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Found 5 results

  1. Recently, my Notropis Chrosomus have been “fired up” in spawning mode. I added a trio of Xenotoca doadrioi to their tank for fun, and shot this short — shows a few of the shiners still turned on… And this evening, I thought I’d check out the rock pile Pyrex container to see if there were any eggs. I still can’t believe what I found (sorry for my giddy excitement)… I laid the lid back over, and set a couple pieces of cupboard liner on top to further diffuse the light. These fry are not big fans of bright light. I’ll serve up some vinegar eels and Sera Micron until they can try out BBS. Kind of excited! Not sure I’ll sleep tonight… 😂
  2. Here's my breeding setup for my rainbow shiner 10gallon Sponge filter with a directional flow Temp at 70 Ph 7.3 ish This setup will only work if "she" is ready. It may take more than 1 try. I wouldn't leave them in their for more than 2 day, since the male can rub her side open. Separate the male and female. I start by pumping up my female with quality food/dry food for a few days to weeks. When she is fat with eggs, I'll place her with the male in a plant basket with a few good size rocks that night. Spongefilter flow will be pointed into the basket. They should spawn in the morning and be done soon after. I'll remove the parents and collect the eggs. I treat the eggs just like how you'll do for rainbow eggs. The whole idea is to have a setup where the parent have no chance of touching the eggs. In the wild theyll be swimming upstream and when they spawn the egg is blow downstream immediately. In a home aquarium most hobbies will breed them in large group so the fish that aren't breeding is eating the eggs.
  3. I’ll try to keep it simple this time. Day by Day photo journal to figure this out. Any help or comments much appreciated.
  4. So I started with 20 fry over a year ago and I plan on starting my breeding project now that they are coloring up. I have a 55 for my males and a 75 that my females are living in at the moment but that will be the fry tank. I have 7 males and 10 females that I have selected. I plan to move the males in with the females after a week or so of good feeding. I have a pump blowing water over the spawning area in the 75. I do have a question what dose the temp have to be to get them to breed I am keepIng them in the garage and I want to know How low they will still breed at. I know they do well in cold water in the 50s and I've seen them in ponds with ice on them I'm just wondering if anyone has breed them at those temps?
  5. Just in! Love, Love, LOVE these US Native fish: Notropis Chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners) Hat tips (1) to Cory, who, when he said on a stream I was listening to that he'd love to play with these beautiful fish someday, I confess to . . . immediately jumping out of the shower, dripping wet, and looking this species up on the phone 😅 (2) Fellow PVAS Club member, Bob Bock (Sonny's Fish Room) who gave an inspiring talk recently for our monthly Zoom club meetings on keeping cold water native minnows 🐟 and (3) The man, the myth, the legend over at White Cloud Dynasty who is an inspiring backyard tub breeder, and who, quite possibly, is going to someday entirely change how everyone thinks about the quality of White Cloud minnows . . . and anything else he decides to breed! 🐠
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