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  1. Is there any other way I could do to make sure there isn't any bleach left? @Daniel @KBOzzie59
  2. I don't have a chlorine test strip but if I run extra dechlorinator in the tank, will that do the job of removing any left over bleach?
  3. I just got finished with bleaching and rinsing my tools and my 5 gallon tank by following Irene's how to disinfect an aquarium with bleach video and was wondering how long should I let the tank and tools air-dry. Does anyone know how long I should?
  4. I have a 5 gallon quarantine tank, do you think they will be fine in there? @xXInkedPhoenixX
  5. While on vacation in San Francisco, I got a chance to visit the Ocean Aquarium fish store. The owner there was very nice and told us told us lots of information on how to keep maintenance low in the hobby with deep gravel substrate. We picked up a few bags there and now have to replace the black sand in my 20 gallon with the gravel we bought. I don't know if we should take the fish out or replace it with the fish in. We have corydoras, green neon tetras, a honey gourami, 2 nerite snails, and a hillstream loach. If anyone has done this before, could you help me what to do?
  6. Just made a tank for the first axolotl I found that came in the new Minecraft 1.17 update in my survival world. The tank is 4 blocks wide from the front, 5 blocks front to back, and 2 blocks tall.
  7. Did you feed them? How did it go?
  8. I don't think the otos will overstock the tank as long you do your regular water changes. What type of algae did you get? If you just got your plants, keep the ferts low and turn down the lighting time or intensity for a week or so to see if that stops that algae a little bit. Once the plants start growing, increase the lighting and fertilizer
  9. If you want it to grow low and bushy, I think trimming it will do the trick.
  10. I am using the usb nano air pump on my medium sponge filter and it is working fine. I think you could use it.
  11. They do like company but some people go for one since it is the centerpiece fish.
  12. A peaceful gourami would be pretty nice. Both honey gourami and female powdered blue gourami are peaceful. Cory made a video about the top 5 peaceful gourami's.
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