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Greetings from me and the fish!


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Hello Everyone! 

I'm a molecular biologist from the Seattle area with about 3-4 years of experience in keeping freshwater fish. I have attached some pictures of my aquariums and fish for introductions. I have a couple of bichirs, earth eaters, clown loaches, gouramis and other various fish. 


This is from our 75 gallon with the teugelsi bichir (She's 2 years old; we call her Big Bichir for now but we're still trying to think up a name). Also a couple jurupari earth eaters in here but they are not in the shot. Currently doing a little renovation of this aquarium. Right now the plans for this aquarium are to put in new plants (someone has been digging them up; it's either the bichir or the earth eaters... both like to dig around the plants). I plan to add more jurupari and I may add some discus and if we decide that an acceptable/safe temperature can be reached for everyone. 



This is the 40 gallon. It currently holds a school of clown loaches (only one came out for the picture; the rest are hiding in their coconut house), a delhizi bichir, and a rope fish. I basically set this up to house juvenile fish that are not quite big enough to go in with the teguelsi bichir for now. 


Here is a close up of the delhizi. We call him... Little Bichir! Also still deciding on a name for him. 


This is Ropey. Easy to name. I think this one may be a female, but it's still too young for me to be very certain. 


This is the 20 gallon. A couple fish of note include khuli loaches, 2 baby clown loaches (that will be added to the aquarium with the school once they grow a little bit), and dwarf gouramis. There is also a fancy pleco, but it only comes out when its dark. 

Well, that's everyone. This forum seems like it will be a really useful place for questions!


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Thanks for the comments! As for the question about how much the bichirs cost, I wanna say the teguelsi was around $60-70ish and then I remember the delhizi being noticeably less expensive! That being said, it was over 2 years ago, so I might be off by a little bit. 

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