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  1. Moved my sterbai juveniles to a 20 gallon grow out tank. Collected the most recent spawn from my adult sterbai. Keep em rolling!
  2. What’s tough about this is that it was 2 orders, I had to figure out combined shipping and send a larger box. The buyer was asking all of these care questions and I was trying my best to teach as much as possible. Questions about buyers ph and food ect. And they all get their fine. 4 days later the buyer complains that about half have died and files a case. eBay wanted the buyer to send them back to me. I said that wouldn’t work because over half are dead now. And they took the money and gave it back to the buyer. So I literally spent 20$ shipping my shrimp to the buyer.
  3. You bet when I get my leopard frogs to breed I’ll be selling them somewhere else.
  4. It just feels terrible. I get that this will happen sometimes, but I just feel taken advantage of and eBay is going with the buyer because they want them to spend their money there. Sigh 😔
  5. I do not know how Cory is so matter of fact and no questions asked he just refunds the person. I guess he has done this a few times. I sell RCS on eBay to fund my hobby. I had someone buy 2 orders from me (60 shrimp). I figured out how to combine ship and gave a partial refund for shipping costs. The buyer asked me over a dozen questions about how to care for them and I responded quickly and gave all the advice and instructions. my shrimp arrived all alive and on time. The buyer gave me a positive review. 4 days later the buyer filed a claim stating they received the wrong item from what was listed and they got their money back. They claimed that 30 of the 60 shrimp died. I literally paid 20$ to ship my shrimp to them. Not counting all the time I spent talking to this buyer. I filed a claim with eBay and they wanted the buyer to ship it back to me. I said that isn’t appropriate and I shouldn’t be punished for selling the correct product in a timely manner. it still is in dispute, but the buyer got all their money back (from me) and I feel so gutted against this fraudulent claim because I raise the shrimp and I truly love the hobby. I’m not a huge business doing this, it’s a side gig to pay for some aquarium stuff. idk how Cory can do this so gracefully. I have rage building hahaha
  6. Schwartzei Cory cats. They are super active and they don’t run and hide when you get close.
  7. Took out my S reopens carpet last night because it was losing its older leaves to make new ones. (Slacked on root tabs) and I think the tank looks sooo much better now. I have to replant some pleats that are floating but I like the tank better now
  8. I’ll take a plunge: hikari first bites easy fry hikari sinking wafers nano banquet blocks omega 1 shrimp sticks xtreme community flake xtreme nano repashy community Love bbs frozen blood worms not including the green beans and cucumber I put in occasionally betta bio gold 11 total. I want to get 2 more repashy for my leopard frogs too.
  9. Could also be that the plants are eating all the nitrates and the tank needs some feet’s too. I notice that my plant growth slows on my betta tank and there aren’t any nitrates and I need to fert more.
  10. Hello! I have recently purchased some leopard frogs and I’m having a hard time knowing if they are eating or not, and because of their price tag it’s giving me anxiety. I have fed love bbs, repashy omnivore, a few green beans, and I’m not sure if they are eating because of their nocturnal lifestyles. they might have eaten the repashy as I couldn’t find it in the tank this am, but these are fish that I have wanted for several years now. do any of you have any tips or ideas to help me monitor them eating or to calm my anxiety haha. Thanks.
  11. Feed them well and I agree. The coop sponge filter is great for the babies. They all get in there and feast. Java Moss. Lots of it. And feed them heavier than you think.
  12. My problem is that when I’m selling my shrimp I keep picking out the females that are berried. I can’t sell them while berried 😩
  13. L134 Leopard Frogs are settling in for their first night. 4 out of 5 made their journey 😔. I will probably buy 2 more to get a group of 6 for my breeding project. I have wanted these fish since I started keeping fish (2 years) but I wanted to get my feet underneath me. I already love them.
  14. Finally got my 20L set up for my small colony of L134 plecos!! They come in tomorrow!
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