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Found 7 results

  1. Christmas is coming up and I need ideas. Should I get my Killifish an egg tumbler for their eggs? Thank You. Happy Holidays!!
  2. Hello Everybody! Finally I have a break from school, so now I want to restock my 10 gallon tank. I was looking for some recommendations for fish, but first you should know about my tank. It is a heavily planted 10 gallon tank, stocked with Amano shrimp. It has a nicrew planted light, fluval stratum substrate, dragon rock, and malaysian driftwood. It has a Oase Thermo 100 with an Eheim 75 watt heater. My water is extremely hard and has a high ph. I am looking for a breeding project, preferably egg layers. Something that is on the easier side but still a challenge for a novice fish keeper. Also, I would like it to be a peaceful fish that is smaller in size. Thank You!
  3. I realized I never did this! I live in Denver and joined the forum in December. Just wanted to say thank you to all of you out there! I recently realized how truly unique this forum is -- thoughtful, informative, supportive, welcoming, uplifting. It's a true honor and pleasure to be here.
  4. Hi all! I’m trying to identify this tiny baby snail that hitch hiked into my tank, I do have nerites laying eggs and have yet to see any hatch but I’m almost certain this isn’t a nerite based on the foot and it appeared just after adding salvinia minima. Anyways, since the photo is a little hard to make out, it’s mostly transparent with brown speckled from the tip of the spiral which does protrude out not in like a ramshorn.. I’m guessing and hoping it’s a mystery snail but also just have no idea. I want to properly care for it not eradicate it but if it’s a pesty type of snail I do have assassin snails too to keep a population under control. https://ibb.co/HrczqJD https://ibb.co/swsdpZg https://ibb.co/tzqYNvb https://ibb.co/0q6FJLp https://ibb.co/6v2L9GY thanks for any help!
  5. Anyone can have a betta or goldfish in a bowl. (Very cruel in my opinion.) But when you have multiple tanks with or without live plants, aggressive or community fish, live bearers or egg layers, nano or giant fish or anything in between, there’s so much to consider. This site has been so instrumental in furthering my fish nerdiness it’s beyond expectations. To all the people who have helped me along this journey it seems thank you just isn’t enough. But that’s all I got. Thank you everyone!!!!
  6. We often take things for granted and rarely stop to say thank you. So I would like to sincerely thank... ... @Cory for caring so much about the hobby and fish keepers. To aim for quality over quantity and money. For building a team that cares just as much and see us as a « fish family » and not just a bunch of number. Your business approach based on being there and available is what earns you the respect and loyalty of so many customers. ... @Candi for your patience towards me and my questions. It helps me enjoy the hobby so much more and calms my anxiety. I became a nerm mainly because of you. ... @Lizzie Block for being so sweet, attentive and generous of your time. And the rest of the team. I may not know you all, but together you help Aquarium Co op be the company/fish store we all love. You make a positive difference in the lives of many. Thank you.
  7. Hey guys, I just want to give an update about my aquarium. When I first time joined this hobby, I was so lost of what should I be doing for keeping up my tank because the water parameters are never stable. Until I watched cory’s video and I found out about this amazing community! Everyone is so helpful and I learned a lot from the posts that all of you shared! Today, I finally achieved 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite and 5 Nitrates! And This is a big accomplishment for me as I tried to make everything 0 except the nitrates. I just want to give my big thanks to this community and especially cory!
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