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  1. My experience is that you get what you pay for with regulators. Milwaukee regulators are hard to adjust and prone to fail, in my experience. It’s very difficult to keep your CO2 at a slow, consistent rate. They are also prone to End of tank dump where your tank turns into a soda fountain killing all of your fish. Ask me how I know. 😔
  2. This is very interesting! One caveat for those wanting to try it at home: protect the dosing bottle from light, either in the cabinet of your stand or by wrapping the bottle in aluminum foil. I suspect Easy Green and other liquid fertilizers might be somewhat light sensitive and are therefore sold in either tinted or opaque bottles.
  3. I just purchased The Tub Pond Handbook by Ted Coletti. It’s quite good!
  4. That’s good to know! Thanks! How big do these get? I’m assuming too big for fry.
  5. I put some drift wood in my pond to soak. It will go into my new 90 gallon!
  6. Hi Cory! What will you feed these to? I thought only baby brine shrimp were nutritious. Do you have to do anything to them to make them nutritious?
  7. My mini pond has given me great happiness this summer! My friend built it for me about four years ago and it was deeply shaded until this season. Sunlight = pond steroids! The total water volume is about 375 gallons. The top box is filled with pea gravel and acts as a bog filter and water fall. The plants are the stars of the pond. In the bog box, I have creeping Jenny, blue lobelia, chocolate mint, elephant ears (taro), pickerel weed and bacopa caroliniana. I have water lettuce and water hyacinth floating. On the right, there is a laundry basket with three canna lilies. Dwarf papyrus ‘prince tut’ is in the ceramic pot on the left. The water lily is the hardy variety ‘wanvisa’. It blooms almost daily! I planted a lotus ‘.perkinensis rubra’ tuber about three weeks ago. I doubt it will bloom this year, but, who knows? If it gets too big I will transfer it to a tub. I fertilize the lily with pond tabs every two weeks. The marginals, including the bog plants get tabs every 2-3 months. Believe it or not, there are fish in here! I have gold fish that I bought as feeders who have grown fat and happy. I live in northern Indiana, zone 6A, so I do have to winterize this later in the fall. I will store the canna and elephant ear tubers in my basement. I treat the mint, lobelia, water lettuce, hyacinth and papyrus as annuals. The lily, lotus, dock and pickerel rush are all hardy. I will run an air stone for the fish and use a floating stock tank heater for the fish. I welcome other winter suggestions, though! Feel free to ask questions! I love my pond!
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