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Manitoba Outdoors

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I wanted to create a journal of my "outdoor adventures" this summer. I plan on going camping lots, hiking, as well as exploring all the nearby water bodys near me.

You can tell that by the title I live in Manitoba. The flatest place in Canada!

So today I went to a pond, its about a 5 minute walk from my house. I wanted to see what kind of plants lived there. There honestly wasn't much. I did find some Macrophytic Algae as well as a bit of duckweed.

 I'm hoping to head to out to a river thats about 10 minutes from my house, I've biked past their and spotted what I thought might be some Vallisneria.



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I went camping for the past week at Riding Mountain National Park. 

There was a small beach we visited with LOTS of fish. I didn't bring a net so I couldn't catch any, however I did bring goggles so I swam with the fish. I saw darters, and some other kind of fish that was silver with a black dot on its tail. I cant seem to find any google images of it.

My Phones not waterproof so no pictures of the fish.

I did take a picture of a crayfish I found though. Turns out amounst the rocks was crayfish Heaven! Lots of crafish hiding in their caves. 

You can barely see the crayfish in this pic. But it had a little blue and red on him:


Some pictures on the board walk:



Also found some aquatic plants that need identifying: Hornwort maybe?



It would be fun to see what kind of fish live amounst those plants. But it was a boat launch so wouldn't have been very safe. 


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Now that's winter!  Here is Minnesota, not super far from where you are if you are in the Winnipeg metro, we have only been teased with winter so far.  The ice fisherman are worried.  The ponds haven't even frozen yet!  Though I am not looking forward to clearing my drive and decks, it's time for winter to be here in this part of the world.  Nice to see it's visited the neighborhood! 

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