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Found 3 results

  1. I haven’t done a brine shrimp pond in years and I decided now that I’m hatching baby brine shrimp every day, it was time to grow some adults. first I had to get rid of the duckweed from the pond. I left in the muck and little bits of plants. The salt will kill them and fuel some green water once the sun hits it for a few days. It always amazes me how much salt goes into saltwater. I did 50 cups of salt for 100 gallons. This instant ocean salt I had already. I don’t like it as much as fritz salts but for a brine shrimp pond it’ll do. I’m running a usb air pump with a never clog air stone mostly to just mix the salt and keep the water from getting too stagnant. I’ve run the brine ponds before with no airation and I find it runs a little cleaner it seems with air.
  2. I've seen the videos about Cory's outdoor tub of brine shrimp. I've recently moved into a house so I have the opportunity to setup a couple of tubs outside. My question is . . . I live in HOT Arizona. How temperature sensitive is/are brine shrimp?
  3. I lurk the forum and have no questions, but a live stream pops up and my question engines activate, and my how things have changed from the days when as a non-member I could get one and sometimes two questions answered in a stream. Thankfully there is a forum now and I can bring questions to you guys! 1) What solar powered floating water fountains would you recommend for a summer tub located away from power? 2) I want to run a 100g brine shrimp pond this year but I don't know what I would do with the saltwater upon take down. I don't want to dump that into my septic tank and I have land but I the places where I wouldn't mind to "salt the earth" isn't anywhere near where I want to keep the brine tub? Is there an alternative was to dispose of it? 3) Lastly, does anyone have experience with mosquito fish or tubbing with other US Natives. I want to play with some natives in tubs this year and want to stick to fish off this list, IDNR Aproved Aquatic Species . I'll either go collecting or try aquabid if collection fails. I love redbelly dace and creek chubs but those are more suited for stream life. I am leaning towards mosquito fish for their toughness, live bearing, there anti mosquito nature. and they check the "approved box", but I would like other suggestions.
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