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  1. Really ? My Pink tail just kinda hangs, unless it's food time. He is a little skiddish, I've seem him freak for the slightest thing, and man, can that fish move. One if the fastest I've seen, even hurts himself bashing into things.... Love that fish tho
  2. Thanks. Most of my guys are mild mannered. The one I worry most about it the Green Terror when he gets bigger. He is almost 4" and well mannered at the moment. Really like to have variety and Archers would be kool. My Pink Tail Chalceus is about the only top dweller I have. He is 6" but not aggressive at all.
  3. Can Archer Fish go with Severums, Parrots, Geophagus, Firemouth, Acara Fish? Most currenty between 4 and 6in. 75gal currently moving to a 230gal. Any experience with this mix ? What size do Archers max at ? Thx
  4. Yeah, I can even build my own controller. I will be using 2 heaters, just not sure if 2x 300w heaters will maintain 78 in a 96x24x24. Room temp is 70
  5. Have a Finnex 300w Deluxe Titanium heater with 810 Finnex controller on my 75gal glass tank, maintaining 78 degrees like a champ. I'm moving up to an Acrylic 240gal 96x24x24 and was wondering if I can just add another, so 600w total. I know acrylic retains heat better and I like to keep the wattage down incase one gets stuck on. A 300w stuck heater won't be enough to cook my fish. Question is, will 600w be enough given the difference in tank size and more efficient materials ?
  6. My yellow firemouth is not even close to biggest. Some fish are 2 to 3in bigger. I think I'll try it. I will post a YouTube link to my tank after I add new fish. They are going to love the 240. (96x24x24) Thanks for the input.
  7. Is test and chart current, not expired ? Color in my tests are way closer to the chart. You may have something in the water that is changing the color hue a bit. When I look at my tests under 5000k white light, they are very close to chart. Does seem to be in the 8.2 range. I tried the Coop test strips, but they are wildly off from my API liquid I been using for a decade, especially the PH.
  8. Currently have few dif Severums, few dif Geophagus, Blood Parrot, Electric Blue Acara, Pink tail Chalceus, Flag Tail Protulotus and a Yellow Firemouth. Lots of lavarock and nice driftwood piece. Yes I know it's overstocked. Nitrates are 10 to 20 and fish super healthy. Moving to a 240gal in Spring. Tank is super stable, test every 2 months I would love to add a traditional red Firemouth with my more rare amazing yellow one. Yellow one is about 4in. Would add a min 3" red one to my 75, then to the 240 of course. Concerned they might fight. I know if I get male / female that might ratchet up things. I'm pretty sure they'd be fine in the 240, wondering about a couple months in the 75... Ideas ?
  9. Will report back, thanks for the advice. This is a nice fish, hate to lose it, but worse, I'd hate to infect my main tank and possible lose many nice fish.
  10. Will do. How long does he sit in the meds. Is it a one time dose, or a few days then redose after partial water change ?
  11. I have Levamisole, will try that next. Should I combine salt and Levamisole ?
  12. The 2 dots themselves are raised, not the eye itself, doesn't even seem cloudy. When I look at him head on I can see they protrude a bit. 1st thought it was a fungus of some sort. Still might be, who knows. Have not treated with anything but Maracyn and Paracleanse. I'm hesitant to add him to my Cichlid main tank. Don't want to put any of my treasured fish in jeopardy.
  13. My newly acquired Rainbow Cichlid came with 2 yellow spots in right eye. Eye isn't swollen and other eye is fine. He us eating and behaving pretty normal except for those dots. Think they are a parasite of some kind. They have not changed in size or appearance over the last 2 weeks of treatment with Maracyn and Paracleanse. Was thinking of trying salt, 1 TBLSP per Gallon but not sure if that dosage is strong enough, but not lethal, or if it will even help. Nothing has helped thus far, and I'm hesitant to put him in my main tank as he is. Anyone see this before, have ideas ? Pics attached GG
  14. My 3" Green Terror stopped eating out of nowhere. Weirdly, so did my Electric Blue Acara. This seemed to be more than coincidence, so I tested water, did water change, offered frozen brine, nothing. After a few days, I medicated with Maracyn and Paraguard. I do normally add a small amount of salt to my water, but only about 1 TBLSP per 5gal with each water change. 2 days later, Electric Blue started eating again. GT, still nothing. No visible signs of trauma, no bullying, that's fir sure. My other Severum, Synodontis and Geophagus are all ravenous eaters throughout. I'm thinking maybe an internal parasite. Then yesterday, I saw him dragging a long white poop string (pictured). Thinking he is passing something ? Any ideas, be appreciated. He is a great fish, hate to lose him.
  15. Well, I called Aqueon. They say all their 40B do that, it's normal and fine. I still don't love the idea, but am going to stick with. In my opinion, if it bows, a center brace is needed. They are probably just looking to cut costs. Thanks to all that have provided feedback. GG
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