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Specific foods for White Cloud Minnows?

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I've read through several fish profiles for White Cloud Minnows but there seem to be a lot of generalities listed ("brine shrimp but don't forget some vegetable matter, a good flake food, maybe daphnia etc.") I was just going to pickup some brine shrimp I'm not clear if I can feed that alone. Can anybody recommend some of the specific products they use for their minnows so I can be sure I'm buying the right thing or things? I'm probably making this harder than it is but just want to be sure I don't miss anything.


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I don't think there are specific foods for them, I would say the best thing would be to get a high quality staple such as a flake food or something, and then every few days feed them a good frozen food variety pack. You know something with different types of frozen food in there. If you do this for most fish it would be all good, however some fish do have really specific diets. 

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8 hours ago, WhitecloudDynasty said:

.5 xtreme is good if you have a bare bottom since it fall too fast.

Any tropical flakes will do, just make sure to crush it small enough for their tiny mouth. They aren't like guppy that will take on a large pieces.

So would you feed the Xtreme Nano along with some regular flakes or is it one or the other?

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