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  1. Something is living in your tank! I would take that as a compliment)
  2. The brown algae is almost certainly diatoms.... common occurrence in new tanks.... it will go away as your tank matures..
  3. That looks GREAT! I love the color of that dresser. That's gonna look amazing with the tank done! I'm no expert on re-sealing a tank.. but why not? Now's the perfect chance.. You are sooo right... It is awesome to have drawers right there in your stand to keep your supplies in... SO handy.. (Even in my setup i kept one drawer as a regular drawer) You're gonna have room for EVERYTHING in yours! Can't wait to see more of this project... NICE WORK!
  4. You are in the right place if you want to have a success this time.... Many very experienced ppl here... Welcome to the Hive-Mind!!
  5. If I leave regular egg shells in my tank... will they dissolve and add calcium to the water? PH is about 6.4ish... My shrimps pick at them from time to time.. just wondering if I should leave them in there or take them out after a time....
  6. I am a licensed Plumber in New Jersey... While I can't commute to Washington, lol... I am here if you need any advice.
  7. Looks nice and Jungle-ish to me.... Welcome mate!
  8. You got a dead plant... and immediate refund... And you are here bitching about it... All I can say is.... try some other sellers... See if you get that kinda treatment..... Cory... the friggin BOSS.... responded to you.... you got your money back.. you were apologized to.. If that's not enough for you... Sorry, I'm from Jersey and have no filter...
  9. When it was all closed up, you would think it was a tank sitting on a dresser
  10. This was my 29g reef tank with 29g sump... I modified a chest of drawers to hold it all... worked perfectly
  11. I dont know that it is 'wrong' to plant it that way... but mine didnt seem happy... they weren't 5 stems of the same plant all spread out... seemed to be shading each other... I'm no expert by any means... but I know mine seem much better with some separation.. just relaying my experience)
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