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29g Newbie Tank Photo Journal

Mary K

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First I just want to say Thank You to Cory and The Aquarium Co-Op for providing all the videos that have inspired me to setup my new tank.  I have had small (failed) aquariums in the past but never have I started one with knowledge and understanding I have now.   Looking forward to many years of  NERMing out and doing business with the Coop.

 Sep. 8th Initial setup and cycling of the tank.  Plastic Rocks float. LOL



First plants from the Coop.



Cypress Knee attached to slate to hold it down.  I got this Knee on etsy and it was perfectly prepared out of the box. It did not leach any tannins. 



Almost too tall!!



More Plants.  All came from the Coop (WA) to me (FL). They were in the mail 7 days (we had just had a hurricane here so not the Coops fault) and they were perfect.  IMG_2117.jpeg.a0e19e3a897306d677291146b83ec0ac.jpeg


Vintage Décor FTW!



Oct 2nd I added 5 Platy's.  PH 7.8, NH3 0 ppm, Nitrite 0 ppm, Nitrate 5 PPM.   





I turn the LED background lights on for an hour or so in the evenings just to enjoy the ambiance.   


I have more plants coming in today.

To be continued...  


Thanks for looking.


Mary K.



Oh yeah...  gottah show the stickers



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@Nick Y

Thank you.  I purchased the Cypress Knee from UffdacraftsBySally on Etsy. 
I purchased the slate at a local gravel/rock yard.  I drilled 2 holes using a concrete bit (it took a long time to drill) and used stainless steel wood screws to attached the knee.  


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On 10/27/2020 at 10:03 PM, Mary K said:

They are getting bigger.





Is this top baby a baby of your Mickey Mouse tails? I raise some red tailed Dalmatian platys, and their fry look just like this speckled one! I love the variation. They’re not very popular in my area. 

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