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Found 8 results

  1. Just filled my Aqueon 40gal Breeder that I bought from Petco and noticed the front glass is bowing out in middle. This brand does not use a center brace. Tank was leak tested, back painted. Only after adding the Aqueon glass canopy did I notice the gap between the canopy and frame when looking down from top. I ran a 4ft level across the front glass, left to right, sure enough, the middle bows out over 1/8". I did same test on my Marineland 75gal, has brace, and glass is straight after 2 years. My stand is perfectly level left to right and less than 1/16" off front to back, (leaning toward back, very slightly). It makes full contact with the solid top of the stand. Stand by itself measures same with a level. So I figure this amount outside of perfect is a non issue. I've never had anything over a 20gal that does not have a brace. When looking around the net many say it's okay, others say no good. Most seem to say, if it didn't come with brace, it dies not need one. I think Marineland and All Glass make theirs with a brace.But not easy to find these in my area. Not sure what to do. Tank is on a 2nd floor and a blowout would Not Be Good. I know Aqueon 40 breeders are super popular, so for those of you that have them, please chime in. Need help, can't proceed at this point and need to get fish in there, but not at the cost of a disaster. Thank You GG
  2. Hi there, I just picked up a 55 gallon Aqueon tank from big pet store today and was in the process of leak testing it when I noticed that a lot of bubbles started to appear along one of the seams as the tank filled. This is the first tank that I have had do this so my automatic instinct is to return it. Before I lug it all the way back to the store I just wanted to get some advice on what others would do? Thank you for your help.
  3. So I got an aqueon stand today - test assembled and it's quite wonky. I put the pads on the corners like it said, and the aquarium does sit without rocking, but the pads lift up the aquarium from the stand. Is this correct? Want to make sure before I..well add water. Thanks!
  4. Just got a 5.5 gallon aqueon.The silicone is a mess! Seeped through to the outside in many places thick beads of silicone on the outsidevat the seams.....smeared on the glass walls on the inside...little tails of it everywhere...spread different distances from the seams on the inside..hard to tell if the seals are good or not....i havent but one other glass tank (not aqueon) and its silicone is near perfect. So i only have that to compare it to. Should i be concerned? Aqueon makes so many tanks and so many people use them...is messy silicone normal for them and its really a solid tank..or is this a red flag?...not sure if i should go ahead and leak test it or just take it back....i live 2 hours from where i bought it so its not an easy return.
  5. Another question from the newbie... I purchased a 75 gal Aqueon tank from Petco as their $1 a gallon is sale is going on. I am not trying to get the cheapest or most expensive items to set up my tank but, after inspecting this tank further I am wondering if I should spend more than $100 on this size of tank. Here are a couple questions and concerns... Picture #1 - Why is this glop of silicone like this under each corner of the rim of the tank, and can I remove it? Not sure if its because this tank is mass produced or if provides a function. Picture #2 - The silicone is oozing out of where the glass meets on the outside edge of the tank. Can I razor blade the bead of silicone flush with the glass? Picture #3 - This wide silicone smear on the inside corner - is this going to look terrible when the tank is full of water or will it disappear? Picture #4 - A few silicone edges inside the tank were not feathered out. Will this thick edge be prone lifting or lead to a future leak? Can you razor blade that off to where the silicone was feathered out? Thank you again!!
  6. I just started a planted tank and I have read that carbon can essentially make fertilizer ineffective. I have an aqueon hang on back filter that uses the disposable filter cartridges, which have activated carbon in them. Is this okay to use? If not l, how can I change my hang on back filter to be effective without the carbon filters?
  7. I was just at the store today and noticed a few Aqueon tanks + stands on display for sale in the window. I never noticed it before, so I'm not sure if this is new, but is the co-op an Aqueon distributor now? I ask because I've been trying to figure out how to order some of the larger Aqueon tank sizes that you don't often find stocked in stores like Petsmart/Petco, and I'm hoping that might be something I could special order through you guys? If not, I guess this is also a pretty good place to ask where people around here get their larger showpiece tanks? I'm looking for the 125 at a minimum, but I would just want the tank (not the whole stand kit that you sometimes find at Petsmart). Ideally I would want a 150 or even 180/210 for the space I have in my living room but I've almost given up trying to find them!
  8. Hello all. I'm new to the forums here and just wanted to say hello before I bombard you with some questions. I've been into Aquariums for awhile now, thanks to finding Cory's videos that brought me back to the hobby I have been away from for some time. I'm not a newbie but I'm also not Elite Fish Fu Master as some of you are. I have a few tanks that are doing quite well but there is always that want and need for something bigger and new. I'm running a 10 gallon and a 20 Long but lately I've wanted to go big. The wife out of her loving heart decided to allow me to get another tank.... GASP I know. So back to the point. I'm looking at the Aqueon 65 Gallon Aquarium. The thing that has me scared is the reviews on the site (Petsmart sells a tank/stand combo). It looks like it's a leaky tank. I was wondering if anyone has this tank and how it's held up for you? I live in a apartment at the moment, thus why my concern of the leaky reviews. I've been eye balling this tank for a long time and want to jump on the buy but I also want to save swimming time for the beach or pool if you know what I mean. Would reinforcing the silicon with an over lay be the way around this? I'm still pretty much sold on this tank and most likely will take my chances on it which I'm pretty sure it will be fine. Also have another question about this set up. Would a larger single filter be fine for the volume or would you recommend two small filters. I will be going HOB the filter. I know I've heard it would be better to have 2 smaller filters for a 55 Gallon due to it's 4 foot length but this 65 comes shorter length with wider sides and taller height. Filter I'm thinking of it's either a Penguin 375 pro or a Tidal 75. Other then that, I've got pretty much everything else nailed down to want I wanna do. Thanks for letting me pick your fish brains and allowing me to be part of this community.
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