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Found 12 results

  1. So I know axolotls are really meant to have tank mates but I just started my Axolotls new 40b and since he’s a baby ish I would like to know if I could try a small school or something else also @Lifeisgood I’m @ you because you helped me a lot when I was getting mine and I know you have them so I was wondering if you know at all
  2. Hello, I’m considering getting an axolotl in the future, but I wanted to have an idea of what getting one would include. In particular I wanted advice from people who have had axolotls. First, in terms of temperature, do you believe that a room temperature of 70-72F would be too high? That is a relatively normal room temperature for me. If not, how big of an impact do you think having a sponge filter, an open lid, and possibly insulation would have? These seem to be the easiest means to bring the temperature down a bit without resorting to a chiller or ice. In of tankmates, I understand that there is some risk for having fish, snails, or shrimps with an axolotl, but I’m curious how real this is. I’m primarily interested in cherry shrimp or small cleaner fish. I appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone my name is Cohen, And I have a 20 gallon long tank filled with dwarf red coral platys from the idea of Irene with nice hardscape and waiting for some new plants to put in to mix with the bright bold fish. I also have a fully planted shrimp tank with Java fern and some micro swords, as I had 3 cherry shrimp I had a calcium problem and killed 2 of them but solved it and 1 remains happy and healthy and along with him I have platy fry with him and they are growing so fast.
  4. Just made a tank for the first axolotl I found that came in the new Minecraft 1.17 update in my survival world. The tank is 4 blocks wide from the front, 5 blocks front to back, and 2 blocks tall.
  5. Does anyone know if Easy Green and Seachem Equilibrium and Potassium are safe for axolotls?
  6. So I have and axolotl that needs to be below 70 but my house during the day can get up to mid-high 70s sometimes breaking into the 80s and obviously this isn’t ok for him and I need a way to cool his tank ASAP it’s a 40b
  7. I have a bare bottom axolotl tank and during the winter the temp in my house never gets over 66 so it’s fine and it shouldn’t ever get over 70 so I’m not to worried about it but I would rather be safe than sorry so what’s a way to cool down a tank
  8. I want to get and axolotl I currently have a bare bottom 10g with a couple hides cycling and was wondering what are some useful tips for caring for them
  9. I want to get and axolotl and was wondering what are some important things to know when caring for them and what their diet is
  10. So I'm a first time Axolotls and tank owner. I'm not completely unfamiliar with either and I've been doing a lot of research. I thought I would start this thread to get your impute and the various aspects of what I plan to do. I'm shooting for a planted aquarium, sand substrate, and two smallish sponge filters. Here's a crude little drawing I did for placement: Tank 40 Gallon Breeder Aquaneat Full Spec Light Tetra Whisper Pump 3x6 Sponge Filter x2 Caribsea Sunset Gold Sand Driftwood Hides API Test Kit Dr Tims Ammonium Prime Water Conditioner Plants Rotala Rotundifolia Red Ludwigia Marimo Moss Balls Red Dwarf Lily Java Moss Double Leaf Water Grass I'm just spit balling with the plants. I know it'll be low lighting but I do plan around six hours of light a day. I'm not entirely sure how horrible my choices are. I just know I want to brings some color into the tank and would rather stay away from solid green everything. Any alternatives if I'm wrong with some of these?
  11. Hi, I'm Thomas and as the title suggests I'm a first time axolotl owner. Well, I will be sometime this week. I'm not unfamiliar with fish and amphibians since my family has owned a variety over the years. I became interested in them through mutual friends. So I joined the forum to so I could be as prepared as possible. Here are the lil guys I'll be getting:
  12. Hi! I live in southern Alabama and have MTS. I’d love to have my own pet store or at least run one when I grow up haha. I currently have 16 goldfish, a blue ram, gourami, 2 tetras I inherited, and two axolotls. My gourami has some sort of fungus so I purchased some meds and plan on dosing after their water change later today. We have an empty salt water tank that our clown trigger fish will be moving into when it arrives next week!! Yay! All of the golds are planning to get moved to the other empty tank that is in progress right now. We purchased the 160 (we think?) bow front drilled tank for $200 and it came with a puny broken stand that my wonderful boyfriend replaced with the custom (near done) one in the picture. We’re currently trying to figure out how to handle the trim. Any suggestions are very welcome!! We bought some steel but it has proven to be quite a task. So excited for this community!!
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