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  1. Starting this thread/ journal to track my algae battle with the Aquario Neo CO2 kit. My 29 gallon tank just cranks out hair algae, whereas it’s never been a problem in my 10 gallon in the hallway. I’ve got two limiting factors that made me decide to try a co2 kit for this tank: 1. This tank gets direct sunlight in winter, spring, and fall. Usually not more than 30 mins, but that’s still a lot (at least I’ve balanced it to where the green water hasn’t come back…) 2. My husband likes to stay up late and watch the fish with the lights on, which I’ve complained about before, but I also want him to keep enjoying the tank! I’ve been able to reduce the hair algae production to a steady, sort of manageable amount, but my plants are starting to suffer and they need a boost to compete. I’m using the Aquario CO2 kit, with the large diffuser from the coop instead of the small one in the kit. I put the diffuser in last night, so let’s see how this goes! ETA: this tank was de-algaed one week ago, but the really small hairs don’t come of the plant leaves easily, even with a toothbrush.
  2. I’m very tempted to grab some Easy Carbon but my main problem is hair algae. Long, green strands of algae, no branching. Has anyone used Easy Carbon specifically for hair algae? What’s your experience? This is a tank where I’m open to keeping shrimp, but I’m trying to avoid snails because it’s a breeding tank for medaka and I don’t want the snails to eat the eggs. And while you’re here… does it work against green spot algae? Brown diatom algae? 😄 Thanks in advance!
  3. So my tank is only 3 weeks old im not sure if that makes a difference but i have tons of floaters covering all my slower growing plants but i do have a ring of airline tubing around my sponge filter since the red roots dont like the ripples it makes... the filter has some algae? im not exactly sure what it is but my plant that is exposed to light also has it I inserted a few pictures below i was thinking about clea ing my sponge by squeezing it into a water change but because my tank is so new i fret I may like get rid of my beneficial bacteria? since the spong holds most of it any ideas on what it is and how to get rid of it? the rest of my tank does not have it
  4. Phosphate: 1-2ppm Nitrate: 50ppm Nitrite:0ppm Gh:about 150ppm Kh: 80ppm Ph:7.6 Chlorine: 0 Ammonia: 0 I have this hair algae issue. I didny have an issue in this take for a while. What's unbalanced. I have a simple aqueon light on for 12hrs a day. Is the hair algae coming from an the phosphate and lighting?
  5. Hi All, Having a hard time trying to get rid of Hair algae from my plants and driftwood. I got a 54 litre tank and it just keeps growing. I got a couple amano shrimps and today bought a couple of nerite snails. But is there anything else i can do to stop it growing/remove it? Also cutting down my light to 6 hours per day hoping that helps too! my tank parameters are fine i do weekly changes and tests and have no issues with it
  6. Hello, I started my second tank (20 long) after running a 10 gal for 6 months and having a scud infestation. I started this tank off right by alum dipping all my new plants and ordering them all from the co-op. I have a mixture of postegemon stelattus octopus, Java fern, Amazon sword, and crypt Lucens I started the cycle with plants from day one in eco complete and with every other day dosing of easy green (5 pumps) and did not add live bacteria. I am experiencing an explosion of stag horn and hair algae and am in my 5th week with no live fish/shrimp yet and my tests are showing ammonia, nitrites and nitrates all at zero. I am following the video Cory put up about cycling with fertilizer remember him mentioning to only change one variable at a time and I have wanted to keep fertilizer constant while I dial the lighting in but the tank seems to be consuming the easy green within 2 days because I am not showing any nitrates despite testing every 3 days. with all that said, my primary question is, do I keep my fertilizer dosing the same or is that causing my algae to explode while my plants are trying to keep up? Their growth is awesome but I have to clean them regularly because of all the hair algae
  7. Situation: 55 gallon. Lightly planted. 1 angelfish. 3 species of snails (MTS, ramshorn, bladder). 8 days ago, the water was suddenly cloudy. Parameters: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10-30. I kept feeding the angel, but stopped feeding the snails. 4 days ago, the water was still cloudy, so I also stopped feeding the angel. This morning, I woke up to clear water... and the first hydra and hair algae I've ever seen. Most of the plants were purchased just days to weeks before the cloudiness started. I assume the hydra and hair algae rode in on them. I've read/watched the links below, but still have questions. The main thing I don't understand is what the hydra is eating. I've never put live foods in the tank, and hadn't fed the tank at all for 4 days before finding the hydra. How is it even alive? I think I'll be able to ditch the hair algae by figuring out how to balance my light and ferts for the plants. Right? If you have suggestions for animals to eat hydra or hair algae, I'm game to research them. (Take into account that the angel is more aggressive than most.) Thanks for any ideas or insights. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/hydra https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/aquarium-algae
  8. Green hair algae that grew into the filter outflow. Its twisted up like a rope. Easy removal. Wish it would always do that.
  9. Hi all! I’m in the middle of lightly toying with an idea right now- a scape that uses filter foam as the substrate and hardscape and caves, and for the plants, have hair algae growing on the sponge... if anything will be compatible in that setup, that is. tbh, i ABSOLUTELY want the centerpiece to be a vampire shrimp. tons of algae and their spores in the water? that sounds perfect for a filter feeder! but, idk how likely it is for its legs to get tangled and stuck, since that can happen with neocaridinas apparently. If i decide to do a schooling fish, that likes both the warm temps and flow as a vampire shrimp, i worry about them becoming tangled and stuck if neos can do that. Any suggestions on potentially suitable fish for this idea?
  10. I've been getting clumps of this lately (last 3 - 4 months? or so?...) Tank info: 10g planted - 50W Cobalt heater - Aqua Clear 30 - GE T8 4100k Florescent - pH 7.4 - Nitrates 80 - Kh 4 - Gh 8 - Eco Complete substrate. Nitrates are obviously high; but they're consistent. And this has just come up recently. Tank DOB: 4/9/20 Lights are on for 7 hours per day on a timer. I dose Easy Green & Flourish Potassium 3x / week; Easy Iron 2x per week. Fish are fed once per day. Weekly 20% water changes. Livestock: 4 Chili Rasboras, 5 Kubotai Rasboras, 7 Ember Tetras. Anubias Nana Petite, Crypt Wendtii Green, Crypt Parva, Rosette Sword, Bacopa Caroliniana, Anubias Frazeri, Crypt Lutea, Ammania Gracilias, Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, Dwarf Aquarium Lily Any ideas why I'm getting this? It looks like HA....is it indeed HA? Will some Amano shrimp do the trick?
  11. I understand that these things take time but my frustration is quickly getting the best of me. The Instagram pics and videos of beautiful algae free tanks doesnt help either... My tank is cycled but I am fighting what feels like a losing battle to both diatom algae and now hair algae. I have two Oto Catfish hard at work on the diatom and I have recently cut back my light to 8 hrs. I don't want to take anything out to put chemicals on but this is getting ridiculous. I'd love some help on what else to do. If "be patient and stay the course" is the best option that is totally fine. Other things: should I get something to eat the hair algae? Should I get more plants to help combat the nutrients that algae is taking in? Should I just enjoy the messy beauty of my tank? Pics below of my tank (20g Innovative Marine). Thanks in advance!
  12. I’m back again!!! This tank I swear!! Lol. Hopefully I’m posting this in the correct forum. 😬 Ok, so I was having a ton of trouble when I switched my substrate to all purpose sand. Weird fuzzy stuff growing, horrible hair algae and then green water so thick you couldn’t see anything.the algae was so bad it ruined my decorations. L So I scooped all of that out and replaced it with fluval stratum, I also bought a UV filter since my four nerite snails are not keeping up with the algae like my two mystery snails did. Well....the UV filter is supposed to just clip onto my hang on back, however it is the exact same size and the spot it is supposed to snuggle into and so it will not attach. I don’t have a lot of money and would really like to make this work. Has anyone managed to rig their UV filters to work for their tanks? Thanks in advanced!!!
  13. I had a tank where hair algae took off. Using a timer and cutting back hours of light really helped. I manually removed the hair algae from the plants. But it wants to grow back, like it has roots attached to the plants. Stem plants I may have to snip off more to eradicate it but I hate to have to cut leaves off the Anubias. What can I do that won’t damage the leaves?
  14. HI All! I watched Cory's video last night of different Algae eaters. I had no idea that hair algae was a thing, I just thought it was me not doing the right thing for my tank. I'd like to add a fish that will eat Hair Algae off my plants. I currently have Guppies, Neon Tetras, Ember Tetras, Juli Catfish, A Pleco, 2 Cherry Shrimp, and snails in my tank. What would be a good friendly fish or two to add to my tank that will eat the Hair Algae? I attempted to take pictures of my beautiful guppies yesterday. These are the best pictures I could get. I wish they'd sit still for a bit. 🙂 I have one really big female that you cans see in the first picture. She and the guy with the blurry yellow tale in the second picture are my first two surviving guppies. The rest were given to me by a neighbor and I LOVE their colors. There's an orange leopard-y tail and another guy with a sunset tail. They are still getting their colors on their bodies. It's so neat to see them change. Then there are several blackish ones with larger tails. Some of them are getting orange coloring on their bodies too. All my fish seem to be doing well. I'm so pleased.
  15. These new silicone rubber bottle brushes work perfectly for removing hair algae!
  16. I know many things contribute to algae blooms in a freshwater aquarium but I’m just curious if people have encountered this type of algae before. it’s a floating green algae that develops bubbles as it photosynthesizes. I think it may be due to low circulation on the tank? It’s growing in a tank with both low and medium light so I don’t think it’s due to light levels.
  17. Want to make sure I have all my bases covered. I have what looks like hair algae that is starting to cover the bottom 4 inches or so of the tank. I've had about 5 amano shrimp and 2 SAE in the tank for about 3 months now. About a month ago I stopped easy green and cut light back to about 7 hours a day. This was a bare bottom tank for a couple years before I converted it over to a planted tank about 8 months ago. Am I missing anything? I try to manually remove as much as I can when I gravel vac, but seems I can never get it all. Any suggestions/input would be great. Thanks!
  18. I have a really old lightly dirted 29 gallon shrimp tank. Light - current LED Plants list - Crypt, java moss, val, sword, ludwigia and everyone's favorite duckweed Algae list - Some BBA, but mostly hair algae!!! PH - 7-7.5 Nitrate - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH - 80-120 GH - 120 - 180 I dose EZ green once a week and feed daily. Water change is once per week 20%. Exclusively neo shrimp and assassin snails. I can't put fish in it because they will eat my shrimp. Anyone have any ideas to limiting this hair algae. Not a big fan of chemicals, looking for a more natural solution. In your experience what causes this type of algae?
  19. I have a variety of fish tanks. For most, the primary plant is guppy grass because it grows voraciously in my water. But in all the tanks where guppy grass is the primary plant, hair algae is also ruling supreme. The two go together like gin and tonic from what I can tell. Tanks are all different but somewhat mediocre lights, same water, some on timers and some not. None of these seem to correlate. Tanks that do not have hair algae do have other types of algae. One has carbon and guppies and no algae like ever which is also weird to me, maybe I should just try more carbon in more tanks. One has cichlids and loaches and lots of red plants and grows a sort of patina algae but never hair. One has grown mass staghorn algae but rarely any hair algae, and also sports a higher percentage of red plants. Another only has moss growing, fairly crap lights, and no hair algae. I’m guessing my water has decent nutrients and in the tanks where it’s just guppy grass, the grass is leaving too much over and boom, happy algae. When the guppy grass grows under high light it turns bright red easily; other plants retain red well even with crappier lights. Is it possible that in tanks with redder plants they’re absorbing more iron that would otherwise help hair algae thrive? or, should I just pony up and get timers for everything and go from there? I clearly want the answer to be more red plants. Far more fun to buy and install.
  20. How to remove hair algae from Java moss. any suggestions / videos
  21. Need some algae eaters for my 20 gallon tanks. Pond snails arent doing quite enough to fight the algae off. Easy carbon helps but i need a cleaning crew. Any ideas?
  22. Hi, I have some red root floaters, spangles, and frogbit that I want to move from my 10 gallon to my 55 gallon, but my 10 gallons infested with hair algae. Is there any way I can 100% insure the hair algaes dead on the plant before moving some of them to my 55gallon? Also, I have a bit of surface disturbance from a spray bar in my 55gallon, are there any floating plants that would thrive in that? I need some good plants to absorb nitrates since my tap water reads at 20<. What if I take the floating plants and put them in a seprate cup filled with tank water with an over dose of flourish excel or easy carbon for about 2 or 3 days?10 gallon10 gallon floating plantssuface disturbance in 55gallon. Theres a floating leaf to show movement.
  23. Hey gang, I have a problem I could use some help with: My guppy grass in one of my nano-ponds is being overtaken with green hair algae. The algae seems to be choking off the grass: I really need the grass to be more accessible to guppy fry, but the hair algae is so entangling. I can't pull the algae off the stemps of the grass without breaking it all up. There are also a couple small water hyacinths eating up nitrates. I know the typical approach of managing the balance of light vs. nutrients, but I'm not sure which way to take it, because the two plants seem so similar to me. Is mantaining the 20ppm Easy Green target still the best approach here? Or is there a particular nutrient that gives guppy grass the edge over the algae? Should I pull the hyacinths to give the grass a better chance? The pond only gets 1-2 hours of direct sunlight each day. Thank you! Bill
  24. Hello, I currently have a 5 gallon and 10 gallon planted display tanks, and I am setting up a 55 gallon display, 5.5 gallon fish quarantine and 2.5 gallon plant quarantine. After 10 months with no hair algae in my 10 gallon, it began having hair algae after I placed two new plants from a shop near me. Its been a nightmare ever since. Nothing else was changed within this time period either. How can I properly insure plants that I quarantine will not introduce hair algae into my 55 gallon?
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