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New leopard frog pleco colony feeding help

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I have recently purchased some leopard frogs and I’m having a hard time knowing if they are eating or not, and because of their price tag it’s giving me anxiety. I have fed love bbs, repashy omnivore, a few green beans, and I’m not sure if they are eating because of their nocturnal lifestyles. 
they might have eaten the repashy as I couldn’t find it in the tank this am, but these are fish that I have wanted for several years now. 
do any of you have any tips or ideas to help me monitor them eating or to calm my anxiety haha. Thanks.




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My sister has one of those. She thought it was dead until I found it hiding between the back of the filter and the glass. Anyway it has eaten algae wafers and frozen bloodworms. Turn off the light and drop the food in, hopefully it will be gone by morning. If you know where he's hiding try to get the food to land as close to him as possible. That's what we've been doing. Love those pictures especially that last one. I haven't actually gotten that good of a look at ours lol.

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