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  1. what did you search for? This looks interesting.
  2. Wish I could gt my substrate to stick to the top like that.
  3. Maybe. I just put in 2 more root tabs a few inches out. I also added a cap of flourish advanced in case there is a phosphorous deficiency.
  4. My plan would be to do it during a 50% water change to help even the odds. Thanks.
  5. I have 3 2yr old SAE's. I want to put one in my new 40G. Is it OK just to relocate 1 of them? I don't know enough about fish psychology to know if they get bonded in schools? And can I leave 2 in 1 tank? I read somewhere but can't find it now that they should be in odd numbers. I'd prefer not to add another one to the family right now so I think moving one is the best option if it won't cause other problems. Any issues doing this?
  6. This was the first plant I ever bought. It is about 2 years old. It has thrived until very recently. When I water change I will cut back the lower leaves and any leaf that shows holes etc. They have always grown back fairly quickly. The tank is a 36 bowfront and at times it has reached the top of the water column. I feed it with root tabs every month. I have read they only live 2 to 3 years. In the last 2 months the lower sections have started to turn clear and the leaves float off. The roots themselves look pretty good I think. Is there anything I can do to bring this plant back to it's former glory or do they really just die out after some period of time?
  7. I can try again. It kind of looks like poop but it is coming out the side. I have a decent video but can't post it.
  8. pH 7.8 Nitrates ~20 Hardness 13-15 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Temperature 77.5 Most of my guppies are overly fat and I noticed this one was not and has something coming out of her side. Not sure if it is an extended stomach, a deformity, or a parasite. This one has always been skinny but I just noticed this a few days ago. It does not appear to be poo or something that drops off. It's just kind of stuck there. She is swimming and eating fine best I can tell. Ideas on what this is?
  9. I purchased 4 swordtails from my lfs about 6 weeks ago. I thought there was 1 male and 3 females. Well one of the females started growing a sword so I moved it to another tank and bought another female. Now again one of the females turns out to be a male. I don't really want to leave 2 males with the 2 females (the bigger one is already picking on the smaller one) so can I have 2 males and no females on my other community tank or will they fight even with no females?
  10. Im sure one is fine. I don't turn both of them on all the time. The center part of the lid creates a shadow as well. Photos shows the reflection but you should get the idea.
  11. So I read this and jumped up to look. Pulled the lid all the way to the front and sure enough there is a small bulge. I doubt it's any issue though. This one has had water for a few months now.
  12. I have 9 of the stingrays and have never had a problem with them even after a few accidental soakings. I did put a fluval 3 on my new 40 breeder and I love the ability to ramp up and down but the stingrays work just fine. I put 2 per tank on my 20 longs.
  13. Last year I picked up 2 mystery snails and was lucky enough to get a male and a female. They bread and I hatched out a few bunches of eggs so I have mystery snails now in all 8 tanks, at least 4 or 5 in each one. Over the last few weeks though the ones in the 36BF started climbing out. I put one in a different tank and had a clutch of eggs that very night so I was assuming she was looking for a place to lay eggs. A few days later I found another one, the a week later a nerite climbed out. This morning there were 2 more MS on the carpet. So far only the nerite died. I do not know how to close up the tiny little gap in the cover where the in and out flow for the filter is. I thought maybe there was a water quality issue even thought I do a 10 gallon change at least twice a month but ammonia is 0, nitrite is 0, and nitrates are around 20 this morning and probably only that high as I dosed easy green yesterday. It does look like they are only coming from the 1 tank, but in that particular tank they have grown bigger than the other ones. Other than using some sort of plastic wrap to fully cover the rest of the hole is there anything I can do to discourage them from escaping? I do not think they are lacking for food. I drop in a zoo med nano every week for calcium. Eventually I will miss one if I haven't already or worse step on one before I see it.
  14. No its just on the valisneria. I figure if its growing like that its consuming nitrates. I could remove it easily. No shrimp in the tank there is an sae. It's mainly the female guppu tank although there are 6 bronze corys as well. I have hundreds (thousands?) Of cherry shrimp. I could put some in but i would think the guppies would see them as tasty snack.
  15. Its is the standard coop sponge filters. They are fairly coarse.
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