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  1. HI JGarratt4, Just need to caveat this with I am an advanced beginner in plants. However, i do have several Fluval 3.0 lights, so I will weigh in while we wait for the experts to show up 🙂 . it would help if you could also post a pic of your tank - it would help me anyway. Is this a new setup? If so, your settings may be way too high - especially on a 20 Long. You are blasting as much light as I do on my deep 90 Gallon. No doubt this amount of light is very stressful for the plants and may be contributing to fuzzy algae. In general, you don't want to blast new setups with a lot of light, so maybe turn everything down to 50%. I've included my 90 Gallon program and pic of tank for reference. I've had to tweak settings a lot, but I was only able to turn everything up when the plants got more established. ****Sigh**** I've just rescaped this tank and now it looks a mess -why did I destroy my beautiful tank???- this picture makes me feel nostalgic. Oh well, we carry on. I
  2. Hi Clovis! I tuned in late to this thread, but I see that your original question relates to your algae outbreak, and I thought I'd add my 2 cents without detracting from the great advice others have given! Please disregard if you already know this info. Your pictures are really helpful in developing a game-plan. Algae grows on plants that aren't getting all the nutrients they need for some reason. It also grows in an abundance of the wrong type of nutrients. I believe both of these issues are what is going on in your tank. For simplicity, I will say what I would do if tasked with tidying up this tank. BTW, your tank is very pretty, I think it just needs some tidying. 1) Wave your hand above the gravel and siphon all mulm that gets disturbed. Now that I've had planted tanks for a while, I believe less mulm is better for plants. Mulm doesn't provide the right kind of nutrients, adds to algae growth, and it looks messy (sorry mulm lovers). You may have to do this over several water changes to get all the mulm. 2) Trim dead, dying, or algae covered leaves. Is that a yellowing anubias in the middle ground? If so, it is severely nutrient deprived. 3) Add root tabs around the base of all crypts and swords and everything else! 4) Fertilize with liquid fertilizer regularly (I fertilize 1X per week after a water change. Sometimes I do a half dose around mid-week or so if my plants are growing strongly). 5) Do weekly 50% water changes. 6) Use Aquarium Co-Op's Easy Fertilizer range - its economical and easy - and it works! Almost everything I've said is controversial, and you will find a lot of contradicting info on the internet. I believe that is partly because each aquarist has differing goals. For instance, I've found that some breeders really like mulm, but the tank isn't exactly show-quality. In my experience, if you want a beautiful, pristine, planted tank, then this is a good way to get it. Good luck and keep us posted! Cyndi 🙂
  3. Poor common plecos- Good job rescuing them!
  4. I have no idea! I knew the filter floss needed changing as the water didn’t have a “sparkling” quality to it. This pleco is still pretty small- and I’ve added a baby long fin blue eye bristlenose. I figure if he gets too messy, he’ll be easy to re- home (I hope!) The water still doesn’t have that crystal clear quality though- I’m thinking of adding bubbles. Maybe it’s that durn pleco! Thanks for your interest @Guppysnail!
  5. August 4 An ignominious day for me. The tank comes with a 20 yro Eheim canister filter which I have no idea how to clean. I enlisted the help of the president of the Shelter, T.T., as this used to be her tank. She told me she would gladly take time out of her busy schedule to help me clean on this day. Well, the day rolled around, and I chickened out. This thing is ancient, and I was worried about rotten gaskets, and how do I tighten that metal ring anyway?? I figured no one would do a project that I'd come up with if I wasn't around to make sure it happened. Well, I was wrong. I show up 30 minutes past the appointed time to find T.T. and the volunteer coordinator, S., up to their eyeballs in 5 yro filter goop. At least I was right that the thing needed to be cleaned ***sigh****. I never, and I mean NEVER have had higher ups take initiative on doing a project I'd assigned. Well, lesson learned. T.T. always follows through - even if I don't. You can bet I'll never let THAT happen again!
  6. I share her videos all the time! Really good, well-organized videos - especially for beginners!
  7. Edit: Still fuzzy, but I think it gets the job done!
  8. Yes - that is a good idea - I will try to get a better pic of the ovipositor on Bella Donna. Pic 3 is Tommy Toes and he is male, but some people at the shelter have other opinions. My instinct to to proclaim, "I know you're wrong and why don't you mind your own business??!!!", but that is not exactly the vibe I'm going for 😛. Anyway, this tank is a good primer for learning how to correct misconceptions in a diplomatic way. In other news, I've had one person ask me to revamp their tank into a planted tank and one person has upgraded his betta from a one gallon to a five gallon - all without me saying anything. The beauty of a well-kept tank speaks for itself!
  9. August 3 A lot has been going on in the Mostly Mutts Aquarium. One of my goals for this tank is for it to be a teaching tank. The tank houses a Red male plakat betta fish (Named Tommy Toes)- remember the tank is 75 gallons and 80 degrees- and he has shown no aggression. However, there has been some discussion as to whether he is male or female. Will you please evaluate these pics to see if I am accurately showing how to differentiate between male and female plakat bettas? How would you teach someone the difference? (Sorry about the quality of the photos - Bella Donna (purple) definitely had opinions about having her picture made!) EDIT: I should add that the info I'm looking for is for a very general audience - like "Is this fresh or saltwater" kind of audience 🙂 No worries - we were all beginners once.
  10. July 17- Did no work in the tank today, but added some bloodworms and bottom dwelling food. Saw the new pleco again and even got a pic! I think this is the prettiest pic yet - will be out of town next week, hopefully all will be well. Shelter Manager H. takes very good care of the fishies during the day. Problem is, she feeds and feeds and feeds! I've purchased a day and night pill box so that we can - together- keep an eye on how much food actually goes into the tank. The Aquarium was her baby before it was mine, so I'll have to proceed diplomatically.
  11. Really? Seems like High end aquascaping is where the money is in freshwater - plus you'd get to meet all the cool FishTubers😜
  12. Speaking of bad dreams - I was awake half the night last night and I had an epiphany. I am a recent empty-nester, so I thought I'd apply to my local box store as I'd noticed their aquatic section has gone really down hill. "I can fix those tanks," I says to myself, and even got myself an interview the same day! The lady interviewing me says that they are looking for team players (Check), and not someone who is coming in looking to change everything ("Great", I says to myself). She then offers me the job of random pet store employee who will pitch in and do anything (Again, Great). But the interaction seemed weird. The epiphany came in the middle of the night when I realized they have no intention of ever doing anything with their aquatics section - that's what she meant by saying she doesn't want new employees to think they can change everything. She was talking about not doing simple, routine, tank maintenance! Apparently, they like their aquatics section to look like a horror show. I'm obviously going to be doing something better with my time.....
  13. Yes! This seems more like it! Thanks! Someone suggested I also feed bloodworms I’m addition to the algae wafers he’s already getting -
  14. Thanks! I looked it up and it seems L15 is more strikingly colored than my specimen. But that could be the lack of real driftwood. I will add some just in case that helps him get more colorful! Someone else suggested it might be a clown pleco - does this ring a bell?
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