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  1. They are very active in a large tank. Think 100+ can grow to a decent size of 10"+. They are from the Amazon river tributaries I believe around the mountainous areas of Venezuela and Guyana. Perhaps parts of Suriname as well. They are used to the acidic black waters there so they can tolerate down to 5.0 no sweat. Other than that they are omnivorous and peaceful amongst large community fish such as silver dollar and are quite often used as a dither fish in cichlid tanks as they can hold their own against the abuse.
  2. Anenomes are all gut! You would have to have a particularly heavy hand to overfeed them! 😋 Last night was a full moon alot of our PNW friends breed around the lunar cycle as the tide pull is the strongest and the creatures from the deep come up to feed.
  3. I am a victim of the fact that my go to method is brute force and ignorance. I learned that one the hard way. 5 times.
  4. I've kept sunfish and minnow I didn't have the heart to kill from fish shipments. The sunfish took a while to ween onto fish food. Until then I fed them fry and insects. The minnow took right away but they don't live very long. Mine was already full grown and lived 2 years under my care. Each state has different collecting laws so I'd suggest looking into it. Washington state for example is extremely strict on most anything and requires permits.
  5. I have to admit I don't go tidepooling as often as I should. Perhaps it's that it reminds me of work too much be we truly are spoiled over here on the west coast. I enjoy seeing people freak out on social media over alien creatures in the tidepools. Or seeing a king-of-the-salmon on the news as *giant sea serpent washed up on beach* catchy but once you have been on deep-sea trawlers they become common place I love the antique look of the hutch under your tank! Are those barn door cabinets?
  6. With custom tanks I prefer using acrylic. It looks better and if you have a place like tap plastics they will do everything for you apart from glue the tank together. As others have stated finding dimensions in glass aquariums for the most part is pretty easy especially for those who want low slung tanks for frags. I too wanted a tank that didn't fit the mold so to speak because I cannot find a 90 gallon peninsula style tank for under $1500. I can build it from scratch for $500 including a built in planter for mangrove trees. I digress. I want to echo @Odd Duck's thoughts as well. Making a good looking glass tank from scratch takes more fine tuning. Not that it can't be done. If you haven't already Serpa design makes practically all of his tanks from scratch and is a wealth of information.
  7. You can't tell me Flerken isn't smiling here. Sad day for Jeena, but a happy day for the rest of the crew. "Looks like crab is back on the menu, boys."
  8. In that case I change my answer to Garra flavatra. Just has really subdued markings.
  9. That appears to be Garra rufa based on the markings. Quite fascinating little fish. Used to be extremely popular in foot salon parlors. Thankfully that cruelty has been banned in Washington State. They would starve the fish so that they would only eat dead skin.
  10. I suspect the kh value will go up with the stabilization of the crushed coral and the water. Since our water here is naturally pretty low in kh and gh it will take a little bit of time for the crushed coral to reach equilibrium. Just make sure to check with whomever you're buying guppies from what their parameters are so you don't shock them.
  11. I think you are correct that it is a juvenile uroblaniulus carolinensis. While they can survive underwater they are not a true aquatic invertebrate. If it's native to your area I'd just return it to a nice pile of leaf litter.
  12. 10 gallons specifically break alot even if you do it right. I think specialty bits go miles here and using a diamond tipped hole saw. I believe serpa uses diamond tips from Amazon on his tanks but you can also find them at most hardware stores. If the hole is too tight for your bulkhead use a very fine file or sandpaper until it's snug. Feels bad when you try to seal a bulkhead and crack the glass.
  13. That behavior you have photographed specifically looks like snail copulation. Even if as @Guppysnail pointed out they may not be succesful due to.... Logistical reasons.
  14. I would suggest canister filters for a paludarium for a cleaner look! What a fun idea I have seen some fun diving bell spider tanks but of course they live practically full time underwater. You could always keep white cloud minnows if the focus is not on food. They are darty and fun, but would be too small for your tarantula to even bother with. Once you start a journal I will definitely give it a follow.
  15. Kribensis can be hit or miss. Definitely found them to be aggressive around their percieved nest territory. I think the most peaceful cichlid you have on that list is the "cockatiel" cacatuoides. There are all sorts of morphs available now to depending on how much you wanted to spend. One of my favorites is the leucistic orange flash. The males teal finnage when displaying breeding behavior really pops on this variety. I think @Colu has the right idea for tank mates. Some people also like to keep a more robust tetra species or pencilfish to inhabit the upper water column as your apistos like to find a cave near the bottom and guard it.
  16. Oh yes I am following that thread too so perhaps where my confusion came from 😋 While I've been on the lookout for brackish fish to put in my mangrove tank, I have not seen shrimp period at most stores I have gone to. I just see the usual red cherry shrimp, I wonder if they have fallen out of favor in the aquascaping world. I know the black hong kongs used to fetch hefty price tags. But all I see now are livebearers, granted they are some gorgeous morphs.
  17. Let us know how the local shop goes! I used to know someone in the Bellingham area who sold black hong kongs and lemons, which isn't terribly useful information but maybe you could track him down on aquabid. Edit: realized you are looking for neocardinia making my post even less useful.
  18. DISCLAIMER(!!!!!): I have a very dry sense of humor and voice box to match. I am absolutely appreciative of my care package and it's contents! Also I was taught to find the pointy end of a knife by pressing my finger into it. If it hurts it's the wrong side. Knife safety is important. My phone is archaic and I was too lazy to use my computer's video editing so here is the promised selfie.
  19. I have no idea given the brass nozzle and the glass having imperfections I'd definitely say this was handmade and old. Edmonds, WA has alot of old wealth so I wouldn't be surprised if this came out of the 50's/60's I actually had no idea! I may remove the grow light then once the sensitive plant joins the realm of the thriving again... I'd actually prefer the polka dot to stay bushy. And sensitive plants are the best!
  20. My java moss has produced 2 sporophytes! Happy and healthy so the transfer from fully aquatic to terrestrial was a success. Bought from our lovely co-op. The humidity in here rarely dips below 70% and it gets a heavy mist 1x a week. I am still on the lookout for fire moss, but there appears to be a shortage of it locally. The polka dot plant is growing like a weed but has actually made more room for the sensitive plant which suffered an early fungal infection and is recovering slowly. There are now 7 full grown adult tangerine isopods which are elusive to take pics of as they appear to still be nocturnal. Every once in awhile the springtails and juvenile earthworms will climb out of the soil and make their presence known. They are fed old bearded dragon pellets, that Zeke used to turn his nose up at. Very picky beardie.
  21. Surprised no-one mentioned the most pervasive one in day to day dialogues. Goldfish have a 2-5 second memory. I'm not even sure where this myth came from, but anyone who has owned a goldfish figures out that was untrue. Perhaps it was a myth invented by big bowl businesses because no-one was buying their ugly hunks of glass. Not only do goldfish recognize their owners but scientists found they are one of a handful of fish that recognize people's faces and can remember things they have done for up to 5 years. They quickly figure out who feeds them and takes care of the tank and display exaggerated behavior to get their attention if they are hungry or not feeling well. I believe they have also completed mazes but those are poor cognition tests as we have found that complex minds will just invent a new way to solve your silly human test and force you to rewrite your whole experiment. They don't care about your controls. The jungle mirror test has been debunked for that exact reason.
  22. Fishbase.org is fairly reliable for water parameter information. Hopefully you know the scientific name of the species you are looking up as it'll make that search alot easier. There are more than a few species that have wildly differing views on their husbandry, I try to stick to scientific articles when that's the case. But given how dense and exhausting it is to read those, I do like to default to seriouslyfish. They seem to present good information.
  23. Do you have a LFS that can back up your test results? My guess is evaporation but there is no reason it should be that high. Especially since the driftwood would be leaching tannic acid which should be forming carbonic acid with your KH and lowering it. That and leaves decomposing should also further acidify your water. The snails pull calcium carbonate from the water to form their shells so I don't think their death would be able to cause a noticeable shift upwards.
  24. Your R/O will remove everything from the water so it does not matter what your tap is if you are using R/O your kH and gH will read 0. If you use R/O you must add back in the desired parameters. Most people accomplish this with crushed coral but there are attachments for the R/O that will add back in things as well. Using R/O water for water changes is what is giving you pH swings the carbonate and bicarbonate ions (kH) are being used up by respiration and decomposition. Like @CalmedByFish said I don't see why you can't use your tap, bypassing the R/O for the species above. You will certainly have more stable water parameters. I'd reduce feeding as your bacteria population adjusts and only do 20% water changes biweekly while your fish and bacteria adjust. Then you can go back to whatever works best for you and your fish. Fish are quite tolerant of our growing pains so no need to stress too bad over your water.
  25. I live vicariously through @eatyourpeas so I guess I have a pretty nice Puget Sound biotope going😋 I will be making a mid-brackish mangrove setup here in the next year or so, but before this I had no real desire to run saltwater since I already live it.
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