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  1. I think Mom is gonna love it! And keeping plants is so much easier than it used to be... it's such a pleasure! Good job)
  2. Is that particular to Anubias, or does that go for any emersed plant?
  3. I know that converting a plant from emersed to immersed will cause some die-back or melting until the plant becomes accustomed to underwater life.... but what about the reverse? I have a couple of Anubias nana that have been growing well immersed.. that i want to put in my new tank where they will be Emersed... what can I expect?
  4. Ok gotcha... it is framed, so I should be ok.. ya?
  5. Setting up a new 10g tank in a bookshelf that I modified to support the tank's weight... After putting the tank in place, I notice the corners are touching the shelf, but there is like 1/16 inch space under the middle..... enough to easily slip a fingernail under.. like the shelf is bowed a bit... How bad is this? I haven't filled the tank yet.... waiting on suggestions...
  6. Welcome! Man.. it must ne great to live driving distance from the Store... super jealous.. 😃
  7. It's hard to judge from a pic... but it looks to me like there is just a slight tint of green in that test tube.. I would say yes, you have a detectable amount of ammonia there, a very tiny amount... but it's a start)
  8. Yep... I have two different shrimp foods and another should arrive today from Amazon. I always feed sparingly, but I like to keep it varied figuring that one food may offer something that another may not.
  9. Haha! I did that when I was 12 at my uncle's luncheonette... innocently trying to clean the bathroom... A white cloud of poison gas began to fill place, and the whole building had to be evacuated.. at Lunch-time! A friendly Fireman who responded informed me never to mix bleach with ammonia =P (insert unhappy Uncle emoji here).. Anyway... your intro post was charming and fun to read.. Great to have you on board! Sounds like you are gonna fit right in... 😃 P.S. Pics please!
  10. No biggie, man.... lol... You dropped an info-bomb... but at least it's out there)
  11. How long have these tanks been running? What livestock do you have in them?
  12. Have you watched any of the Co-Op videos? Most of the answers you seek have been covered there....
  13. Could it be that my plants are literally stripping ALL the nutrients?
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