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  1. Every time I finished cleaning my fish tank.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone! This is certainly a useful information for me and everyone who's fairly new to the hobby!
  3. ah maybe it's because I lived in a studio where my aquarium is in between with my tv and computer... maybe I should add a backgroun on the back then... I'll think about it, thanks for helping! oh interesiting insight as well.. I'll make sure to remember that!
  4. I see, I have 30 Gal Aquarium and I have 5 Black Neon, 5 Albino, and 2 Oto. The neons always move to the back of the aquarium eveyertime I turned on the light but when I turned it off they starts to wander around but sometimes they would stay at the back of the background. So, I am doing some test by buying 3 more guppies to see if they have the same behaviour and when I put it in at first they wander around the tank for a while,then few minutes later they are following what the neons are doing. So, I was thinking maybe they are stressed because they are looking at their own reflection? Please give me a clarity XD
  5. Hey guys, Quick question, Is it important for a tank to use aquarium background? and why? A lot of article says it's important for their color and stress but I've seen some people not using any backgrounds as well. So, this is where I start to wonder actually...
  6. Thanks everyone! I'll wait for a while for them to grow more then I'll separate the plantlets from their mother.
  7. Hi guys, I’ve read some blogs on website that my Java Fern is ready to propagate. But I don’t know when is the best time to separate the root from the leaf. Is it okay to cut the leaf and (glue) it to a rock or nearby wood so the newly plant grow? what is the best method to separate the new plant from the leaf? Any extra tips would be much appreciated!
  8. Actually,I already have several fish and shrimps inside! There are Albino Neon, Black Neon, Pygmy Cory and Oto Catfish. And some orange sakura shrimp.
  9. Hey guys, I just want to give an update about my aquarium. When I first time joined this hobby, I was so lost of what should I be doing for keeping up my tank because the water parameters are never stable. Until I watched cory’s video and I found out about this amazing community! Everyone is so helpful and I learned a lot from the posts that all of you shared! Today, I finally achieved 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite and 5 Nitrates! And This is a big accomplishment for me as I tried to make everything 0 except the nitrates. I just want to give my big thanks to this community and especially cory!
  10. Hello Binky! Yeah! Last week, I did store reasearch where I visit each available stores nearby Vancouver. I can say April's Aquarium and Wet Habitats are really good! They are my to go destination for aquascape!
  11. Ah alright, that tray is very convenient.. anyway, thanks for the help guys!
  12. I’m not judging at all! I actually wanted my wood to release some tannins but I haven’t seen once ☹️ May I ask what is the gray thing that you are holding? Does it come with the filter or you bought it somewhere.
  13. These photos are more than enough! Thanks man! So you only need to change the blue floss and clean the sponge right? I'll try this on my next water change! Thank you!
  14. Oh no so that’s why I have a feeling that my plants are not getting enough nutrition... 😭😭 please! I’ll watch it immediately!
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