6:57 AM, ndfi78 said:

@Odd Duck I am completely in love with that gold nugget pleco 😍

Here is my entry, a German Blue Ram. 


Same.  S/he’s my favorite but don’t tell my other fish.  Lots of people talk about their gold nuggets being secretive but s/he’s very bold and has been since I got him/her.  S/he will bolt sometimes when they see movement outside the tank, but almost as often will remain in place.  I see him/her on the glass a lot after lights out or before lights come on.  I can see him/her on the favorite rock stack now. 😃 It probably helps that s/he was in a cichlid/big fish tank before I got them and it was probably a relief to not have to constantly hide from big fish.

Love your GBR!  Beautiful!

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On 4/5/2022 at 11:39 AM, Beardedbillygoat1975 said:

@Fish Folkyes this is a true Mesonauta festivum, he is full grown, about 6" lip to tail and top to trailers 4-5." The colors are killer that come and go with his mood. 

I almost got festivums to go in the Jack’s tank, but decided that feelers would be too tempting and got the silver dollars instead.  I’ve always loved festivums.

I also had to add the new pic of my gold nugget.

Hims hidden, you know.  Can’t see hims at all.  Totally hidden.  Just ask hims.



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On 4/5/2022 at 11:49 AM, Beardedbillygoat1975 said:

@Odd Duckalways loved gold nuggets and cactus plecos!

I didn’t even know about gold nuggets until I re-entered fish keeping a couple years ago.  I did find out about them quickly and  they immediately went on my wish list.

I found this guy because I went to look at some used lights for sale and the guy said, “Hey, you interested in any fish?”  Started naming all these aggressive or much too big fish for what I wanted, then mentioned the gold nugget pleco at a very reasonable price.  I was like, well, yeah I’ll take a look.  He drug him out from under an ornament and he was bigger than I expected.  He bagged him up in a leaky ziplock bag and I went happily on my way.  We stopped and got an insulated lunch bag to put him in (now I carry a small cooler and fish bags and rubber bands with me everywhere).  I now use that lunch bag every day at work.  Got 4 very worthwhile things that day (got the lights, too), but I like him the best!

I wish cactus plecos didn’t get so big.  They are gorgeous!

Although when my common plecos get big enough, I’d consider replacing them with a single cactus pleco.

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