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  1. Hello all, I have a 3” or so long fin super red bristlenose pleco in a heavily planted 40 breeder. I’d like to net it out and place it in my 40 gallon pond, however I don’t see it possible without removing most wood/decor from the tank. Are there any hacks/tips for netting it out without removing anything from the aquarium? Thank you kindly
  2. This is my clown pleco, I got him 11 years ago in aug 2010. Just yesterday, I notice something sticking out from the side of his whiskers? it looks the same way it looks in the pictures. its fuzzy to the eye, I cant tell what it is. The only changes that i've done to the tank its add new plants to the tank saturday, the 11th from aquarium coop and adding liquid carbon daily. The pleco is pretty much active as it has always been, and its appetite is pretty good, no changes noted other than the fuzzy looking growth This right here is the picture of his other side which is normal
  3. I bought 2 lines of super red plecos (3 fish each line) about 3 months ago. While they quarantined, I set up 2 new 40 breeders and decorated them similarly, sand, wood, caves etc. Each tank was aged a month with fritzyme-7 and 6 corydoras to keep cycled. Anyway, one tank is fine with 1-male, 2- females breeding away The problem tank: 2 of the three plecos died after about a month ( 2 months after I received them) I found one pretty quickly, but the other was buried and skeletal before I found it. The third pleco seems just fine, although maybe a bit lonely. Yesterday I add a "new" pleco that I've had for at least 9 months, which dies within 24 hours, just found her a few minutes ago, stomach bloated. This tank does have some BBA, but other than that I can't find any differences. All of my tanks test similarly, but Nitrates are low, soft, low GH, high KH, PH ~ 8. 75 deg F, HOB filter rinsed a few days ago in well water. Original lonely pleco is still ok. Ideas? was thinking of adding the Corys back in to displace aggression. It will be a month before any of my other fry are ready to go in that tank, but I really don't want to sacrifice them needlessly.
  4. Hello~ Okay current stocking guppies, (15ish) all very young (small) 3 albino cory, 2 pepper cory, 1 mystery snail, 2 shrimp and 3 otto's. want to add a pleco to clean up the wood and rocks, because the otto's are eating some of it.. but I think they might need some help. I was thinking of adding a Pleco, but was worried if it would be too small a tank for him/her? I have a clown pleco and a super red long fin in the 40G and as much as I like the clown, I NEVER see it. The super red long fin.. is out all the time. So I am hoping to get either a yellow or super red but the short fin variety. What is everyone's thoughts?
  5. Has anyone ever found that hornwort needles when converting to immersed growth have shed all over the place and killed their pleco? Water parameters are good and after last night, my biggest pleco that was nice and healthy was suddenly dead. No chlorine, no ammonia, low nitrates, low nitrites , but a bunch of brown sharp hornwort needles around where the dead pleco was. I though maybe it was something about the water change last time, but this time I hadn’t changed the water yet. Last time two died in this tank after a water change, but this one died before. The only constant in this tank (that I can think of) is the hornwort litter.
  6. Does keeping a pleco in the grow out tanks of other fish species help with algea build up and uneaten food? I always find the tanks in @Dean’s Fishroom to look sparkling clean to the point of envy. Unless I imagined this, I feel like he said he accomplished with with BN plecos and some cory cats. (Yes, I know, you also have to clean your tanks and can't rely on fish to do all your work for you). But does this work or at least help? Is it advisable? Am I remembering this incorrectly? Or is this something only the master himself can pull off?
  7. I already have a BN ancistrus tank and I’ve been thinking about branching out and getting a group - 5 to 10 - of another pleco. They’d be housed in a 30 g tote I’ve set aside for my whiteclouds when I bring them in this fall. To my eye the brilliant pleco L184 is an attractive but different form than my current stock yet care requirements are essentially the same which is attractive. The L236 Hypancistrus is gorgeous some are more yellow than white and you end paying a bit for the difference but either way a really attractive fish. L174 Hypancistrus Peruvian panther pleco is nice and small and has a great pattern. These 3 are close in price for groups of 6-12 so I’m seeing if the catfish folks can weigh in on their recommendations and thoughts.
  8. Are there miniature Plecos? Do the Corydoras replace the cleaning level of the Plecos?
  9. Alright you Genetic Nerms! I need some help in thinking about the results of breeding various types of plecos. What will be a result if I breed a super red long fin and a regular brown long fin?
  10. So I have a small bristlenose pleco and 3 juvenile blue acara cichlids. The pleco is about an inch and I've tried to drop algae wafers in the tank for him but the cichlids grab the wafers and move them around pecking at them not giving the pleco a chance to eat, ive tried dropping one in with the lights off at night but im pretty sure the cichlids ate it, they all had full bellies when I checked the tank in the morning. I have 1 small piece of wood and 2 large pieces and some algae in the tank will that be enough for it to grow until it gets large enough to take the wafer for itself? I feed the cichlids xtreme pellets, cichlid gold pellets, and I have frozen brine shrimp. Any tips, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Was collecting at one of my spots. Caught a big pleco, a pretty cool molly and I think a warmouth sunfish. Saw a bunch of gambusia and small Mayan cichlid too
  12. This cracked me up today. They’ve got the whole tank, but NOOOO!!!!! someone’s gotta step aside... (Queue classic Police hit song...)
  13. I just set up a 125 gallon for my bala sharks and common pleco. I heavily planted it, and as common plecos do; he is ripping all the plants out. The main plants I’m having troubles with are the dwarf sag and rotala is constantly being pulled out. He is about a foot long (edit: after measuring he is 9”) and the 75 gallon he came from is currently decommissioned as it is being re scaped. Would he be ok for a few months in my 30 gallon until the root structures of the rotala and sag is mature and enough to not be pulled up by him sucking on them. The 30 gallon is 30” Long x 12” wide.
  14. Hi team, Just thought I'd start a new topic on the species(?) I'm in love with...... L-number Plecos! I'm currently keeping 1. 6x L270 Chocolate Zebra: I've had these for 2.5yrs and they are finally breeding. Very cute but reclusive fish. 2. 3x L600 : these are pretty rare (and ridiculously expensive) in my neck of the woods. All 3 are babies at only 3cm but I have the 6x2x2 tank ready for them when they are ready to spawn in 3-5 years 🤣 In Australia we have a really limited selection but I'm still trying to get my hands on some L24 and my holy grail fish L95! So, who else is keeping these beautiful fish and what's on the wish list?
  15. Is it typical for Rubberlip Plecos to be extremely shy? So much so that you literally never see them? Is there a way I can get him to be more outgoing? I know they are typically fine on their own but does he need a buddy? I have one Rubberlip Pleco that’s a couple years old that I never see. I genuinely think I’ve seen him only a handful of him times. I check at night while the lights are off also and never see him. He doesn’t really clean the algae or diatoms around the tank either. Just hangs out in his cave. I’ve forced him out occasionally to check on him and he looks good so I’m not sure if I literally just consistently miss him or he really never leaves! Specs: 77 degrees, Silvertip Tetras & Salt & Pepper Corycats, 8.2PH, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 5.0 PPM Nitrate
  16. I'm in the market for a L200 Pleco Green Phantom anyone have any leads on one hoping to find one 5"-6"
  17. Hi! So I am getting a bunch of different bristlenose plecos (albino and chocolate to start) and I don't want to spend $8 each cave right now in order to have enough caves. I need to many. I looked at some pleco cave racks and pleco cave dimensions. I have an idea but need someone's opinion. I want to get a 3 inch by 10 foot piece of pvc, because of the large opening, and then cut it into 20 - 6 inch long BN pleco caves. I know the back is open which is one reason I came on here, can I put the tube up again the back glass so it is closed? Also, on the bare bottom tanks I will sand the pvc to sit flat. If I can't put it up against the back wall I can use a 3 inch pvc socket cap instead.Would pvc be too rounded for plecos? I have seen ones spawn on wood and in logs similar to pvc. Thanks
  18. Does anyone know how to breed zebra plecos? I found them for $20 a piece but you have to buy 25. Wondering if m lfs will take about 13-15 of them. Anyone know what size tank I would need?
  19. Hi there! So we've got three tanks currently set up, 10, 20 and 30 gal. The 10 is a rabbit snail/red shrimp breeder tank, and the other two have combination of Corydoras, Loaches, Danios, Cherry Barbs, a Bamboo shrimp, couple ghost shrimp, Otto's, etc. We're combining all into a 55gal and won't have any issues with any of the other fish/snails/shrimp as most of the tanks have the same or similar setups. However, we have two common plecos - Rory is about 11.75" long and he's roughly a two year old brown sail fin. Paul is about 3 months older, and he's roughly 11.5" and he's your standard black common pleco - he lives harmoniously with a smaller 3" long pleco who's about 3 yrs old. We assume they are both males. My husband and I have been searching online and we're wondering if we're going to have an issue if we combine them into the new larger tank. On the one hand, everyone always says they're super territorial and aggressive with others. However, with them both moving into a new environment, the assumption is that they will figure out their territories and may clash a little but otherwise be fine. Thoughts? Recommendations? Concerns? (They currently live in the 20gal and 30gal - please don't berate us for the tank size they are currently in - this is just about if it would be safe to try combining them or if we should just keep them separate.)
  20. A couple months ago I introduced a rubber lip pleco into one of my tanks. The tank is heavily planted with driftwood. I've never once seen him eat, and I've tried feeding him many different things. I've tried blood worms, brine shrimp, algae wafers, pellets, zucchini, cucumber, and a few others. I've tried at different times of the day and night to feed him. I've also never seen him on the driftwood so I'm guessing that they don't eat driftwood like some other plecos. I've read other on other forums/sites that they are all wild caught and it's very difficult to get them to eat and keep them alive. Does anyone know if this is true? Also, if you do have one, what have you had success with getting yours to eat? Besides never seeing him eat, he seems to very healthy.
  21. Can someone give me specifics on how to safely introduce/quarantine wild caught plecos to a community tank? I understand having them solo in a Quarantine tank for a month. Then I read mixed things about salt baths and plecos, some say it’s great, others say avoid salt and plecos at all costs. Then med trio dosing once a week for 3 weeks? Again, not troubleshooting anything specific, just trying to be sure they are in a clean bill of health before they go into community. Thanks.
  22. Finally got two fish I’ve been after for awhile. Longfin BN pleco and a hill stream loach. Love the BNs tummy full of algae 🥰
  23. Moved out all the rowdy African Cichlids from this tank. Added wood. Added plants. Added tannins. Oh my! This single pair of Bristlenose Plecos—gold male, Brown female—are loving it! There’s going to be many, many more Plecos in here if I’m a good guesser...
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