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Rainbow Shiner Breeding Journal

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Recently, my Notropis Chrosomus have been “fired up” in spawning mode. I added a trio of Xenotoca doadrioi to their tank for fun, and shot this short — shows a few of the shiners still turned on…

And this evening, I thought I’d check out the rock pile Pyrex container to see if there were any eggs. I still can’t believe what I found (sorry for my giddy excitement)…

I laid the lid back over, and set a couple pieces of cupboard liner on top to further diffuse the light. These fry are not big fans of bright light.


I’ll serve up some vinegar eels and Sera Micron until they can try out BBS. Kind of excited! Not sure I’ll sleep tonight… 😂

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I’ve decided to make this into a journal. It’s been too long waiting for this… I’m so thrilled!

So, after finding the fry & eggs last night, and moving them to my “Java box,” I knew that I must begin feeding. Vinegar Eels are my first choice for fry this small.

My culture needs to be split — since this tank is at my workplace. So, I bought Vinegar “with the Mother” at the grocery…


I take about 20-30 ml from my vinegar eel culture, and add to a new vinegar solution made from this.


Now, today, I’ve brought the culture to my office…

Here’s a look at the Rainbow Shiner Fry rising to near surface in the Java Box…

Here’s prep for Vinegar Eel feeding — using Sodium bicarbonate to lower acidity of vinegar eel culture…

Here’s the food mixture, ready to serve…

And here’s the first feeding!


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Feeding the baby Bows today…


Many more in here than I originally thought. Plus, if eggs are hatching, it will be brimming!


I lifted the glass top up to feed the main tank (29 gal) and found a few shiver fry tucked up high among the Valisneria…


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On 8/10/2021 at 7:20 AM, Fish Folk said:

How soon do you feed BBS? What other early foods do you use?

When they are freeswimming they will start taking food, I use powder food for the first week, and bbs till they can take .1mm pellets.

I wouldn't worry too much about water change right now, the amount of waste they produce is very small, unless you are over feeding. 

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On 8/10/2021 at 9:05 PM, Fish Folk said:

Did a water test, comparing fry box water — pH / Ammonia / Nitrate — vs. tank.


Higher pH in box plus some ammonia. Got to make plans for moving fry to better space before long…

All my fries get to start out in a 10 gallon half filled. With a jetlifter it drop water down instead of blowing bubbles at the surface 

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I’m posting this all-in-one / top-to-bottom explanation about breeding Rainbow Shiners here. I came in to work, and they were all fired up — after a water change yesterday, and a new glass rock pan I added. It’s about 7 mins long, but should answer some important questions. I wish I’d seen this online when I first started keeping these.


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