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  1. Easiest way to start a rotifer culture? Any other easy live foods for small fry (tetras/rasboras) that are to small for BBS?
  2. Anytime! (And if ever there was a thread that needed @RovingGinger's signature in it 😉)
  3. Link to a post with otto pictures in it: New otocinclus catfish - General Discussion - C.A.R.E. (aquariumcoop.com)
  4. those look an awful lot like Chinese "algae" eaters to me (algae in quotes as they aren't really known for eating much algae). They can grow up to be little hellions and quite territorial. If they are new I would consider returning them as to my eyes you did not get what you asked for.
  5. I think we have different standards of what looks good 😉 Those fish are gorgeous!
  6. I may have a skewed perspective as I used to have a 150 tall, same footprint but 30" deep. After that the 120's don't seem so bad 😉
  7. Believe most of the 120G tanks are 4x2x2, so if you like the 48"x24" footprint I am a fan of 120's
  8. I also tend to squeeze out the dirtiest sponge filter in the fishroom into a new tank that is going to house shrimp. Bomb the tank with dark "chocolate" water about 3-4 weeks before the shrimp move in. It may not help at all, but I always feel like all that grunge just has to be seeding the tank with lots of shrimp goodies. Superstition? Probably but have had great success with it over the last few years and now it is just a thing I always do for shrimp tanks 😄
  9. I go on a 7-10 day camping trip each year, my fish have always made it through that without being fed. Maybe a few less guppy babies but other than that no issues.
  10. Hehe, I am no longer allowed to make Repashy "Grub Pie" formula in the house when the wife is home or will be home within the next hour. The fish may like the aroma, but the Mrs. ... not so much. She had no issues with me making homemade beef heart blends for growing up baby/juvenile discus, or filling the freezer with blood worms and cyclops/brine shrimp but Grub Pie was a bridge too far for our household.
  11. After the past few days I have rediscovered my love of longfin cherry barbs so have to throw them out as a recommendation 😄
  12. Have never used them, but I can see them being a hit with my snails
  13. Welcome @Gracelyn from the other side of the snake river here in Idaho 🙂 A lot of great folks here to share information and pictures with
  14. Big fan of endlers, corys, and shrimp for a nice peaceful tank. The endlers will tend to reproduce in large volume in a heavily planted tank but sounds like you have a plan in place for that 🙂
  15. And in my case it directly led to a 55 gallon in the living room full of plants and pea puffers. Those little buggers are cure I tell ya! 😉
  16. Having kept a single pea puffer in a 5 before I must warn you... They are attention hounds and will be at the glass distracting you constantly and making it hard to get any work done. So brace yourself for the cuteness!
  17. never underestimate how tiny guppy fry are 😉 Here is a picture of a fresh guppy straight from momma resting on a needle of hornwort
  18. I hear you, sad to say but many of us have been there and gone through this. Sometimes they will make a fighting come back so we'll keep our hopes up that he is a fighter 🙂
  19. Appears he has pop-eye as well? Salt may help along with the anti-biotic, but to prepare you for what may come this looks to be a very ill little fella 😞
  20. That is nightmare inducing! Just one more reason to heat the room and never trust an aquarium heater. Where I do have to run them I always run under-sized and multiples just assuming one or more is going to fail on me. Multiple for when no longer produces heat, under sized so if it "sticks on" it can't cook my fish (have had both of these failure modes over the years).
  21. I have had no bad results with de-chlorinating the water prior to meds and would recommend it.
  22. Wowza! Looking amazing! What a trio of wonderful shrimp homes 🙂
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