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  1. Welcome! The people here are great, and that's a gorgeous betta.
  2. @Jeeperscreepersmyth I'm setting up a 20 gallon tall, too. I have driftwood in and some plants, not that I really know what I'm doing with plants. Yours is nice, but I'm not sure what you're going for, so I don't know what you're unhappy with. I received my first box from AC yesterday, and I thought I'd be excited, but nope. I opened it, dumped the plants in the tank, and left the filter and odds and ends on the floor, and I'm just too sick to care. If it weren't that I have to work tomorrow, I'd be dozing on the couch right now. On the other hand, I haven't died yet, so life is good. Sitting here and reading posts has given me a bit of energy - time to go pick up the pieces from the floor and put them away.
  3. Your tank is absolutely beautiful! @Guppysnail You have a gift for saying what I want to say right before I say it. 😉
  4. You all have such great ideas - thank you! I think I'll put a bit of moss into my tank, but if I were to put it all in, there wouldn't be room for plants. I do have a largish terrarium-type vase that currently holds tiny balls of leftover yarn. That might work for keeping plants or for shrimp. I do have to admit that the pail does nothing for anything I was given.
  5. I was unexpectedly gifted a bunch of plants. I don't know what most of them are, and the person who gave them to me doesn't know what any of them are. I know I have an Anubias - a big one - and one of those banana plants. I'm pretty sure one is a sword plant, and there's a bunch of moss. Everything else is a big question mark. I don't know whether to be thrilled about this or not, as I have a Co-op order on its way. Well, I said I wanted heavily planted, looks like I'm going to get just that. I need to remember to leave space for my sponge filter. What do I do with big handful of moss?
  6. My youngest kid - #6, son - did a year at Virginia Tech before transferring to UNC-CH. Blame the Navy, because he loved the VA mountains. And I'm so jealous of where you are.
  7. I had Pandora on this afternoon, mostly on shuffle, but singer-songwriter for a while.
  8. Welcome! Everyone here is so helpful. I may be in TX right now, but my heart is still in the mountains of NC. Go Tarheels!
  9. @Dark River Aquatics Thank you! I didn't realize it was sitting outside.
  10. @Sunny I'm so sorry. You certainly did so much to help him.
  11. @Dark River Aquatics At the risk of sounding stupid, what is the shelf the fish are on in your second photo?
  12. I just ordered some plants and equipment for my aquarium. They'll be delivered to where I'll be on-calling (temping) next week, so I'll have a great treat to carry home.
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss, Hobbit. What a lovely place you laid her to rest.
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