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  1. I don't think the otos will overstock the tank as long you do your regular water changes. What type of algae did you get? If you just got your plants, keep the ferts low and turn down the lighting time or intensity for a week or so to see if that stops that algae a little bit. Once the plants start growing, increase the lighting and fertilizer
  2. If you want it to grow low and bushy, I think trimming it will do the trick.
  3. I am using the usb nano air pump on my medium sponge filter and it is working fine. I think you could use it.
  4. They do like company but some people go for one since it is the centerpiece fish.
  5. A peaceful gourami would be pretty nice. Both honey gourami and female powdered blue gourami are peaceful. Cory made a video about the top 5 peaceful gourami's.
  6. Is gravel vacuuming where you plunge the siphon into the gravel? Is it any different than sucking up any debris laying on top of the gravel?
  7. That's pretty nice! I don't know which one for you to choose since I don't know what you like or not. Corydoras are bred simararily so I don't think it would matter which one you choose. I would personally choose the Adophi since the snow white might look like albino cories to people. As for breeding, feed them lots of food to fatten them up and put in water a few degrees cooler than normal during a water change. This will trigger them to breed. Remember that corydoras need timne to sexually mature so if they are young, it might take some time for them to mature. Also remember that corydoras will eat their own eggs and if you have fry in with other fish, they might get eaten. I advise you to watch Irene's video about raising corydora's fry as it is pretty helpful. Other than that, good luck!
  8. I would personally do the pygmy corydoras and a nerite snail
  9. It seems like parasites to me since white stringy poop indicates a parasite problem and the flashing too. I see my corydoras' waste brown or black, I really don't know.
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