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Found 7 results

  1. I have a female Pearl Gourami that I recently moved from quarantine to my main tank last week. She was doing fine, but recently has started to glass surf on one side of the tank. She doesn't do this all day as she does sometimes break off to swim around the plants and she loves to eat during feeding times. This is a 55 gallon tank that is heavily planted, including a lot of frogbit. The side she has been doing this is the side with my HoB filter, which doesn't have the floaters. I have lots of wood and rocks all over to provide places to explore too. I checked my water parameters, and nothing was wrong there. The tank at the moment is not heavily stocked either. All my other fish are doing fine right now too. Some of my Black Neon Tetras even decided to come over and see what the commotion was, but got bored quick and swam away. Is there anything wrong with my Gourami? She never displayed this behavior in the hospital tank, and was one of the most docile, tame fish I have ever seen.
  2. I just got several fish in a few days ago. They are Rhadinocentrous. All are doing well except for one, it is swimming up and down, as in straight up with head on the top. It isn't moving up and down the tank, it is just swimming with it's head up. The rear most fins appear to be slightly damaged, I don't see anything else going on. The fish is clearly not doing well, although it did eat a bit yesterday. Is there anything I can do for this young female?
  3. Intuos

    Glass surfing

    My phantom tetra have started glass surfing. Water testing is showing 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 20 nitrates 7ph 5kh 8gh with water temperature of 25 (77). Tanks is planted so plenty of places to hide. Fish are still fairly new in the tank just under a week but only started doing it today. Any suggestions would be great.
  4. I bought one of the value packs from liveaquaria.com and it came with 3 cory's. It's been a short time but they're acting pretty wild by swimming fast up & down on the front glass. All the one's I've seen in the stores just chill out at the bottom. I do feel like the current is too much in my tank as I have a Fluval 306 in a 27g cube tank so I wonder if that's the issue?
  5. How do I stop amazon Puffer glass surfing. They eat well. No sign of health issues. 6 puffer in 75 gallon. When I'm infront of tank they come to eat and whenever finished eating goes right back glass surfing. Goes up and down in side glass. Thanks.
  6. I added 8 false julii corydoras to my 20 gallons on saturday. They are the only fish in beside 2 nerite snails. The aquarium is cycled. They will not stop glass surfing all day long, or swimming around, no matter if the lights are on or off. They don’t stay on the ground and forage. The substrate is black flourite sand. Tank is planted. I just started the quarantine med trio treatment yesterday and today my water is cloudy but they were doing it the day before. I am dosing Prime every 48 hours and Stability everyday. My parameters are : pH 7.4 - 7.6 0/0/15 gh : 8-9 kh : 3-4 temp : 76.5
  7. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and I need some advice. I have a freshly planted 65 gallon aquarium. I have 5 Cory's in the tank. 2 julii, 1 emerald, and 2 albino. The 2 albino were put in the tank about 2 weeks ago. Since the first day 1 of the Cory's swims back and forth non stop day and night. He only stops to eat. I have other bottom dwellers and tetras and everyone is so calm and peaceful except for this one fish. All of my water parameters are ok and no other fish is acting weird. Any suggestions? Oh when he stops to eat he's ok for about an hour, then back to surfing.
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