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  1. Is that particular to Anubias, or does that go for any emersed plant?
  2. I know that converting a plant from emersed to immersed will cause some die-back or melting until the plant becomes accustomed to underwater life.... but what about the reverse? I have a couple of Anubias nana that have been growing well immersed.. that i want to put in my new tank where they will be Emersed... what can I expect?
  3. Ok gotcha... it is framed, so I should be ok.. ya?
  4. Setting up a new 10g tank in a bookshelf that I modified to support the tank's weight... After putting the tank in place, I notice the corners are touching the shelf, but there is like 1/16 inch space under the middle..... enough to easily slip a fingernail under.. like the shelf is bowed a bit... How bad is this? I haven't filled the tank yet.... waiting on suggestions...
  5. Welcome! Man.. it must ne great to live driving distance from the Store... super jealous.. 😃
  6. It's hard to judge from a pic... but it looks to me like there is just a slight tint of green in that test tube.. I would say yes, you have a detectable amount of ammonia there, a very tiny amount... but it's a start)
  7. Yep... I have two different shrimp foods and another should arrive today from Amazon. I always feed sparingly, but I like to keep it varied figuring that one food may offer something that another may not.
  8. Haha! I did that when I was 12 at my uncle's luncheonette... innocently trying to clean the bathroom... A white cloud of poison gas began to fill place, and the whole building had to be evacuated.. at Lunch-time! A friendly Fireman who responded informed me never to mix bleach with ammonia =P (insert unhappy Uncle emoji here).. Anyway... your intro post was charming and fun to read.. Great to have you on board! Sounds like you are gonna fit right in... 😃 P.S. Pics please!
  9. No biggie, man.... lol... You dropped an info-bomb... but at least it's out there)
  10. How long have these tanks been running? What livestock do you have in them?
  11. Have you watched any of the Co-Op videos? Most of the answers you seek have been covered there....
  12. Could it be that my plants are literally stripping ALL the nutrients?
  13. i agree 100%, Street... thats why I am concerned... I never have had a new tank setup with NO algae... I'm trying to create a little biosphere... but the algae isn't showing up! lol
  14. Yeah, I was thinking some ferts may help... I have never used them before, though.. and am so afraid to screw up my water parameters
  15. This tank gets full on sunlight all afternoon (you can see the window blinds behind the back glass).... I have been leaving them wide open lately... stil l nuthin!
  16. My 10 gallon heavily planted shrimp/snail tank has been going for for over a month now.. Livestock consists of 5 Crystal Red shrimp, 5 Cherry Reds, 1 adult Mystery snail, a bunch of tiny hitchhiker snails, and 6 hitchhiker fish fry... The plants are growing well, the fish are growing steadily (still too small for me to identify the species, though) and the shrimp are active, molting, and breeding, apparently, as I now have 4 berried females... I had a minor outbreak of diatoms a couple weeks ago which is expected, and mostly gone now... BUT... I have zero algae at this point.... My concern is that there will not be enough food for the baby shrimps when they hatch..
  17. For sure! Nothing good happens fast in this hobby.... just keep an eye on your parameters and your little inhabitants.... nuisances will come and go... some things may not be pleasing to our eyes.. but as long as your tank is healthy, thats what matters.... cheers, mate
  18. Pictures would be helpful.... But If your fish seem fine AND your parameters are fine... I would just calm down and give it a couple weeks.. Relax on the additives... your tank will find it's own balance... one of the biggest mistakes new aquarists make is trying to 'fix' everything right away with another product... just chill.. 😄
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